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28 December 2014 Roxanne McKee vs Jennifer Metcalfe

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(Garnet Gunners UK vs Lookout! Atlantic Boxing)


Posted by Vassago on December 28, 2014, 3:48 pm


Jennifer Metcalfe is the first Lookout! Atlantic member to make her entrance to the ring tonight as she targets fellow brunette Roxanne McKee in what shapes up to be one of the most even match-ups of the entire Boxing Day PPV card! There's a word on the street Metcalfe would like to take a stab at Jessica Schwarz early next year and beating McKee is almost essential for that fight to happen!

Roxanne McKee wears a silver bikini set and black gloves. Jennifer Metcalfe wears a black bikini set and blue gloves. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the bantamweight division.

Round 1:
Both girls are not exactly bantamweight elite but they show a lot of courage early and pound away at each other seeking immediate success; McKee works the high jab more efficiently and spikes Metcalfe's mitts aside to dig a couple of hooks on the cheeks thereafter. She wades in on the chest and enforces a cover as the younger brunette loses that exchange and tries to jump away to safety but just can't stay out of Roxanne's striking range. McKee hassles her back to the ropes and tries more body attack when she traps Jennifer but gets clinched instead and the round concludes with both women wrestling each other in the corner.

Round 2:
More high swings from Roxanne who lands single punches to the head as Jennifer struggles to find her range and bounces off the forearms. She ducks & weaves away from the older brunette's efforts but the numbers start to pile up on her down the stretch as McKee dominates the mid-range assault and seems really keen to punish Metcalfe's face in the final minute. She splits the mitts again and gives the Hollyoaks actress a classic one-two on the mouth, Metcalfe stumbling back against the ropes and unable to respond in a similar fashion whatsoever.

Round 3:
Still more aggression from McKee who slices her opponent's mitts and connects with the chest, she pounds Jennifer's mounds and staggers her with a loud gasp; Metcalfe gets rooted to the spot and Roxanne harpoons her around the elbows, clatters into the ribcage and punches back to the ropes as Metcalfe stumbles again, she throws a wayward hook in response but eats a crunching right hook on the mouth and screams out in pain as McKee buries her with a jabbing series between the arms that rock her breasts again... Metcalfe sagging and almost sobbing now and Roxanne whacks her ribcage again, a raging performance from the former Game of Thrones star who is unfortunate not to send a visibly shaken opponent down.

Round 4:
Metcalfe's much slower across the ring and gets pummelled on the body again as McKee seeks the terminal solution, she pierces the ribcage and leans on Jennifer but slips and falls into her shoulder taking a bump on the nose... a lucky break for the younger brunette who suddenly steps to the side and zips Roxanne with a right handed cross on the nose... McKee tries to duck to the right but makes the error of judgement as Metcalfe finds another hook on the jaw and reels the older actress back to the ropes where she leaps after her and digs into her cleavage for a change; McKee's forced to clinch her but still eats a couple of hooks on the ribs before the round is over.

Round 5:
Jennifer's found some confidence and squares up to Roxanne who targets her midsection but skims off the elbows and eats another hook on the mouth; Metcalfe switches to close range uppercuts and rocks McKee's mounds before spiking her on the left eye with a swift overhand... McKee stumbles back but as she rushes forward again she eats another jabbing effort which splits her gloves and bounces off the nose to wobble her forward into more uppercuts on the chest. She's forced into a desperate cover but prevents getting trapped back in a corner and just soaks up repeated jabs in the middle of the ring with Metcalfe back in this fight for good now.

Round 6:
More free swinging at the start of the sixth as McKee refuses to back off and allow her rival to dominate. However she gets caught by a strong hook to the temple and the younger brunette just pummels through her arms thereafter finding good connection to the jugs and slowing Roxanne down. The older actress just sinks on her knees and this time she fails to lock a clinch and gets pounded back to the turnbuckle with Jennifer slicing her gloves with ease and batting the cheeks into a swollen display. McKee's head snaps back repeatedly and this just fuels Metcalfe's efforts as she blasts a left/right combo on the eye too and makes Roxanne yelp in pain; there's just no way McKee can escape as she gets sunk low on her knees with a hook to the guts and eats more high jabs to the mouth, the girl is dizzy at the bell and ref has to drag Jennifer away after she truly turned the tables on the older brunette.

Round 7:
McKee's hurting and looking concerned by one or two lumps on her face too many but Metcalfe doesn't let her off the hook as she cracks a vicious uppercut combo to the breasts and sinks her from the onset, the arms drop down for some cover but Jennifer riffles a put away hook on the temple AND SENDS ROXANNE DOWN ON HER KNEES... There's a breakthrough which everyone was waiting for but it's a disaster for McKee who takes her time in getting up at eight and looks in real pain as Metcalfe's punches start to add up... more from Jennifer thereafter as she whips leather around the elbows and pierces the liver area, McKee squeals in pain as she gets backed into the ropes and only covers up her face leaving the ribcage exposed.. METCALFE CHOPS HER DOWN... a vicious series to the ribs breaks Roxanne's resilience and she tumbles down to her knees again; she hugs her aching midriff and shakes her head as she apparently can't take it anymore... she's up at eight again but still hugging her ribs and fails to respond to the ref's question... she's not good to go and it's TKO7 Jennifer Metcalfe!!!

AFTER: That's one of the chief reasons why McKee can't break out of the bantamweight midfield, you must be able to withstand a proper barrage especially against someone of your own kind. These women were truly well matched but the superior punching resistance swung the fight into Metcalfe's favor, the Lookout! Atlantic brunette endured her own share of trouble in the opening three rounds but weathered it well to stop McKee with a good body destruction. Perhaps she'll get that chance against one of bantamweight's most fearsome operators Jessica Schwarz next!

Final result: Jennifer Metcalfe def. Roxanne McKee TKO7. 



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