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31 December 2014 Post Asylum PPV Press Conference

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Posted by Boxing World Online on December 31, 2014, 12:51 pm


The Man In The Hat sits, as usual, at the center of the dais. To his left are Kat Graham, Jane Levy, Leelee Sobieski, Jewel, Britney Spears, and Alison Brie. To his right sit Kesha, Gemma Arterton, Serinda Swan, Neve Campbell, Mariska Hargitay, and Avril Lavigne.

Man In The Hat: "All right, as usual, before we get to questions, there are some people I want to thank. Let's start with the Latin Union for agreein' ta come to Philly again. We really enjoy havin' them here and we're gonna do it again. We had some great indie fighters here this time around, so let's thank them, too. As I've said before, indie fighters are the backbone of Asylum, and we're always pleased to include them on our cards. And, of course, Bazz. We want to thank them for agreein' ta book another great fight. They have so much talent over there, we can get 'em here every month and not run short of interestin' fights. And, last but not least, let's thank the FCBA Commission for sanctionin' these fights and makin' Asylum possible. Now, questions. Cable Boy! Go!"

HBO Reporter: "I was wondering how many flyweights you were going to walk out of here with. Looks like the answer is 'four'."

Man In The Hat: "That's EXACTLY what it looks like. I was very pleased with Jane's work tonight. First time in the ring against a girl who's had some experience and been on pay-per-view. It wasn't easy, but she kept working and she got the job done. That's what we need to see from her at this point. As for Kat, that was no tomato can. Cook can fight. But, so can Kat, when she gets out of her own way. She did that tonight and she got a result against a solid fighter. I'm very pleased with both ladies. Very. Cable Boy II, let's hear it!"

Showtime Reporter: "Sobieski looked very good at catchweight..."

Man In The Hat: "Leelee's one of the best welters on the planet. She always looks good. And, before you ask, yes, she'll be back taking fights at welter next year. Lord, it's BLONDE! Magazine..."

BLONDE! Magazine Reporter: "Speaking of your bigs, Kesha might have been your most impressive fighter tonight..."

Man In The Hat(smiling): "She just might have at that. Big K, she's got everything you could want physically, and the rest of it's now clickin' inta place. She's still not completely polished, but I think she's gettin' ta where she's pretty dangerous to just about anyone north of 120. Tess, dear, go ahead."

Tess: "This will be the second card in a row where I've asked about Gemma, but this is a different question. You've said she was your top light, but now Katy has the belt. Gemma looked great tonight. Is she Katy's first defense?"

Man In The Hat: "Gemma looked great tonight as she always does. She's as good as any fighter we have, as I've been sayin' for some time. She's ranked at or near the top of both sets of rankings, and there's a reason for that. I'm very happy with her work tonight, as I always am. Smackeroo. Dinner awaits. Take us there..."

Reporter: "Talk to me about Serinda, another girl you've been pushing at light..."

Man In The Hat(smiling): "Swanny's somethin' else. She's a joy to watch in there. Very physical. Very quick. Very athletic. And very smart. She's a top-flight lightweight and anyone who knows anything about the FCBA knows it. She had a challenge in front of her tonight, and she did what she always does. She met it. I couldn't be happier with her, or, frankly, with any of my eight bigs. Now, the New Year's Eve party! Tess! Smackey! Limo!" 



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