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31 December 2014 Kat Graham vs Rachael Leigh Cook

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Posted by The Grand Wizard on December 31, 2014, 12:43 pm



"Well, here we are," says Kat with a nod. "Second chances and all that. Time to put up or shut up. And I'm NOT the kind of girl who shuts up."

"It's been a while," says Rachael with a gorgeous smile. "But, it's nice to be back in Philly. Nice town. Wouldn't mind staying. So, maybe what I'll do is beat this loud-mouth no-talent up and see if Front Street could use a REAL flyweight."


O'Dell: "Back at ringside, and that's 'Wanna Say' pounding through the arena, and here comes the singer of that little tune, 'The Liberian Lynx', Kat Graham!"

Tess: "There's a little psychology at work here, Jenny. Graham coming out first, giving the honors to Cook...but, there's no reason for it. Cook's never beaten Graham, and she lost her only time here..."

O'Dell: "You think management is trying to tell Kat something?"

Cassie: "If I know how Uncle Wiz thinks, and I DO, the idea is to make sure she's focused on just where she is at Front Street right now and how important tonight's fight is."

McCarthy: "Weirdo THINKS? How does he do that, by rubbing his two brain cells together?"

Cassie: "Well, I seem to recall him thinking circles around YOU, when he suckered you into coming out of retirement to fight Allison Mack..."

McCarthy: "He did NO such THING! That wasn't PLANNED! It was IMPROMPTED..."

Tess: "Wait for it..."

McCarthy: "There's no WAY that...I would have SEEN RIGHT THROUGH...you can't manipulate ME..."

Cassie: "Any second now..."

McCarthy: "I'm WAAAYYY too smart to...he wouldn't have DARED...SIRI, CALL MY LAWYER!"

Tess: "And, THERE it is..."

O'Dell(sighing): "Graham into the ring, helped off with the robe by Jewel and Neve to reveal that yellow two-piece she loves, and that's 'The Rockafeller Skank' by Fat Boy Slim, and here comes the lovely Rachael Leigh Cook!"

Cassie: "Cook has had management a couple of times, most recently via The Garnet Gunners, which went under last year..."

O'Dell: "Cook into the ring and helped off with the robe to reveal a silver number that shows she got in great shape for this one. Ladies about ready. Let's get some picks. Tess likes Kat. Mac?"

McCarthy: "Graham is tied with Decker as my LEAST favorite Dancing Hooker, and, like Decker she's overrated and has a big mouth. Tonight, Cook's going to close it and send her slinking out of Philadelphia to whatever god forsaken city you go to when you can't make it in THIS crappy city!"

O'Dell: "And, keep in mind Philly fans, who once booed Santa Claus, those remarks are the opinions of J-Mac and J-Mac ALONE. Cassie?"

Cassie: "I agree with Tess!"

O'Dell: "There's the bell. Graham right on her horse, wants to jab and circle, dance and poke. The veteran Cook keeping the gloves up, picking off those shots, cutting the ring then getting off a flurry before Kat can slip away."

McCarthy: "You can already see Cook's strategy here, and it's a good one. She's not going to chase Graham. She's just going to move with her, and, when she gets her openings, score."

O'Dell: "That seems to be the plan as Graham wants to stick and move. She's getting the odd jab through, but Cook blocking a lot of them. Rachael VERY patient, picking her spots to cut and flurry. She's not able to do it often, but, when she can, she's scoring."

Cassie: "Graham has to counter when that happens. What's she's doing now is just covering up and slipping away as quickly as she can."

O'Dell: "Good point, because that's where Rachael is doing all her scoring, and Kat's not doing enough with the jab and circle routine to offset that. We're into the stretch of the first. Another cut and flurry by Cook. Graham ducks away, gets back to open canvas. Trying to get that jab home and mostly not succeeding to the bell. Good first one for the veteran."

Tess: "10-9, Cook. Not a good start for Kat Graham, who's on the hot seat."


O'Dell: "To the second and neither girl making any adjustments to the strategy. Graham doing a lot of dancing and bouncing. Working the feet to stay on open canvas. Cook patient, cuts, closes, lands a good flurry before Kat slides away."

McCarthy: "This kid has to get BUSY. She's punching less than in the last round. She's just dancing around out there..."

O'Dell: "Graham landing the odd jab, but that's about it for her offense. Cook keeping the hands up until she finds an opening, then she's quickly on Kat, putting together punches and scoring."

Tess: "Graham's like a pitcher with great stuff and no confidence. She's nibbling at the corners, trying to be too fine. She needs to trust her stuff."

O'Dell: "You may be right, Tess. Graham looking very tentative. Not doing much but dancing and circling. Cook, a smart veteran not going to get out of what she wants to do and chase. She just continues to move with, and land flurries when the openings arise. Final seconds tick off in the second and there's the bell. Easily for Cook."

Cassie: "You could count the punches Graham threw on two hands and have fingers left over. 20-18 Cook after two."


O'Dell: "Third sees Graham back on that bicycle. Stopping and popping a bit now. Putting together a little flurry there. Got out of dodge as soon as Rachael began countering, but that was her first combination of the fight."

Cassie: "That's a start, but she has to be more aggressive. She has the physicals. Cook more experienced, probably the better boxer at this stage. Slowing this fight down is to Rachael's advantage."

O'Dell: "And Cook remaining firmly in second gear. Taking the openings as they come. Forcing nothing. She's taking exactly what Kat gives her and, most importantly, she's taking ALL if it."

McCarthy: "This is what a good, veteran fighter does. She has a plan. She's going to stick with it and get the most out of it."

O'Dell: "Graham stops and pops again. When she lets those hands go, they can do some damage, ladies. She's as quick as just about any fighter in the FCBA..."

Cassie: "Just about. Not quite."

O'Dell: "Five seconds left. Good exchange at the bell! Both fighters scored there. Close one, but Graham's avoided the trifecta hole and gotten on the board."

Tess: "29-28 now. That looks a lot better than 30-27."


O'Dell: "Fourth starts like the third ended. Graham moving, occasionally stopping and popping, Cook moving with, finding opportunities to cut and doing it, getting off flurries and scoring before Graham can slip away."

Cassie: "Kat a little more aggressive these last two rounds, but she still needs more of it."

O'Dell: "Kat a nice three-punch combination before circling away. She moves extremely well, as we've discussed in the past. Has a dancer's legs and you can see she knows how to use them. Cook cuts the ring, lands a sharp flurry...AND GETS ROCKED BY A RIGHT HAND COUNTER!"

Tess: "Graham finally firing back when Cook forces an exchange and she landed a nasty right cross!"

O'Dell: "Cook stumbling away and Graham in hot pursuit. Kat backing Rachael up with flurry after flurry, has her up against the ropes now, and the Front Streeter letting the hands go! Rachael jabbing back in spots, but Kat getting home punches in bunches right to the bell. Wide round for Graham after the best punch of the fight!"

McCarthy: "Even at 38 now. Anybody's fight from here."


O'Dell: "Fifth begins with the familiar geometry. Graham bouncing, circling, jabbing. Cook not chasing. Just slowly stalking, then moving quickly when she has a chance to cut and getting off. Graham responding in those exchanges now, extending them, and we're getting good, two-way stuff for the first time in the fight."

Cassie: "Cook isn't the athlete Graham is. Few are. But, she's more athletic than you think. She moves very well and she's very slick. Watch how quickly she gets to her spots when she can run Kat to ground."

O'Dell: "Graham just ALL motion. Never in one spot for more than an instant. She circles, reverses, bounces forward and back. Hasn't slowed an iota in the fifth round..."

Tess: "She won't. She can do this for ten, twelve, fifteen. She's in incredible shape, isn't she, Cassie?"

Cassie: "Let's just say she visited Bazz and we ran the hill together. She can go all night."

Tess: "Who won?"

Cassie: "You KNOW the answer to that."

O'Dell: "Graham staying in motion. No stopping and popping this round, but she's giving as good as she gets in the exchanges..."

McCarthy: "She's looking for that big counter again, but Cook's seen it. She's not going to sneak it in twice."

O'Dell: "Final seconds now. Graham legging and bouncing to the final bell. Nothing in it. Even round."

Tess: "And an even fight. 48-48 at the halfway point."


O'Dell: "Sixth begins with more movement from Graham. She's everywhere and nowhere. She's waiving Cook forward. Come and get me!"

McCarthy: "Low class. Typical Dancing Hooker!"

Cassie: "And YOU never did that, Mac?"


Cassie: "I thought so."

O'Dell: "Cook again not going to be baited. Patient. Working for opportunities. Cuts the ring and we get another solid exchange and COOK ROCKS GRAHAM WITH A RIGHT HAND!"

McCarthy: "A SNEAKY short right and Graham's steppin' in fence post holes!"

O'Dell: "And Cook's coming to get her NOW. Rachael sending thundering fire at a retreating Kat. Cook battering Graham back into the ropes and having at her, body, head, body. Kat in a high guard, doing nothing but hanging on and trying to weather the storm. Kat trying to jab back, but Cook just burying her responses in leather. Ten seconds to go. Referee looking in. Cook firing away. BELL!"

Tess: "And none too soon..."

O'Dell: "Absolutely not. The referee wasn't going to let this go on much longer. As it it, it ends wide for Cook, who now leads 58-57."


O'Dell: "Seventh underway and Cook looking to finish, but Kat right back on her horse! She's got the legs back that quickly and she's moving as well as ever."

Cassie: "And notice how it's not just the legs. Hands move all the time, even when she's not punching. She's got one glove up and another at her hip, then they're both up, then neither one is. The head's in constant motion. The shoulders, the hips. Everything."

O'Dell: "Cook staying patient, not opening up. Cuts the ring and we get a good two-way exchange and then Kat back to the jab and circle."

McCarthy: "You know, Cook is very slick. Very. I wonder what she could have done with consistent management."

O'Dell: "I suspect she'd have been a contender at the least. As it is, you can see how good she is despite not having been in the ring consistently in some time. Another cut, another sharp exchange. Both girls scoring in there. Kat keeps it short and is back to the jab and dance right to the bell. Close. Graham."

Tess: "And we're all even at 67 with three to go. It's been a good fight."


O'Dell: "Eighth begins and the pattern not changing. Kat wants to move. Rachael going to stalk patiently and take full advantage of her opportunities. Graham still moving very well. Making things hard on Cook. But Rachael finding ways to cut the ring and create those exchanges where she gets the gloves home."

McCarthy: "Not surprised neither woman is changing up. Both are having success with what they're doing, so, no need to adjust."

O'Dell: "Another sharp exchange as Cook cuts the ring. Graham responding in kind, then slipping away, keeping these exchanges short, not staying in there any longer than it takes her to counter."

Cassie: "Kat's done a nice job making that adjustment, anyway. Earlier on, she wasn't countering, then she started hanging in there too long. Seems to have the timing down now."

O'Dell: "She does at that. Cook cuts again and lands a solid flurry and DOWN GOES RACHAEL! Oh, it's that keyhole right hand counter again from Graham!"

Tess: "That is RIDICULOUS quickness. Not only did Cook never see that punch, I don't think any of US saw it, either!"

O'Dell: "Rachael on her back. Count at three. Four. Five. Six. Cook rolls to her belly. Seven. Eight. Nine. TEN! Rachael still face down as the count passes her by and it's OVER! Your winner in lightning-strike fashion by KO8 is 'The Liberian Lynx', Kat Graham!"


O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Tess Valmore!"

Tess: "I've got our winner, Kat Graham, and, Kat, this was a big one for you..."

Kat: "They said they weren't putting me in easy, and they didn't. She's smart and slick and knows what she's doing. But, I knew I'd get her. I'm too strong, too quick, too athletic!"

Tess: "Where did that last punch come from? I don't think anyone saw it..."

Kat(smiling): "Just saw a little opening as she was bringing that left hand back, and I got the counter on target."

Tess: "What's next for you?"

Kat(grinning): "I'm BACK, baby! And 2015 is going to be 'The Year Of The Kat!'" 



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