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31 December 2014 Elisabeth Rohm vs Kesha

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Posted by The Grand Wizard on December 2014, 12:50 pm



"I may have been a bit rusty last time out," says Lis with a gorgeous smile. "But, I've knocked that off now and am ready to go."

"This is going to be a regular Norsefest tonight," says Kesha with a nod. "The Valkyrie vs. The Goddess Of Thunder. But, I'm betting on The Hammer Of Thor."


O'Dell: "Back at ringside and that's 'Tik-Tok' you hear booming through Asylum and here comes 'Six Feet Of Sexy', Kesha!"

McCarthy: "Again, neither six feet tall NOR sexy..."

Cassie: "Uncle Wiz giving the honors to Lis tonight, despite the fact that she lost her last time here, as Bazz was the winner in last month's bout..."

McCarthy: "That doesn't make any SENSE. Then again, when DOES Weirdo make any sense?"

O'Dell: "Big K into the ring, helped off with the robe by Jewel and Neve to reveal that navy blue bikini she likes, and that's 'Ride Of The Valkyrie' you hear, and here comes the Valkyrie herself, lovely Lis Rohm..."

Tess: "Rohm all business on her way to the ring tonight. She remembers what happened the last time, and I suspect she'll be all about making people forget about that..."

Cassie: "COUNT on it. Rohmmy has something to prove tonight!"

O'Dell: "Lis into the ring, helped off with the robe by the Bazz corner, and check out the body filling out that seafoam green bikini..."

McCarthy: "Again. Age ain't nothin' but a number..."

O'Dell: "Ladies about ready, so let's get some picks. Tess favors Kesha. Mac?"

McCarthy: "Rohm's a good lightweight. Kesha's a typical Dancing Hooker. Need I say more?"

O'Dell: "Cassie?"

Cassie: "I think Rohmmy is too good and too slick. She's going to win it!"

O'Dell: "And there's the bell. Rohm stepping in behind the left jab, showing plenty of aggression against a bigger girl. Kesha want to get her own big right jab home, and manages to do it some. Kesha wants to square and go ranged, platform stuff. Rohmmy has different ideas."

Cassie: "Lis very athletic, moves very well, and you're seeing the slide-step, to her left, away from Kesha's left hand."

O'Dell: "Forcing Kesha to step and turn with to try to rotate back to square. Rohm a quick step forward, lands a combination, ducks a good left, steps back and right. Very slick stuff from Lis right now."

McCarthy: "Like I said, she's a good lightweight, and you're seeing why."

O'Dell: "No question. Rohm more than big and strong. She's experienced, smart, athletic, and that's all on display right now. Kesha having her moments, though. She's getting that right on target and managing to set up the odd left hand, but it's Lis who's getting more done right to the bell."

Tess: "Good start for Rohm, up 10-9 after one."


O'Dell: "Second underway and we're seeing more of that sideways shift from Rohm. Lis stepping forward behind the jab, sliding off center, making Kesha turn. The younger blonde, of course, likes the gun platform stuff, wants to get square and get off..."

Cassie: "But, Rohmmy not having any, Jenny. She's not going to let Kesha fight her fight."

O'Dell: "She clearly is not. Rohm very slick with the head and shoulder movement as well. She's making Kesha work to get on target. The younger blonde doing it, though. She's getting the big right jab home and hooking off of it with the left."

Tess: "Good, two-way stuff here. There was a time when Kesha couldn't have done this...boxed with Rohm, but she can do it now."

O'Dell: "With the quickness and athleticism she has, it was only a matter of her getting rounds. Rohm ducking, sliding, getting off quickly in response to Kesha's fire as we come down the stretch. Rohm working the distances very well. She's managing to stay just inside where Kesha wants her to be, not allowing Big K to extend fully. Good right hand Kesha and Rohm responds with a solid left hook in a flurry at the bell. Close round, but Rohm again."

McCarthy: "20-18 for Lis after two."


O'Dell: "Action resuming in the third with the terms negotiated and being abided by on both sides. Rohm crowding Kesha JUST a bit, working angles and distances, boxing for points. Big K using the feet to get square, then letting the hands go..."


O'Dell: "And Rohm is hurt! A right hook caught Rohm and Lis is buzzed in a big way! Kesha seeking with the right, backing up a wobbled Rohm with it, looking to destroy with the left. Rohmmy keeping the guard up, giving ground, backed to the ropes..."

McCarthy: "Not where she wants to be..."

O'Dell: "It is not. Kesha stepping into her punches now. Still sound. Setting her punches up. Not the wild Kesha of a couple of years ago. But she's clearly looking to finish. The big blonde banging away with heavy shell. Ignoring a body Rohm's put on sale. Rohm still moving the head and shoulders, not presenting a stationary target for Kesha, making her work to get leather home. Kesha scoring well, but Rohm hanging on, starting to solidify her front as the final seconds tick off, and there's the bell. Kesha wide, but Rohm survives."

Cassie: "And still leads, 29-28."


O'Dell: "Fourth begins with Kesha coming forward behind the jab. She's not worrying about distance now. She's trying to walk Rohm down, back her up. Lis not having it. She's going to hang in there and bang back and HERE WE GO!"

Cassie: "You're going to see some leather fly now!"

O'Dell: "And, indeed, you are! Both fighters thumping away and neither backing up a step. Kesha lining Rohm up consistently now, and Lis doing the same. It's flurry after flurry, back and forth and some hard shots are landing in there!"

Tess: "Rohm starting to dig some body now. She's crouching a little, making herself harder to hit."

O'Dell: "And Kesha responding with uppercuts! She may have thrown about six of those in her career as tall as she is, but she's landing some now and she's banging body, too. This is brutal, back-and-forth stuff, as both girls try to impose will and neither can manage to do it. Ten seconds left and neither fighter slowing down. And there's the bell! Action packed round. Close, but Kesha."

McCarthy: "And that makes us even at 38 with six to go."


O'Dell: "We start the fifth back on familiar terms. Kesha no longer pushing forward and we're back to boxing..."

Cassie: "Kesha showing some smarts here, Jenny. Couldn't back Rohmmy up last round and she doesn't want to keep pressing and taking chances."

O'Dell: "Instead both girls using the strategies that worked for them in the first three. Rohm wants to be at middle distances, just inside where the taller Kesha can extend. Big K using those good feet to turn with Lis, who works left to stay off square and move away from Kesha's big left hand."

McCarthy: "And you're seeing what a REAL fighter can do to one of Weirdo's Dancing Hookers right now. Rohm finding her spots and getting off, has Kesha reacting, a step off on everything."

O'Dell: "Indeed, she does. Rohm is the best rhythm she's been tonight, putting punches together, making Kesha cover up more than she has in any previous round. Showing no signs of slowing down despite having gone hard for nearly five rounds now..."

Cassie: "And she won't. Rohmmy isn't your average 40-year-old. She's in ridiculous shape. She can go 15 and not slow down."

O'Dell: "Well, we know she can go five, because there's the bell. Rohm's round."

Tess: "And she's back on the lead, 48-47."


O'Dell: "Sixth begins with a sharp two-way flurry! Both girls landed good stuff in that exchange and they exchange SMILES!"

Cassie: "I LOVE it! 'That was good. What else have you got?' And they've both got plenty!"

O'Dell: "No question of that, lots of power in those four gloves, but we're not going to see a repeat of round four, because both girls back to the negotiated terms. Kesha getting the right jab home a little more in this round, not allowing Rohm to angle as much as she did in the fifth."

McCarthy: "Kesha wants to keep Rohm inside that right where she can get the left home. Rohm was outside it almost the entire fifth and that's why she was able to control the round."

O'Dell: "And Big K doing that here in the sixth. Able to put punches together this round. Rohm responding in kind, and we've got good, two-way stuff again. Coming down the stretch, Kesha almost SWEEPING with that right, trying to herd Rohm. Lis ducking and slipping, popping a good combination, then sliding under a counter at the bell. Good stuff on both sides again, but Kesha's round."

Tess: "And we're even again, this time at 57."


O'Dell: "Seventh begins with more slick boxing from Rhom, she'd ducking Kesha's right, catching it on her gloves in an effort to slide outside it. Kesha stepping back and right now, cutting down Rohm's angles and getting the jab home."

McCarthy: "Rohm answering by stepping forward, closing the distance, getting her geometry and getting off..."


Tess: "She timed one of those forward hops and dropped the left behind Rohm's right!"

O'Dell: "And Rohm in full retreat now. Kesha coming forward behind the jab, playing this plenty carefully, clinically, forcing Lis back, back, back until she traps her on the ropes and GOES TO TOWN! Kesha is ALL OVER Rohm, want to finish right now. Again, Lis with the body on sale and Kesha ignoring it completely."

Cassie: "Rohmmy catching a lot of this on the gloves, rolling with a lot more of it..."

O'Dell: "But plenty of good shot getting through, testing the legs. And the legs are holding up. Rohm running out the clock. Ten seconds to go. Kesha still looking for the finisher, but won't find it. Bell. Shutout, Kesha, but it's still anyone's fight."

Tess: "67-66, Big K with three to go."


O'Dell: "Eighth begins with Rohm apparently having the legs back..."

Tess: "And this is an impressive recovery, because she took a lot of leather on the ropes in that last round, and she looks to have shaken it off very quickly..."

Cassie: "I told you, Rohmmy's in incredible shape."

O'Dell: "And she's right back to work slipping and dipping, angling up and scoring with both hands..."

McCarthy: "And this is where the importance of what Rohm's done these first seven rounds comes in. When you fight a girl with a lot of power, you've got to limit her big rounds. You can out box her for eight minutes, get dropped in the ninth, and be even on the cards. Kesha's caught Rohm a couple of times, but Lis has kept those to one-point rounds, and that's why she's still right in the fight."

O'Dell: "That she is, and, if she can secure this one, she'll be all even, and, the way this is going, that's what she's going to do. The movement is again up and back more than side to side this round, but Rohm's getting her geometry right and scoring plenty and DOWN SHE GOES! Oh, that came out of nowhere!"

Tess: "Left hook again. This one in counter..."

O'Dell: "Rohm on her back. Count at three. Four. Rohm sits up. Six. Seven. And she's back on her feet. Kesha shaking her head, thought that one might do it, but it won't. Lis takes the mandatory and on comes Kesha. She's swinging for the fences now, with less than 30 seconds to go in the fight. Rohm backing into the ropes, leaning back like Ali in a high guard, taking a pounding on her arms and gloves, but running clock effectively again. Kesha firing away but going to be frustrated again. Bell. Kesha shaking her head on the way back to her corner. Got to be wondering what it's going to take to get Rohm out of there."

Tess: "She may not have done that, but she's finally built a lead, 77-74 with just two left."


O'Dell: "Ninth underway and Kesha probing forward, wants to see what Rohm has left and Lis lands a solid combination that answers that question quickly enough!"

Cassie: "Name me some 40-year-old fighters who can take that kind of leather from a hitter like Kesha and come out firing in the next round. It's going to be a short list."

O'Dell: "Very short. And Rohm isn't just firing, she's back to work, back to moving, back in rhythm, angling on Kesha, making her work to square and DOWN GOES ROHM AGAIN! Kesha with right hook and Lis to her knees..."

McCarthy: "Caught her on that quick jab step again."

O'Dell: "Count at three. Four. Five. Rohm to her feet. Shaking it off yet again. Referee going to give her the mandatory and let this continue and Kesha again looking for the kill. She's got the right jab banging in on target. Rohm trying to hold ground. Isn't going to go to the ropes easy. Lis jabbing back now. Seems to have the legs back already. Lands a good right hand. Kesha still working the jab, still trying to force Rohm back..."



Cassie: "Get UP, Rohmmy!"

McCarthy: "Not going to happen, twerp..."

O'Dell: "Rohm on her back. Count at three. Four. Five. Six. No movement from Lis. Seven. Eight. Nine. TEN! It's OVER! The Hammer Of Thor strikes and your winner by KO9 is 'Six Feet Of Sexy', Kesha!"


O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Tess Valmore."

Tess: "I have our winner, Kesha, and that was some fight, Big K..."

Kesha(smiling): "She can go, let me tell you. She took some BOMBS and she hit me with some, too. I didn't know what it was going to take to get her out of there!"

Tess: "But, you found the answer..."

Kesha(smiling): "Have 'Hammer' will travel, Tess. Have 'Hammer', will travel." 



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