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11 January 2015 Sayuki Matsumoto vs Doutzen Kroes

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(Front Street Japan vs Lookout! Atlantic Atlantic)


Posted by Vassago on January 11, 2015, 9:23 pm


We're inching closer to the flyweight title bout but first it's the official title eliminator in the lightweight division as former champion Sayuki Matsumoto seeks adding another trophy to the Tokyo-based stable's collection which requires her taking out one of the heaviest punchers in all of BBU, Dutch lingerie supermodel and Victoria's Secret's finest, Doutzen Kroes. Of course the prospect of having two VS models duke it out for the straps would probably be even better as Miranda Kerr awaits the next challenger but the Front Street signal-callers are determined to make up for the Haruna Yabuki disaster and prevent the Europeans from stealing the show in Tokyo of all places tonight,

The pressure might be on Kroes who's found herself so close to the title picture for the first time but if she'd be able to repeat her performance from the Boxing Day PPV where she absolutely destroyed Manuela Arcuri then the Japanese audience must brace themselves for another long & painful experience!

Sayuki Matsumoto wears a yellow bikini set and black gloves. Doutzen Kroes wears a pink bikini set with black laces and pink gloves. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
JUG ALERT!!! Sayuki rips into Doutzen's cleavage like there's no tomorrow and clearly catches the VS model off guard; heavy thumping has Kroes weaving around and trying to respond but the former champion pounds her from close range and prevents any elbow stretching. Doutzen wobbles badly and gets wrenched back to the ropes as the FSJ tries to avoid another Yabuki disaster and it's always pleasing to see such a proud rack like Kroes' to get mercilessly hammered. Even though Sayuki's one of the best punchers in the division, she's unable to break a well prepared opponent so quickly and Doutzen locks that precious clinch and even tries to lift the Asian off the ground before eating more hooks to the tummy and leaving the Tokyo Dome crowd on their feet as the clock expires much too soon for their liking.

Round 2:
Sayuki fails to surprise the blonde anymore and gets blocked off before moving up high where the guard is rock solid as well and has to endure some facial shots for the first time as Doutzen strikes from the back foot and drives into the Japanese model's cheeks snapping the head back in the proccess. Early signs of welterweight strenght are visible as Matsumoto tries to stay in the exchange but is forced on the back foot herself with Kroes switching to precision rather than ammount down the stretch. Sayuki gets clipped on the eye a couple of times and thinks better off it now that she can't work the guard over and steps back; Kroes refuses to chase her down and only throws single leather as Matsumoto looked absolutely unmoved by her lack of progress in this round.

Round 3:
Speed tops strenght per any casual tactics and Matsumoto ups her footwork to blast more harpoons around the elbows and keep Doutzen chasing shadows with a sluggish response. However things get all too dandy for the local favorite who ducks in one time too many and gets clobbered by a left hand to the mouth that wobbles her back and triggers Kroes' onslaught, a precise cross hook slices the mitts and a right handed follow up thumps the nose and bends Matsumoto to the side. A close range brawl ensues but Doutzen pumps her gloves into her foe's tummy and reels her against the turnbuckle absorbing a couple of slaps to the mouth. Piercing jabs on the stomach bend Sayuki even further forward and Kroes ends the round cleaning out her guts in no-nonsense fashion.

Round 4:
Sayuki tries to pummel the blonde's jugs again but gets whacked on the ribcage and loses her footing as she skims off the pink lingerie; a right handed follow up bangs her on the mouth and is followed by a left hook to the temple and wobbles her back on the spot to close in on another FSJ disaster! Kroes takes her time, it's not personal as against Karolina Kurkova or a pure determination to beat your opponent up like was the case with Manuela Arcuri. The Dutch vixen triggers the fear factor and watches as Matsumto bunny hops around her looking a bit lost and unable to punish her flesh in a meaningful fashion anymore. Another close range tilt ends with Douzten getting smacked on the cheeks but she still pierces the liver area to keep Sayuki at bay and the crowd scratching their heads for the second consecutive fight.

Round 5:
Matsumoto's forced to make her moves on the home turf but loses another exchange after bouncing off the jugs but eating a cross hook on the mouh which gives her a fat lip supported by a jabbing series from mid-range. Kroes ups her work rate and dumps the Asian model to the corner after pounding through her breadbasket; head snapping combos follow and trap the former champ in serious trouble as Doutzen proves she's not your everyday creampuff lingerie model and batters Matsumoto's ribcage into visible swelling; the Asian champ looked so good against Laury Thilleman but just can't handle the raw power and has well and truly met her match. Kroes romps through the midsection and signs off with another uppercut to the jaw that sinks Sayuki really deep for the first time tonight.

Round 6:
More Asian misery as Douzten beats Sayuki for a simple overhand and tags her nose; the feet go astray and Matsumoto's forced to clinch the model to stay upright but Kroes shrugs her off and bumps her left shoulder into her rack, lets a right hand go and CRASHES INTO THE FELLOW MODEL'S EAR... Sayuki spins around and goes face-first onto the canvas to silence the crowd... one-punch blonde destruction on display as Douzten looks surprised she nailed her foe that good! Matsumoto tries to shake it off and gets up on all fours before climbing back to her feet at seven but her face - and lips in particular - being quite swollen now. Kroes works the single hands from mid-range and slices the guard as Sayuki tries not to panic and run away but she still gets pummelled back to the ropes where Douzten switches into pounding her stomach again and confirm her dominance in the ring.

Round 7:
Sayuki's rarely been banged up like that and it's another misjudged match-up for the FSJ entourage; the rack assault is nowhere to be seen as Kroes rides the confidence waves and chases a mentally shaken Asian model around the ring before finally setting up a cross hooking success and trapping Sayuki against the turnbuckle. The former divisional champion is urged to make a comeback but trading leather with Kroes in a corner proves to be a bad idea as the Dutch blonde simply drills her cheeks coming out on top and smacks the dark hair left, right and center to shut Matsumoto's eyes in the dying seconds and still dig more uppercuts onto the chest just as the clock expires. Sayuki's almost out on her feet here!

Round 8:
More heavy slaps from the pink gloves as Sayuki just hasn't recovered from that knockdown and soaks up more punishment from a clearly stronger girl... Douzten cross hooks herself to the cheeks and tags the nose just sinking the Japanese model in the middle of the ring before slamming a measured uppercut on the jaw to lift a semi-dazed Matsumoto off her feet... DOWN GOES THE ASIAN GIRL... she crashes to her side with eyes closed and there's no coming back from a power shot like that! KO8 Doutzen Kroes!!!

AFTER: Another disaster for the Tokyo faithful as the undisputed #1 on Front Street Japan's pecking order Sayuki Matsumoto gets crushed by a superior opponent! Douzten has truly come a long way since losing to Karolina Kurkova and seems fully settled into BBU action now which can only spell trouble for any brave enough fighter ready to cross her path soon. And she's forced the hand of Miranda Kerr who's seen Leah Dizon perform a crunching display against Sacha Parkinson already. With Kurkova refusing to chase the Australian champion model she might well be compromised to a Kroes rematch later this year instead.

The BBU executives make it official as soon as Sayuki's helped off the ring and the referee raises Doutzen's arm in the air. The buxom blonde has been named as the official #1 contender for the lightweight division title as girls like Rochelle Humes or Alaina Huffman prefer to see the Kerr challenge out for the time being. Doutzen has plans of conquering the American market before too long and the title shot seems more like a career step rather than ultimate goal but given her elite physical presence and performances as of late one can't really argue her plans!

Final result: Douzten Kroes def. Sayuki Matsumoto KO8. 



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