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30 January 2015 Jennifer Morrison vs Laura Vandervoort

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on January 30, 2015, 8:56 pm


Results: Lookout   Writing: Archer

Before: “It’s a new year, so I thought it would be appropriate to take on a new opponent.” Laura Vandervoort tells the press, “and I want to show I fight on canvas as well as I fight on beach sand. I selected Jennifer because I thought she did a decent-enough job when she lost to Rachel McAdams. I want to see how well I can handle her.”

Jennifer Morrison looks annoyed as she comes to the podium: “As I recall, it was Laura who took up my challenge, but I am the one who selected her as an opponent. This fight is part of my over-all plan for 2015—to fight more often. I came close to beating McAdams. I think I can beat this Foxfire bantam.”

Mild stuff in comparison to some the insults and catfights seen at this PPV’s press events. However it does underscore that this is an important fight for both these boxers—a good win will get one of them off to a decent start in the new year, while the loser will be struggling to make up ground.

Laura in a white retro-looking one-piece with a black LV over the heart and white gloves. Jennifer in soft red leather one –piece with red gloves. Laura’s blonde hair back into a single French braid. Jennifer letting her blonde hair hang loose.

R1: Laura out briskly and starts launching some crisp punches as she tries to move around the incoming Jennifer. Jennifer taking it mainly to the ribs, trying to keep up with Laura, who deftly shifts back the other way and Jennifer gets her ribs works over again. Jennifer not pleased tries to cut off the ring and back Laura up. This leads into a flurry of punches as the two battle for control and Jennifer takes some teeth-rattling chin shots that cause her to pull back. Laura back to circling and striking from surprise angles. Jennifer definitely not liking this as her ribs are getting lathered early on. Jennifer jabbing defiantly, but it’s not keeping Laura away. Once bell ring, this one goes to Laura V.

R2: Laura again very fleet of foot this round and it’s still giving Jennifer fits. The IFFI fighter is trying to put a stop to the dancing and circling, but without much success. Laura working those ribs, but she’s using unexpected angles to work Jennifer’s chin and jaw whenever she can find an opening. Jennifer hunching up defensively to block the incoming leather and she does buy herself some relief from Laura’s punches, but she continues not to show much offense and it costs her another round on points.

R3: It’s worked in the first two rounds, why not keep it up, Laura must be thinking as this stanza gets under way. However Jennifer has finally figured out what to do—she’ll beat Laura at her own game. Before Laura can start circling, Jennifer moves in quickly and starts circling herself. She lashes out with strong lefts and rights that bang home to both Laura V cheekbones. Follow up hook feasts on Laura’s tummy and puts a shimmy in the Foxfire blonde’s legs. Laura seems surprised by this uprising and struggles to contain it. Laura joins in the spin dance and lands to Jennifer’s tender ribs, but Jennifer shifts gears, pulls back and then comes in to light up Laura’s chin with a quick right uppercut and a head-swiveling left to the jaw. Laura now in full defensive mode does show a good jab, but the damage has been done as the bell rings and Jennifer Morrison records her first points win of the night.

R4: Laura looks very cautious coming of for this round. She’s got some swelling redness on both cheekbones and her chin. Jennifer Morrison on the attack early going up the middle with hooks deep to the belly as Laura tries to hide behind her gloves up high. Jennifer concentrating on her footwork and finding holes in Laura’s defenses. Laura getting her belly worked over and then her breasts are knocked around by rising Jennifer Morrison hooks. Laura tries to cut to the outside and escape the pressure, but Jennifer blocking her away, driving punches to the belly to force Laura back against the ropes. Laura lit up by a crashing uppercut under her chin, but she sags into the ropes which hold her up. Jennifer pouring it on, but Laura now face-in-gloves and won’t go down. Laura finally jabbing hard enough to force Jennifer to try to move out and around before resuming attack. Laura able to escape and Jennifer unable to corner her before the bell. Jennifer has ti settle for taking her second round and tying things up in rounds.

R5: Laura now challenging Jennifer’s offensive moves this round. Two slugging hard and the crowd cheers them on. Laura’s features lumping on along the cheekbones and jaw, but Laura working Jennifer’s ribs with hearty lashes that land with big, wet SMACKS. Jennifer looking pained, clearly feeling the burn in her ribs, tries to dodge away and counter to Laura’s midsection when she protects her head. Laura grunting with the impacts, but keeps up her rib work. They get very close late as Laura shifts her attack to Jennifer’s belly and breasts, as Jennifer is replying in kind. Short, jerking hooks from both, twisting gloves to make them sink deeper. Then Laura slips a hook up into Jennifer’s chin under gloves and the IFFI blonde is rocked back. Jennifer recovers, but takes more smacks to the flanks to keep her back. Late strikes allow Laura to take the round by a narrow margin.

R6: Jennifer trying hard to regain lost ground this round launches a body attack that gives Laura some very unpleasant moments early in the round. Grimacing and gasping from the belly pounding, Laura shifts her feet again smacks home hard to Jennifer’s ribs once again. Jennifer trying to ignore the white hot pain those punches are bringing to her ribs, lunges after Laura and bangs a hard one off her right ear. Laura swings around and puts one in Jennifer’s belly, then finds the IFFI blonde’s chin. Jennifer on trembling pins, but jabbing desperately to keep Laura back. Laura takes a jab to the nose and another to the mouth. Laura’s attack stalls, but doggedly stays in close and duels with Jennifer. Jennifer forced to take steps back and Laura wins another close round.

R7: Laura and Jennifer go right back at each other. Both seem to be committing their energy reserves to the cause and the first minute is furious back and forth mainly with those in-tight short hooks up into belly or boob. Two are touching foreheads they are so close. Very intense stuff has the crowd on its feet screaming their fighter on. Then Laura does a cut to the side and blasts a blockbuster right into Jennifer’s tenderized ribs. Jennifer not expecting a fresh attack here shudders with pain and tries to get away, as she does, Laura lunges in and throws a right this time going into Jennifer’s jaw. Jennifer hit hard, she stumbles a few steps and then crashes forward into the ropes. Jennifer on her knees, hands and arms dangling over the middle strand, then she slides down landing in a heap under the bottom rope. Referee is moves in and starts counting. Jennifer manages to crawl out from under the ropes and then tries to pull herself up using the strands, but she can only get to a kneeling position before her strength fails and she puddles back down to the canvas just as the referee reaches “….TEN!”
WINNER: Laura Vandervoort KO7.

After: Laura smiles with grim satisfaction as the ref raises her arm in victory. She later tells the press:
“I won’t deny she gave me some problems, but I think I was ready for her and solved them in good time. I feel really good about this win. Not easy, I worked up a good sweat, but I was never really in danger. Now I can see about moving into title contention. I can’t let Rachel Mac have all the title shots in our stable.”

“I was really disappointed,” Jennifer Morrison says frankly in her post-fight meeting with the press. “I know I am capable of beating girls like Laura. She may like to think she was never in danger, but I saw her knees go weak and her eyes glaze more than once. I just need to work on finishing a hurt opponent. You wait and see, I will be in title contention this year, too!”

Close fight much of the way, but Laura Vandervoort found a way to finish Jennifer Morrison before Jennifer could find a way herself. While this fight definitely boosted Laura V, it gave Jennifer M. some hope for better outcomes in future fights. 2015 could be an interesting year for both of them. 



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