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30 January 2015 Lea Seydoux vs Allison Scagliotti

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on January 30, 2015, 8:28 pm


Lea Seydoux vs. Allison Scagliotti
(Words: Front Street / Results: Lookout!)


Scagliotti a girl who, despite having fewer than 10 FCBA fights, already has an impressive collection of scalps. Hale. Cyrus. Scerbo. Carter. Not a bad superfecta. So, perhaps it's not surprising that she doesn't seem to be impressed by the French blonde. "This is just a showcase for me," the brunette says over and over. "Lea's an opponent in this one and nothing more."

Seydoux, to be kind, does not agree. "She's a brat, which is no surprise, as she came up as a teen on Nickelodeon. Well, this isn't some network for tweens, it's the FCBA. And I'm no sparring partner set up to make the star look good. I'm a REAL actress who has done work in REAL films and I can REALLY fight. And, tonight, I will take great pleasure in knocking out this TV brat after I pound her ego back to size!"


Seydoux has shown that she can do different things in the ring. She can stand and bang with you, and, being 5'6" and having fought at bantam more than once, she's sturdy enough to do that. But, she's also athletic and quick enough to go all leggy on you. Scagliotti is a bigger fly, at 5'5", but she prefers to close and bang. So, Lea, decides not to let Allison fight her fight. Instead, Seydoux is on the move from the opening seconds of the round, using those long legs to circle and force the younger woman to stalk. Which is quite all right with Allison. The brunette is more than willing to move her feet, cut the ring, bring her foe to battle, and get leather on target when she does so. The contrast in styles makes for an interesting, action-packed round, with Seydoux having the edge at range and Scagliotti being boss when she gets to her spots and puts punches together. Both fighters have those moments, but, when the leather is added up after the final bell, it's Allison who's gotten more done and taken the 10-9 lead.
Seydoux back on her horse, again forcing pursuit from the younger American. Lea jabbing, circling, getting punches home as Allison closes, but, once Scagliotti begins getting off, she forces Seydoux quickly to the defensive. Lea spends too much time covering up and not enough counter punching, and that allows Allison to extend the exchanges, exchanges where she's piling up points. Seydoux's corner sees this quickly and shouts at their fighter to work when they're inside, but Scagliotti's fire continues to have a suppressive effect. Near the end of the round, the blonde begins clinching to try to force breaks and shorten Allison's flurries. It's effective, but it's too late. The damage is done and the round goes solidly in the brunette's column. 20-18, Allison after two.
Seydoux seems to have found something now. She legs and scores with her jab, puts punches together when Scagliotti tries to close, then quickly clinches when the American cuts the ring. Scagliotti tries to punch free, but Lea is usually able to pin the arms, smother the flurry, and force the referee to intervene. Scagliotti is quickly frustrated and begins barking at the referee and shoving Lea to try to break the clinches. Seydoux ignores all of it and sticks determinedly to the strategy, knowing by the anger on her opponent's face that it's working, and working well. At the final bell, Allison is red faced and Lea is suppressing a smile. Seydoux is on the board and Scagliotti's lead is down to 29-28.
Seydoux sticks with the plan. The French beauty's in great shape and has plenty of leg for all this dancing and circling. She hasn't slowed an iota after over nine minutes of doing it, and is still scoring at range. Scagliott's own footwork is still excellent, however, and she's still able to stalk, cut, and force the heavy exchanges of fire she wants. But, again, the Frenchwoman keeps them brief via the clutching and clinching. Scagliotti changes tactics inside a bit, working more body, thumping away downstairs with a free hand even if the other is tied up, but the big rallies of the first and second round are nowhere to be seen, smothered under the blonde's clinches, and the result is the same as in the third. It's closer, but Seydoux's outside work piles up more points than what Allison can do inside, and, after four, it's all even at 38.

The terms have now been decided, and little changes in the fifth. Seydoux can leg all night, and that's exactly what the Frenchwoman has decided to do. Scagliotti gets a little more aggressive, pressing more to create more of the close-in exchanges she likes, but Lea continues to limit their effectiveness with clinching. Nothing changes. Until everything does. It's a right uppercut and it seemingly comes from Allison's boots. Scagliotti gets that thing out of the holster and on target as Lea is trying to tie her up. And Lea is sent stumbling backward, gobsmacked! Seydoux's lovely legs hold her, but barely, and Allison needs no invitation to pile on. Lea can't make her stalk now. It's all the blonde can do to stand. And a stationary target is EXACTLY the cure for all the frustration Scagliotti's had the past couple of rounds. Allison lets the hands go and TEARS into Lea, who's almost immediately forced back to the ropes. Seydoux is all cover-up now, doing just enough counter punching to keep the referee at bay, and barely, as he's looking in closely for the entire last 60 seconds of the round, during which Scagliotti SAVAGES Seydoux, pummeling her to the point that she's forced to her right along the ropes, slowly but surely, until she ends up in a corner for the final 10 seconds of the beat down. When the bell rings, Seydoux is standing but seriously scuffed, and Scagliotti's smiling on her way back to her corner, up again, this time 48-47.


Seydoux's legs are not all the way back, so there's no circling and dancing. She moves on to plan "B", which involves holding her ground and giving Scagliotti as good as she gets from her. And, it quickly becomes apparent that the sturdy Lea CAN and WILL do that. This, of course, results in some absolutely BLISTERING exchanges of fire that have the fans on their feet, as neither girl is willing to give an inch of canvas. As the round goes on, Seydoux firms up more and more and slowly begins getting the better of some of the exchanges...until a three-punch combination from Scagliotti that changes things again. The French beauty wobbles, her knees unhinged, and a short right hook swivels her head and sends her crashing to the mat. Lea lands on her right side and rolls, almost in slow motion, to her back, where she stares, unblinking, at the lights above the ring. Eventually, she drapes her right arm over her eyes to block out the glare. But, this is the only movement the smitten blonde makes as the count passes her by, making Allison Scagliotti the winner by KO6!


Seydoux helped to her stool and still being brought around when the result is announced. Scagliotti pretty much without pity for her victim in the post-fight. "Like I told you," the brunette says with a smile, "She is just an opponent. I'M the star here, and I dominated her just like I said I would. She tried a bunch of cheap stuff for a couple of rounds, trying to make it into a wrestling match, because she knew better than to trade with me. And you ALL saw what happened when she tried that. That's what will happen to ANY fly that tries to stand and trade with me. ANY fly. And that includes YOU, Mishy. And YOU, 'Nessa. Don't believe me? Sign. On. The. Dotted. Line." 



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