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4 February 2015 HISC Press Conference

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                                                        MICHELLE WILLIAMS - FCBA / SSB HALL OF FAME MEMBER


Posted by HISC / Lookout! Boxing on February 4, 2015, 8:21 pm


HISC Press Conference
(Words: HISC / Lookout!)

The conference room was stacked to the gills. It wasn’t everyday a future Hall of Famer was officially calling it quits, let alone one being forced to through one life-changing result. And the fact the drama-loving Disney brat had taken down an A-lister and imposed her will and shoved her out the door only brought more spice to a situation the media would eat up with a spoon without any.

Somber doesn’t come close to describing the looks of the people moving across the stage and taking their seats on either side of the dais. A raft of Consortium execs lead the way and take chairs at the far edges before the three women who had taken to the ring at the Pay Per View sit center stage. Not surprisingly, the blonde of the bunch appears ashen, her shoulder-length flaxen hair tousled wildly. Williams takes a seat to the near left while Kristin Kreuk and Mila Kunis move to the opposite side.

Mila seems surprisingly composed considering her loss to the woman next to her, anyone and everyone considering it an upset of significant proportions. Kristin, for her part, seems surprisingly perturbed, not a woman who had saved her job yet again with a smashing knockout of her fellow dark-haired exotic at all.

Mister Hawkeye, as some in the media had come to call the rarely seen leader of the boxing apparatus at HISC, takes to the podium, clearing his throat.

“Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your time and attention. At the request of the beautiful, fearless ladies up here with me, I’m going to keep this short and I’ll leave it to Kristin, Mila and Michelle if or how long they would like to answer questions.

“Hopefully, I can save some of you some time with my summary of events and of where the Consortium goes from here. As you all know, Michelle Williams put on one of the finest, most courageous displays of boxing the flyweight division and indeed the FCBA has ever seen. It was not her most dominant performance, of course, but may have been as exciting a 15 rounds as you are ever to see.

As you are also all aware, Michelle failed to defeat Vanessa Hudgens and there was a verbal contract made by Miss Williams regarding such a circumstance. While Michelle has been a cornerstone of our stable of greats, perhaps unrivalled, we cannot and will not let such agreements go unmet. Therefore, as of midnight last night, we filed papers with the FCBA placing Michelle Williams on the retired-from-action list.”

Williams chin sinks into her chest as if it’s leaden. Mister Hawkeye halts for a moment to give Mishy a pat on the shoulder before returning to his address.

“While Michelle is distraught and heartbroken about leaving the FCBA when she feels she has many successful years left, and leaving the ring in the manner she did, her word is her bond, and she will no longer place the gloves on again. This unfortunate occurrence has provided an opening in the Consortium line-up that no one, perhaps short of Vanessa Hudgens, saw coming, the Consortium included. And thus we are also here to announce that the funding forfeited by Michelle’s forced retirement will allow us to retain Mila Kunis as a member of the Consortium roster.”

Kristin crinkles her nose as if she’s smelled a dumpster full of wet garbage while Mila hardly seems overjoyed to be saved by the career-ending loss of her sometimes friend.

“We have assured Kristin that she and Natalie will be the focus of our future in the flyweight division with Mila placed in rear guard action until further notice. We are very proud of Kristin’s ability to save herself, but now she must show more than that and we believe the possibility is there to take up the gauntlet that Michelle has been forced to lay down. With that said, I present Kristin Kreuk.”

There is silence save the snapping of dozens of shutters as Krissy moves to the podium.

“And let me present Mila Kunis…” Kristin adds.

Biting her pouty lower lip, Mila slides out of her chair and joins Kreuk, Kristin sending an arm around the shoulders of her “friend” and squeezing, Mila looking as though she’d rather be anywhere in the world than in Krissy’s embrace.

“Mila?” Kristin says.

“I would like to thank the Consortium for the opportunity to remain under contract, Kunis says. “And would also like to thank the interest of Mirage Boxing in taking...

Kristin points to what is apparently a script on the podium, cutting off her fellow flyweight.

“The years with HISC have been the most fruitful of my career and I look forward to doing all I can to support…(pregnant pause)…Kristin Kreuk and Natalie Portman as the new face of HISC at Fly.” Mila gulps down some bile and adds…”Ladies in the lower ranks, if you want to get to them, you may have to come through me.”

Kunis shrugs off Krissy’s grip and heads for the exit, leaving a delighted Kreuk at the podium.
“Thanks so much, Mila. You don’t know how much that means to me. I welcome the opportunity to take on the Top Ten of my division and lead the Consortium back to its glory days. Speaking of, this really is someone else’s night and so I hand the microphone to Mishy.”

Michelle slowly picks her head up and nods. The elfin blonde rises like she’s headed to the electric chair and leans heavily against the podium as Kristin takes her seat.

“I don’t really have a statement,” Mishy says softly, looking a wounded animal, but one hurt too much to fight back. “The match was my statement and I guess the post-match was Hudgens’. I can honestly say never in a million years when I first faced Vanessa f’n Hudgens those years ago did I believe she would be the end of…” Williams’ voice trails off as her head droops again.

“But anyway, the Consortium asked I provide a farewell, so out of respect to them, here I am. I’ll take a few questions.”

A forest of arms arises and a Consortium lackey picks out a correspondent from BLONDE! magazine.

“You had a sense you’d make history in your match with Vanessa and now you have. Do you regret signing for a seventh match when you had the 3-3 career tie and do you regret letting Vanessa make such a statement of dominance for brunettes not just in the FCBA, but around the world?”

Michelle wipes her brow, shaking her head softly.

“The match? I don’t regret it at all. It had to happen. I could not bear the thought of her being considered the Conqueror of Mishy and while it was tied there was a doubt in people’s minds. I couldn’t stand the thought of that."

“As for blondes both in and outside the FCBA, don’t let one mistake or one setback define you. I can’t deny or make an excuse for what I let that raven-haired brat do to me during or after the match. It was THE worst day of my life let alone my career.”

“And the last day of your career?” a smartass calls from the crowd.

Michelle white knuckles the dais, her face flushing.

“And the last day. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking…knowing she got exactly what she wanted. That she took the best of 7, that she’s the champ, that she’s…”.

A voice from beneath a black hoody emerges, amplified by a microphone held to unseen lips, but for Michelle, the voice is all too familiar.
“The Conqueror of Mishy?”

There is a silence that grips the room for a moment as time almost seems to freeze, but it doesn't last for long as the hood is lowered and a laugh from the one and only Vanessa Hudgens fills the room. Nessa steps forward, lips curling into a confident smirk as she starts to unzip the hoodie to reveal a cut off white tanktop, with the words 'Conqueror of Mishy' appearing in bright pink letters with gold trim across her chest and showing off her taut tummy, that Hudgens pats slowly with one hand and a smile. The soft patting of her tummy appears to be audible as the room is so quiet you can hear a pin drop as Hudgens just saunters forward through the crowd of reporters, parting for her as if by magic as she glides right up towards the stage.

"Because, as we ALL know..." Vanessa states, gesturing to the crowd of reporters, fans, and assorted other interested parties, "I am, without a freaking doubt, the Conqueror of Mishy. I hope it does make you sick. I hope it haunts you every single day the rest of your life. I hope you wake up with nightmares of seeing this..." as Nessa pats her abs, "Just sliding back and over your face for the tummying up of a lifetime, which is..." as Hudgens points to Kristin, "The same fate that awaits you if you dare to challenge the Queen. If you want to bow down now and save yourself the trouble, then that would be extremely smart of you. I know you all think you're geniuses over there, one step ahead of the rest of the division, but right now you are two steps behind and several steps out of my league. I'm in a league of my own, understand?"

Mishy listened to her rival's diatribe, shocked into silence for a moment before she stepped forward, trembling with rage as she almost launched herself off of the podium but settled for snarling at Nessa, "You have NO right to be here! Not today - how dare you come here, you spoiled little b..."

Vanessa stepped forward, just coolly hissing back, "I have EVERY right to be here. I - CONQUERED - YOU! I kicked your ass over fifteen - FIFTEEN - freaking rounds and ran you out of MY ring, MY division and MY league. I finished you and every day from now on, when you hear the name Vanessa Hudgens, you are going to probably want to burst into tears. That's exactly what you feel like doing now, isn't it? Maybe, Krissy here should get you some tissues or something. Why don't you go do that, Krissy? I'm sure you have some stuffed into your bra or something, right?"

"You don't tell us what to do, Vanessa. You may have driven Michelle out of the league, but we aren't going anywhere." Kristin retorted with a cocky grin of her own as Williams struggled to compose herself, actually looking dangerously close to tears.

"That's where you're wrong..." Vanessa said with an equally patronizing smile, "I am going to tell you exactly where you're going to go and what you're going to do. What you're going to do is stay the hell out of my way if you don't want to get your asses retired like Mishy did and where you're going is anywhere you want in the league, except towards the top. You can beat up on anybody else, but the road to the flyweight title goes through me now and YOU aren't getting anywhere close. Anytime you do, I'll tell you where you're going - right under MY tummy. Under-freaking-stand?"

"What I understand, Nessa..." Williams retorts, cutting off whatever Kristin was about to say, "Is that you are a spiteful little witch who doesn't deserve to make it in this league. The flyweight belts deserve to be around the waist of somebody so much better than you and I can't wait for the day that somebody treats you just like you're treating me right now. The higher you get, the further you have to fall and you are going to fall so hard. I can't wait to see that!"

Vanessa laughs, "Except you won't be around to see it, will you, Mishy? You are DONE in this league and if I ever, ever see you anywhere, you better back down and bow down. If I see you in a club, you should leave immediately. If I come into a restaurant, get out. If we're in the same hotel, you better pray I don't run into you in the elevator. If we're competing for the same movie roles...." (Michelle can't seem to resist a derisive snort at this and earns a glare from Vanessa), then you better bow out gracefully or just tell them you can't compete with me. Because you can't and if you don't back out, things are going to end the same way they are today - I will kick your ass, treat you like the jealous loser you are and show the world how much better I am. Because I want to hear it one more time - before you disappear - abracadabra..." as Nessa snaps her fingers, "Like magic - who is the Conqueror of Mishy?"

"Seriously?" Mishy hisses, "Right now? You're going to do this NOW?"

"Now is the only time, because after this, it's bye-bye. This is your last chance to get it right - who is the..." Vanessa winks, drawing out those last three words in a low, sultry tone. "Conqueror of Mishy?"

Mishy trembles with rage, shaking her head back and forth as Vanessa stands there, hands on her hips and tapping her foot patiently. Mishy's eyes meet Vanessa's, just glaring at her as Hudgens looks like the Cheshire cat, just licking her lips.

"C'mon, Mishy - you can do it...." as Vanessa smirks, "Say. My. Name."

Goaded until her pride is so bruised she can take no more, Mishy pushes her way around the podium and drops from the stage to the floor. But before she can get fully regain her balance after the four-foot drop, Vanessa surges forward and delivers a knee into Williams’ gut, doubling the blonde with a loud grunt. She drives a forearm under Mishy’s stooped chin to press her face back so all can see her eyes when she says the words.

“I know,” the raven-haired champ growls, “you don’t want me to do here what I did in the ring, so I suggest…”

Before Nessa can finish her threat, Michelle bleats out a defeated reply: “Van…Vanessa Hudgens is…is…the Conqueror of Mishy.”

Kristin looks on in amazement, taken aback at the twinkle in Vanessa’s dark eyes and the despair in Michelle’s hazel. If she hadn't broken Mishy, it was an awfully good facsimile. No way in hell would that ever happen to her.

Vanessa turned to the crowd, pulling hard at Mishy's blonde tresses with one hand with a savage yank, then turned towards the crowd, pointing at her chest with the words 'Conqueror of Mishy' written across it, thumping the words victoriously as she smirked then bellowing out, "That's who I am. All of you heard it - you heard her say it loud and freaking clear. I'm the best - I'm the Conqueror of Mishy and she...", pointing at Mishy, "is all done here. Press conference over, people. Nothing to see - unless you like the view of a washed up, jealous, has-been blonde bimbo. But, if you want to see the best d*mn brunette in the league, you can see me every month kicking ass, taking names and proving why I'm the fittest flyweight this division has ever seen." Vanessa patted her tummy for emphasis.

Nessa turned back towards Mishy as she licked her lips, smiling, listening to a protesting Mishy as she wraps one arm around the blonde's waist, patting her belly as she yanks on Williams' hair with the other hand, whispering into Mishy's ear, "I owned this...." Vanessa lets the fingers play over the ivory abs that had tummied out so many ingenues and veterans alike. She leads Mishy on a Walk of Shame along the edge of the podium. It was certainly a high contrast between the two, with Mishy flushed and fighting back tears, lower lip trembling, trying to look anywhere else but at the numerous cameras pointed at her and trying to get away from the constant stream of snark from Vanessa, who looked confident as she beamed smiles at the crowd, urging the assembled crowd, "Say bye bye to Mishy because she is OUT OF HERE!" Vanessa declared the last few words like a baseball announcer calling a home run as Nessa shoved the dumbstruck blonde. Mishy stumbled forward, sprawling to all fours and looking over her shoulder in shock. Vanessa brings one foot up, placing it against Mishy's rump as she posed there for a moment and then flexed with the double bicep "I'm the Queen and guess what? You're freaking EXILED, Mishy!" Pushing forward with her foot against Mishy's posterior, Vanessa sent her sprawling to the floor. Nessa spun around to face the crowd, adjusting her hoody to put the words 'Conqueror of Mishy' on full display, jutting her chest forward and then saying with a cool, confident smile, "Any questions?"

The assembled press conference, having effectively been hijacked, taken over by Vanessa, is silent for a moment. But only a moment, as the press exploded with questions for Nessa as she headed towards the podium, long abandoned by Kristin Kreuk. In the background, Kristin tried to help a clearly rattled, emotional Mishy out of the picture and out of the league. The moment had been seized by Vanessa as she held the press conference and the league in the palm of her hand, putting the finishing touches of her physical and now emotional destruction of Michelle Williams in place. Ironically, Vanessa occupied Mishy's former chair and kicked up her feet, leaning back, enjoying this cherry on the sundae. She pulled out a pair of sunglasses from her hoody pocket and put them on.

"So all I've really got to say after forcing Mishy to rethink her life is...who's next?" 


                                                                   "That's A Wrap On Mishy's Career - Who IS Next?"




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