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9 January 2015 Kara Tointon vs Rhiannon Fish

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(Double A Boxing vs Lioness Club)


Posted by Vassago on January 9, 2015, 12:01 pm


Both girls have been inactive since May even though Kara Tointon has a meeting against Nikki Sanderson scheduled for an unspecified date but she's got a personal score to settle with Rhiannon Fish first. The Aussie actress on her BBU debut beat Kara's yonger sister Hannah in September 2012 and it doesn't get any more personal than this. Fish still awaits Samara Weaving's ACB debut so she can punish one of her biggest enemies back home however she's more than pleased to face and hopefully beat up the 'other' Tointon girl.

Kara Tointon wears a red bikini with black stripes and black gloves. Dark brown hair in loose waves. Rhiannon Fish wears a yellow, black & white schemed bikini and silver gloves. Dark brown hair straight and long. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Kara charges early and whacks the Aussie between the arms to punish her boobs before moving up and bouncing off the chin to feel Rhiannon immediately back. Tointon has a slight reach advantage and she keeps pounding away at the fellow brunette, outworks her in close range and finds a hook to the eye that forces Fish to seek immediate cover. Kara's really up for some punishment as she lays into the Aussie's midriff and pummels her back to the ropes; Rhiannon can't settle in this fight at all and just soaks up the leather as Tointon pierces her liver area and leaves moaning at the bell.

Round 2:
The feisty attitude pays off for Tointon again as she splits Rhiannon's gloves and bounces off her face in another close range tangle, the repeated slaps rock the Aussie's head back & forth before she finds a lucky response and swings straight onto Kara's temple and bends her to the side. She jumps back at the English brunette and both girls tear into each other's boobs as Rhiannon uppercuts Kara's mounds with more power and whips her on the heels before slamming a left overhand on the nose... Tointon wobbles back onto the ropes and has to clinch a suddenly raging Aussie actress before she gets hurt. She manages to succeed and shuts Fish out for remainder of the round but the younger brunette looks to be finally settling in.

Round 3:
Tointon's still keen to punish the Aussie and charges at her body and rocks her breasts before eating overhand response as Fish leans on her and peppers the cheeks with repeated jabs to wobble Kara to the side again. The older brunette's guard isn't as good as her opponent's and it shows down the stretch when Rhiannon breaks through with more facial slaps and rocks Kara's head back & forth; the body attack is dropped and Tointon gets pummelled around the ring and starts yelping in pain as her longer reach fails to bother the Aussie thanks to that superior defence. Kara stumbles onto the turnbuckle late as she runs out of steam in her escape and has Rhiannon drilling her chest and pumping uppercuts on the jaw to run away with the round.

Round 4:
Kara enforces another early trangle and goes around the younger brunette's elbows to punish her ribcage but Fish keeps landing uppercuts on the cheeks and leaves the English girl swelling quite badly as the punches just stack up and wobble Tointon in the middle of the ring. She cracks a good hook on the brow ridge but fails to unsettle the Aussie who responds with a cross hook on the nose and follows up with a hook to the chest... Kara just sags on her knees and allows Fish to pound her back to the ropes thereafter; more Aussie grit on display as Tointon seeks another clinch to tame the onslaught, this time Rhiannon dekes to the side and wrenches the English actress on the ribs and throws her against the turnbuckle before another hook slices her mitts and nails her on the nose to close out the round. Kara remains stunned in the corner and indeed there's blood seeping from her nose as Fish notices that too and subsequently high fives Lioness coach Gina Wild during the interval.

Round 5:
Tointon doesn't want to bide her time and screams out at the smiling Aussie actress and there's another vicious tangle in the middle of the ring where the all-in tactics blows right back into Kara's face who gets nailed with a cross hooking combo and Fish pierces her wounded nose again to root her to the spot and allow further punishment in no time. Rhiannon pounds Kara's face and drops her arms as the guard collapses in wake of that onslaught, Tointon gets spun around and more lumps appear on her face as the bloody nose gives her breathing issues now... Left hook to the temple breaks Kara's resilience on the minute mark and the knees give way... TOINTON'S DOWN... the older brunette drops to her side after the ammount of punches from Fish became simply too much to handle... it's a slow rise from the pretty Hollyoaks actress but she gets there at eight and tries to ignore the busted up nose causing her trouble, Fish wades in on her without much sympathy though and reels her onto the ropes where she keeps drilling the body and finds more uppercuts on the jaw... Tointon's a battered wreck now and just hangs on for the bell but collapses to her knees moments later and literally crawls back to her corner.

Round 6:
Kara does make it back for the sixth but gets whacked on the mouth seconds after the bell and Rhiannon thumps her nose into more misery, the English brunette is reduced into a moaning punchbag here and gets pounded back to the turnbuckle where the Aussie drills her breadbasket with several piercing jabs.. Tointon screams out now as the punches are viciously successful and tear her to shreds one after another... Fish barks in her efforts and truly enjoys drilling Kara's guts like that... it's just one scream too many for the ref though who steps in and hauls the Aussie off her prey as Tointon collapses flat on her face once she can't rest her shoulder against the fellow brunette's body to maintain her balance... TKO6 Rhiannon Fish!!!

AFTER: Kara's defence isn't any good these days and she was woefully exposed by the younger and more determined opponent. Nikki Sanderson should be pleased after watching this fight and there's every chance she finally gets in the ring with Tointon next now that her chief rival Michelle Keegan pursues a career in America.

Rhiannon wants to have a successful career too and she'll be only 23 later this year so has plenty of time on her hands. Even if she still targets fellow Australian Samara Weaving as her biggest rival there should be enough girls she can challenge back here in UK. While most of the Lioness Club focus remains with the former Spice Girls and Girls Aloud members, Fish is one girl to watch out for the future! And now she's beaten both Tointon sisters! Whether she's ready for the Mulheron girls is another story though!

Final result: Rhiannon Fish def. Kara Tointon TKO6. 



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