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25 January 2015 Bar Refaeli vs Stacy Keibler

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Posted by OddManOut/Lookout results on January 25, 2015, 10:00 pm


Before: Stacy absent from the ring for 3 ½ years, hasn’t hit the beach in 5, dismissive of the layoff: “Of course it’s a concern. That’s why we picked Adriana Lima’s sparring partner! I can’t wait to beat the tan off of her!”

Bar winless for over a year, dropping her last five, but looking great in the process. “If she tries to trade with me, she’ll see what I have to offer!” Smaller blonde the definite underdog, even if she’s had 15 fights since the last time Keibler was in the ring.

Stacy in her purple bikini; small white gloves; barefoot, hair straight n' loose. Bar looking to get under her skin, comes out in the same outfit and hair, just in pink! Ring posts set up directly on sand - intimate beach setting with crowd pressing in at ropes, as well as sitting in surrounding bleachers.

R1: Stacy grinning, taunting, showboating. Keibler stooping, lifting the backhand jab up and patting it against Refaeli's flat paunch, or snapping it against Bar's forehead. Stacy keeping her right hand thigh-high as she sticks lefts, chin wide open for all to see. Refaeli with her hands at her chest, inching forward, and accepting Keibler's rude tapping like there's no other choice. Second minute, Bar with a telegraphed right to the body, twists to the right to load up, draws the elbow back and plunges her punch into Stacy - Keibler sopping up the shot needlessly, clearly disrespecting model's punching power answers back a clubbing hook upside the head, doubling it as Refaeli backs straight up to catch leather on her mouth. Stacy pressing late, lifting sloppy punches off her thighs and thrusting them at Bar’s head, smaller girl stumbling away, hands raised in awkward blocking posture as taunting Stacy's barrage proves effective.

R2: Bar making a smart adjustment, stepping out, circling to the left, bobbing on approach and intercepting Stacy with a disrupting jab early. End of minute one, Keibler frustrated at being on the wrong end of the stick thanks to Bar’s better than expected foot work, hanging around outside, posing. Refaeli steps inside, leans and drops a withering right over Stacy's left. No set-up jab, Keibler just caught cold, knees buckling, driven into the ropes under a hail of straight-jutting lefts and rights. Bar punishing Stacy systematically at the ropes, Keibler covered up, bent forward at the waist and rolling her torso to slip, Refaeli wisely ignoring the head - bending side to side to lavish either flank, toes spreading in the sand for extra hold with her hooks. Stacy open mouthed, shabby by the final minute, reaching in around Bar's waist to slow the beating, Refaeli stacks her up and goes to work out of the wrap,, just shoving brutal, heartless leather into that glorious, world class torso. Keibler helpless, blubbering in outrage at the damage done, Bar’s fast hands just plugging away to the bell.

R3: Bar setting a murderous pace, menacing Stacy around the ring with the constant stalking pressure. Keibler getting her jabs off, but not really committing to the punches, already stepping away as she gets off. Refaeli banging away on the upper chest and lips of her girl with rapid, harsh jabs, steering Stacy around the ring. Keibler has no intention of getting stuck on the ropes again, popping the right uppercut, kicking up sand as she spins to the left to keep her back off the strands.

R4: Stacy ups the pace, Bar seems confused by the bandy-limbed Keibler assault early. Stacy’s right foot well back batting rangy lefts and rights at Bar’s flanks, mixing things up with the odd pulsing jab or straight right hand, rocking forward and back on widespread feet to change up her distance. Refaeli frowning, trying to time Keibler and poke her on the chin, but it’s easier said than done; she keeps coming up short or thrusting late. Hard body shots on her lats and ribs cramping her up. Bar flat footed in the center, stationary as she gets lathered, batted, and drilled by a free-swinging, unpredictable Stacy throughout the round. Keibler lighting up the area with her smile as she struts back to her corner; Refaeli sullen, glaring, stung by the feel of Stacy’s mitts all over her body.

R5: Stacy on her toes, bouncing in and out, hands at her hips, strapping Bar lively rights and lefts, bringing the fists up and around to follow-up to face and breasts. Refaeli scowling, late on the receipts, getting picked up by crisp Keibler swat-punching early. Two minute's worth of this wide-ranging peskiness, then Bar steps in, lighting Stacy up a firm right cross to buckle her knees and SEND KEIBLER TO HER KNEES! Stacy flat footed after beating the count, Bar piles on top of her, knocking heads as they stagger into the ropes, looking to get strong and send a message. Long limbed, strong-bodied blondes straining, Keibler grabbing at Bar's arms while leaning forward: Refaeli getting in body licks whenever she can free up her arms. Tart, tart stuff: small gloves twisting and digging into that firm ribcage & flat golden-brown tummy.

R6: Stacy baring her teeth as she pings elastic jabs; Bar jabbing back to Keibler's chest. RIGHT HAND, STACY KEIBLER! Shocking blast jolts Refaeli's head hard to starboard. RIGHT UPPERCUT, STACY KEIBLER! Stacy arching that long back, picking Bar up huge and sending her careening backwards. Refaeli hits ropes, earmuffs up as she's turning groggily around: Keibler pouncing with a long-armed lashing of lefts and rights. Bar groaning, cramping up under small-mitt impacts to firm tummy and rack. Just lathering away - Refaeli's knees bennnnding under the beatdown and KEIBLER GOES DOWN! Bar suddenly erupting from the crouch after absorbing blows to her flanks: neat-as-you-please swinging hook clanks off Stacy's chin, startling her, dropping her to back! Refaeli staggering, clutching her belly, but roaring down - ref has to body her back as Keibler writhes to get off her back. Stacy doing an impression of a flipped over turtle on the sand, gets herself turned over at eight, to all fours at nine…AND THAT’S ALL! Stacy’s face aghast, delectable rump in the air, and Bar Refaeli snaps her losing streak with the KO6!

After: Bar drops to her knees in the sand as soon as the ref drops her arm. Veteran Stacy knows what that look means, and makes a desperate crawling break for freedom, with Refaeli in hot pursuit, both still wearing their gloves. White gloves getting a coating of sand as the pink & purple-clad blondes put on a new show!

Bar closes the gap, slaps her gloved hand down on Stacy’s buttock, rolling down one side of her bottoms as she pulls herself closer, than wrapping the other arm around Keibler’s belly, tossing her sideways onto the sand. Refaeli’s impressive chest heaving with this last effort, she collapses forward at an angle to avoid Stacy’s knees, raised in a desperate effort to avoid the inevitable. Bar’s sweat-coated breasts mold themselves over Keibler’s airways as Refaeli lays her cheek on the sand, Stacy’s too out of it to last for long, but her fellow blonde is practically out of it herself. As Keibler’s legs relax and splay to the side, Refaeli’s own eyes close, leaving the two unconscious blondes spread out in a V-shape on the sand.

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