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9 January 2015 Helen Flanagan vs Chelsee Healey

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(Kear's Kats vs Beever's Babes)


Posted by Vassago on January 9, 2015, 12:04 pm


Helen Flanagan's been focused on some JMD action lately but that has cost her few spots on the divisional pecking order and now she has to kickstart her career against Chelsee Healey who's been running her mouth on twitter a bit too often according to the buxom Coronation Street actress. Helen claimed the JMD scalps of Kym Marsh and Sophie Reade in her recent bouts and looks set to meet Lucy Pinder in the upcoming weeks but there's nothing like beating up a "vulgar piece of scum" allthough some would argue Healey is not that obnoxius compared to the likes of Samia Ghadie and even Cheryl Cole. She beat Little Mix newcomer Jesy Nelson just few days ago but Flanagan is a vast improvement of opposition in such a short space of time.

"Helen's a strawweight with heavyweight boobs and zero brains", Chelsee tries to win the trash talk and even the audience is stunned by Flanagan's outfit tonight or should we say the lack thereof. Chelsee wears a classic all red basque top and knickers however Helen's bandeau navy blue bikini is the smallest you've seen in the country and leaves nothing to the imagination. The fight is a catchweight since Helen missed the flyweight mark by a couple of pounds and Healey decided it's not worth gaining weight for a bantam scale in first place.

Round 1:
Helen pumps facial leather from the getgo and shuts Chelsee out early, splits the mitts with single punches but struggles to rock the fellow actress and has to defend herself from a midsection response. Healey's not doing any cleavage damage yet but spikes around the elbows and accepts the close range bash, in fact she wins it as Flanagan gets caught one time too many and retreats; Chelsee doesn't chase her down and seems happy just to force the buxom opponent back... it was a fake though as she rips into her chest moments later and Helen's not agile enough to react; a couple of drilling hooks test the strenght of those breasts but Helen refuses to step back this time and nails Chelsee with a right handed cross on the nose that abandons her charge on the spot and sends backing into the ropes just before the bell.

Round 2:
Helen shows some muscle as she outworks Chelsee in close range and thumps her guard wide open before bruising the cheeks with some spirited jabbing. Healey tries to stay in the exchange but only grazes the blonde's boobs and winces as she gets tagged repeatedly and has to yield real estate down the stretch. Flanagan's hungry for some punishment though and rips into the body staggering Chelsee who gets whacked across the mouth with a piercing hook and just sags on the ropes as Helen sends a flurry of leather and traps her in a dangerous spot. Chelsee's guard fails to really protect her and the audience supports Helen's charge which is halted by the bell as Healey was shaking all over the place and looked to be heading south in no time.

Round 3:
Healey tries to spike the blonde's jugs and adds some leather on the ribcage but gets caught with another cross hook on the mouth and wobbles dangerously allowing the Corrie actress to follow up with more jabs on the face. Chelsee's head snaps backwards as her guard falls apart again and she's been handed a fat lip through the minute mark with Flanagan pressing forward with more venom. She pounds a brave but lacklustre opponent into the corner but misses a hooking approach and Healey does well to dig into her guts instead and move onto the cleavage as well. Helen tries to shove Chelsee against the turnbuckle but eats uppercuts on the jugs and turns to the side while Chelsee slams a right hook on the eye to whip her on the heels before jumping to the side and adding more punches over the top. Helen circles away and barks in anger as she allowed Healey to escape in somewhat unfortunate fashion.

Round 4:
Chelsee looks to turn the tables on this fight and charges at the blonde's rack again but Helen counters her over the top and a brief heavy leather exchange rocks both Helen's jugs as well as Chelsee's head and the Corrie actress adds more lumps to her foe's face and tags the nose in a chaotic follow up. Chelsee gets outworked again and has to leap to the side in avoidance but Flanagan reaches out and finds her nose before a right handed piledriver bangs her on the temple. Chelsee spins back to the ropes and stumbles as Helen powers through with a hook to the navel and an uppercut on the jaw... Healey screams out in pain but fails to cover up and eats another cross hook on the nose THAT SENDS HER CRASHING DOWN ON HER KNEES... Flanagan shakes her tits in delight as she watches the fallen brunette trying to regain her breath and the count reaches eight before Chelsee's up on her feet after taking some time to recover. Flanagan pins her to the ropes but misses more jabs to the temples and skims off the shoulder as Chelsee thumps her rack in a vicious reply to indicate she's far from being done here. Helen muscles her into the ropes but fails to shrug the clinch off and both girls look rather annoyed at the bell.

Round 5:
Healey just refuses to sit back and let Flanagan wear herself out even despite the knockdown. Another high tempo exchange has Helen's boobs rocking but more importantly the buxom blonde pierces Chelsee's liver area to sink her in the middle of the ring on the minute mark before switching to wide hooks on the temples. Healey's guard crumbles again as looks for a counter and the right hand is repeatedly dropping too low as Flanagan wrenches her against the jaw with accurate uppercuts and wobbles forward into a sagging hook on the navel. Chelsee yelps in pain but loses her balance and Helen catches her with a cross hook on the eye before landing another one on the guts and punching a suddenly cumbersome looking brunette to the ropes. She traps Healey and cleans out her stomach before adding more leather around the elbows and just leave her aching her heart out at the bell.

Round 6:
Helen's landed more punches thus far and it starts to tell as Chelsee needs a second breath to recover now but she's not given any and the Corrie girl just whoops her on the chest with more piercing jabs and tags the chin to rock the brunette's head back & forth. The feet stay behind and Chelsee can't escape the close range misery with Helen slicing her way on the lips and pounding away to squash them into a bloody mess. Healey's starts to moan really loud now as Flanagan sends the facial assault and half-spins the brunette before working the right hand between the arms and rocking the breasts. Chelsee closes her eyes as she soaks up all this venom but is then caught by a vicious hook on the ear and cries out in real pain, falls backwards onto the ropes and has Helen pumping overhands on the face to inflict more blood as not only the lips and nose start to bleed but also a deep gash under the right eye... Healey's arms drop to the side as Flanagan keeps bashing her face in with no sympathy whatsoever... AND THE REF STEPS IN... she drags the blonde away before she turns the brunette's face into a proper bloody mask.... TKO6 Helen Flanagan!!!

AFTER: Chelsee's almost knocked out standing and needs assistance in leaving the ring with her face suffering a real beating at the hands of surprisingly vicious Flanagan who was clearly seeking a statement making result and she got one tonight! She checks her gloves for blood stains and the leather is almost painted red there; a quick adjustement of the skimpy bikini is followed by a big smile and another luscious shake of the impressive rack. "Chelsee wanted to pound some jug but she failed! These two bunnies stopped Kym Marsh and Sophie Reade already as well as that sleazy bytch Samia Ghadie but I hope to finally prove my status with a proper JMD tournament to settle just who has the best rack in UK! Since I can't win a lineal title I will do everything to boost the JMD status and all those PageThree sluts can suck on my pompons! Lucy frickin' Pinder especially included!"

Final result: Helen Flanagan def. Chelsee Healey TKO6. 



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