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2 January 2015 Lindsay Lohan vs Sarah Shahi

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Posted by OddManOut on January 2, 2015, 7:50 am


Before: Lohan brimming with cocky confidence (“over confidence” the media call it) but in the young redhead's mind there's no such thing. “You don't believe in yourself you're beaten before you ever step in the ring,” she tells the assembled press. “Of course Shahi is good, but she's also old while I'm in my prime. After I whup Shahi's Persian butt, then I'm going after those Spring Breakers bytches and whoever holds the JMD brassiere. It's about time people started paying attention to me for a change instead of Theron and those other over-the-hill has-beens.”

Sarah more subdued, “Anybody who’s seen Lindsay fight before knows she’s got talent. And the Academy looks to have figured out how to get her out of her head and not beat herself for you. But before she beat Christina this fall, the last time she beat a former champion was back in 2011. I’ve been fighting champion quality fighters for two solid years. She’s still getting used to this level of competitiveness. It’ll be just like the first time I fought Hayden.”

Lindsay in metallic emerald green bikini, red gloves, copper-colored hair loose and tangly. Sarah in new pattern bikini (http://data.whicdn.com/images/64214438/large.jpg) black gloves, hair in tangly gypsy curls.

R1: Good start from Lindsay as she digs for Sarah's body, backing her brunette up: wheels fall off at the minute mark as Lohan gobbles up a swift right hand counter on the chin. Lindsay stepping in fence post holes, covers up earmuff, suffers a terrible pasting as Sarah unleashes the hounds. Two long minutes of savage lathering, Shahi to Lohan. Redhead stumbling along ropes, stooping forward behind her mitts, just trying to keep her guard together. Sarah SO aggressive - tearing at head and body - punching vigorously, gloves bouncing off Lindsay's luscious rack. Lohan beaten into stupor, but pale legs keep her upright. Bell: Shahi yelping in pleasure, skipping away all bright-eyed; Lindsay busting up, massaging battered breasts with heel of her right hand en route to her corner.

R2: Lindsay on springy legs, tap-stepping and shuffling counterclockwise - right hand cheek high; left hand lower, partially extended. Sharp stabbing jab off the step-in - Lohan crisp with the shot, chipping and scuffing at Shahi's head. Lilo tapping out straight rights from the front foot: scoring on Sarah, then leaning away, circling around before Shahi can respond. Late in the round, Sarah finally bobs and weaves her way in close enough to rip hooks to Lindsay's ribcage - good solid clout, but one shot at a time - Lindsay not interested in extended trade, uses her inches to open the range.

R3: Lindsay takes her second round: Sarah's face lumping up nicely under the constant tap of Lilo's straight-poking rights and lefts. Lindsay trying to goad her brunette as the minutes wear on. She'll score with a cheeky lead right off the front foot, then stick her tongue out. Midway through a pretty jab-to-face/hook-off-the-jab to ribs/hook to chops puts Sarah on her heels: Lindsay beaming a happy glance as she puts the moves on a dominant former champ. Shahi reacting to the Lohan taunts, getting her licks in, but not able to capitalize. Lilo running her brunette onto that chiselling jab, turning her, then spicing her up sharp one-twos from angles. Bell: Lindsay jaunty to Academy corner, looks good out there and KNOWS it!

R4: Lindsay dukes up, elbows in, stepping-to behind the jab. Sarah creep-stepping, she’ll lean to her right, then pivot-left - hands low when she's outside, baiting her redhead. Lohan jabbing her way inside again, only to be cuffed by Shahi's clever, swatting mitts. Sarah slapping Lindsay’s ears, then sliding to the side. Shahi muscles Lohan onto the ropes, stooping to jab tummy, than turning into slinging right hands across Lilo's breasts. It takes Lindsay two full minutes to negotiate all this, getting off the strands and putting her jab on Sarah late to avoid the shutout.

R5: Sarah looking to take away those legs, lathers Lindsay's hips & waist early. Shahi battering away with both hands as Lohan stoops forward in a grunting earmuff. Lindsay answering back after a minute of Sarah’s shoe-shine: firm left uppercut scoring to chin, sending the brunette’s hair flying prettily. Both beauties bandy-legged, leading to a crisp toe-to-toe exchange of right/lefts midring - Shahi punched across her face, forced into retreat. Sarah regains her legs in the final minute, hopping to her right while feinting and stooping to jab tummy. Redhead turning, mesmerized, allowing herself to be tarted up for points at bell.

R6: Lindsay’s legs are shot, but she’s refusing to be discouraged tonight. More grim determination from both girls, hooking up collar-and-elbow midring to push for position, then dig brutal right hands to midsection out of the clinch. Lohan liberal with Shahi's trunks - pulling Sarah forward out of her stance; spinning her sideways, holding the hip or back of the trunks to stabilize the Princess of Persia for right hands underneath. Sarah stumbling about more often this round, getting a little ragdolled. Both fighter’s body-lathering taking effect, this fight may go to whoever can adjust faster.

R7: Sarah flatfooted behind her jab; chunks a wide right roundhouse in above Lindsay's left hip; slides the left arm in under Lilo's right to crowd close and work inside. Lohan giving ground, quickly pushed back onto the ropes, unable to get out from under her tormentress. Shahi working methodically, rights and lefts to waistline, muscling Lohan back with the left shoulder/extended left elbow. Sliding her left thumb into the waistline of Lindsay's trunks to force her back down into ropes when she's trying to push forward. Sarah just pumping in those shoving right hands, her left hand securing the back of Lohan's trunks while Lilo's arms drape across Sarah's shoulders & back. It's all too much, Shahi in there strong, pitching away to body; slamming the odd hot right cross in tight to chin, Lindsay goes limp on her feet. Lohan eventually collapsing in stages down to her knees, then slips forward onto her face with her rump in the air, countout a formality as Sarah Shahi picks up the KO7!

After: Shahi’s been on the opposite side of this situation, and chooses to be magnanimous. Forcing a former champ into life-or-death rates a “good job” hug and an “atta girl” slap on the ass from Sarah to Lindsay. Lohan uncharacteristically contrite in the aftermath of her destruction, acknowledging, “Shahi's a tough ol' Texas girl and you can't underestimate those kinds. She got the win tonight, but there's gonna be a day of reckoning down the road, you can bet on that!” 



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