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18 January 2015 Anna Popplewell vs Kelly Ripa

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Results: Lookout   Writing: Anon


Posted by Anon on January 18, 2015, 2:27 pm


"There are so many people I'd like to go up against. My biggest problem right now is figuring out who gets to be at the front of the line," commented Anna Popplewell regarding the upcoming fight. The young actress seemed pleased with this particular match up. "She wins a lot and she's famous for being in good shape. It's obviously a worthwhile fight for me."

Her opponent, Kelly Ripa, seemed equally happy to be entering the ring. "This girl's got some talent, and she seems pretty serious, so I'm not expecting her to be a pushover. But I think she's getting overhyped. She's had some real setbacks and inconsistencies, and that puts me in the mood to surprise some people."

Anna Popplewell entered the ring in light blue trunks and bra, shortly before Kelly Ripa made her entrance wearing gold trunks and bra. The women exchanged greetings in the moments before the fight before making their final preparations.

Round 1:
Ripa was able to gain an early lead in the first round, punishing an ineffective attack from Popplewell with a solid combination. While Popplewell was able to rally quickly and return to the fight, her best efforts merely slowed Ripa down from her early success. Popplewell was bouncing off of Ripa's guard and receiving the odd hit for her trouble. Popplewell struggled through the round despite her difficulties, continuing to face Ripa down even as the older fighter got the better of her.

Round 2:
The second round began more evenly, with neither fighter able to gain a clear edge. However, as the round progressed, Popplewell slowly pulled ahead. Ripa, unable to replicate the success she had enjoyed earlier, was consistently falling short, and Popplewell was positioned each time to punish her failures. Though the younger actress was not able to make any big plays, she steadily inflicted damage bit by bit and wore Ripa down. When the round ended, it was Ripa's turn to limp away in defeat.

Round 3:
In the third round, Popplewell quickly proved that the previous round had been no fluke, putting Ripa on the defensive in the opening seconds. Though she dealt with each setback well, Popplewell was often able to interrupt her attacks outright, forcing her to retreat to cut her losses. Towards the end of the round, things grew worse for Ripa. Popplewell, seizing an opportunity, landed a combination to Ripa's face that sent the blonde stumbling backwards, struggling to even continue fighting. Recovering just in time to try again, Ripa struck back, only to be countered by Popplewell, who stunned her with a straight right to the nose that snapped her head back before letting the blonde woman have it again and again. Ripa, unable to recover, simply struggled to cover up and stay on her feet until the end of the round saved her.

Round 4:
The previous round had clearly taken its toll on Ripa. She re-entered the fight more cautiously, reacting slower and less willing to take the fight to her opponent. Popplewell, still full of energy, was free to go on the offense in whatever way she liked. The younger brunette pummeled Ripa without mercy, chasing her around the ring and easily defeating her weak responses. At the midway point, one of Popplewell's blows caught Ripa's head with particular force, leaving her dazed on her feet. Popplewell's follow up hit the stunned blonde straight on, causing her to stumble back several steps and land on her butt. As the count began, Ripa struggled to rise, then collapsed flat on her back, staring up at the ceiling blankly as her chest rose and fell. Popplewell took a few steps back, her eyes widening as she covered her mouth with both hands. However, when it became clear that Ripa would not be resuming the fight, she pulled herself for a victory lap around the ring, grinning and striking a pose proudly for the cheering crowd when she finished.

With Ripa slowly making her recovery, Popplewell celebrated with her team in her own corner. However, the brunette broke from her group once her opponent had become a bit more responsive, giving the woman a hug and a kind word before making her exit to address the press.

"After the third round I thought I had it in me to win," explained the excited actress. "But when she went down the next round, I didn't believe it! I guess I must be a better fighter than I think." When asked about her plans, Popplewell responded vaguely, saying "I don't really plan very far ahead. I'm just trying to get as good as possible and prove it to the world."


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