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6 February 2015 Michelle Keegan vs Jennette McCurdy

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(Beever's Babes vs Beever's Babes USA)


Posted by Lookout! Boxing & Knowlesey on February 6, 2015, 7:06 am


This could be the clash of the night, between two well stacked, big punching girls, who are both ambitious, and the winner of this fight could find themselves being propelled up the rankings, whilst the loser? Well the loser is likely to be nursing some bruises!

Who will win? Michelle starts as favourite, but Jennette has made it clear that she expects to knock the English girl out.

And here come the girls! Jennette’s leading them into the ring in a pink bikini, gloves and boots, with Michelle following closely in a white bikini, gloves and boots. The girls are both so hot, it’s hard to bear, and they each form their pretty face into a snarling glare across the ring, ready to start the action.

Round 1

The bell sounds and away they go, and they aren’t wasting any time at all, as Jennette flips a couple of neat shots into Michelle’s face, almost waits for the brunette’s reaction, and follows in with a clumping shot to the Brit’s face, takes a combination, and eats the older girl’s punches, and slots her with a right jab, following with a neat left, Michelle seeming to have been caught cold tonight. Jennette seems cautious, but she moves in again, Michelle standing off, letting the blonde come for her – and now she fights back, whipping punches into Jennette, letting the younger girl know she’s around, getting popped again with a swift jab, but again snapping back, telling Jennette, “You’re going down!” but the younger girl doesn’t bother to reply, just whups another pair of punches in, stands off, waits for the brunette, and finds her again, Michelle finally coming back at her, slapping a good left into her ribs, taking a snappy left hook back in return, and, with the end of the round beckoning, Michelle gives Jennette a solid combination of two jabs and a hook to the head, gets a hard left to the ribs in return, but lands one final shot on Jennette’s lips before the bell – Michelle ended well, but it’s Jennette’s round.

Round 2

Michelle’s quickly off her stool this time, and she hits Jennette to the jaw with her right cross, the blonde backing off from that, Michelle moving forwards, but quickly rebuffed as Jennette gives her a right hook followed by two solid left crosses, sending Michelle to the ropes, her head spinning, but she covers up quickly to block Jennette’s attempted left hook to her jaw, taking it on the glove, so the blonde gives her a hard left to the midsection instead, and a cruel right just under the armpit, and Michelle clinches firmly, Jennette snapping her ear, “Gotcha!” before the referee parts the girls. Jennette lunges at Michelle, but the brunette has that covered, and she stabs a left jab and a right jab into Jennette’s face, swinging a left hook into her ribs as well. Jennette stands off after that, but Michelle finds her again with a lunging right hook, which the blonde counters neatly, batting Michelle left and right quickly, and the Brit’s rocked on her heels by that, covers up quickly, but still takes a couple of heavy shots to her body which have her grunting, Jennette looking pretty full of herself as she scores a second winning round.

Round 3

Jennette clips Michelle with a sharp right jab early and that seems to unsettle the older girl, and she gets clipped a second time a few seconds later, Michelle retreating under pressure, and Jennette swings in again, thudding a good left into Michelle’s midriff, but this time she finds the brunette fighting back, and it’s Jennette feeling the pressure now with Michelle working her backwards, sending some good left jabs into her face, and following through with a clubbing right to her body, but the blonde girl takes those shots well, and wipes her right hook across Michelle’s mouth again in response. Michelle steps back, but Jennette doesn’t connect with her attempted roundhouse left, and she’s off balance when Michelle smacks a right hook in her mouth, the punch sending Jennette back into the ropes, where now Michelle starts to unpick her defence, popping her head to the right and to the left, and following that with a solid straight right which sends Jennette’s head backwards, sweat and saliva spraying off her face, Michelle beginning to warm to the task more now, landing to Jennette’s ribs, missing with a left to the head though as the blonde sneaks out from the ropes, and she manages to hit the Brit with her right again to the jaw, which Michelle counters, landing a left, right jab combination, Jennette going backwards in the closing seconds of the round, Michelle closing it out by giving the blonde girl a right cross to the face, glaring at her as she lays against the ropes.

Round 4

Both girls have given and taken some good shots already, and they trade in the opening seconds, each landing a pair of jabs, Michelle right hooking Jennette’s ribs, and Jennette left hooking Michelle to the ear, then landing a right cross on her mouth, taking the advantage again with a hard left to the body so that Michelle’s holding, Jennette sneering, “I got more than you, slut!” as the referee separates them, but it’s Michelle who lands the punches again when they restart, two swift left jabs smacking into Jennette’s mouth, followed by a good right in the belly, and that’s brought the younger girl’s gloves down, Michelle cracking home a good right and left on her face, so that now Jennette’s the one in reverse, backing into a neutral corner, but she’s got her guard back up again, and Michelle’s not able to give her the punishment she wants, switches her attack to the girl’s body instead, but Jennette punches her way out of trouble this time, ramming a right jab, left jab, right cross combination into Michelle’s face, sending her backwards and away, Jennette looking smug, landing a good right hook on Michelle’s ribs, but not a clean enough strike to hurt her, and Michelle still gets a solid looking pair of jabs into Jennette’s face, hooks her to the body herself, and she looks to move the blonde girl backwards again as she gets back into control of the round – and that’s two rounds apiece on most cards.

Round 5

Michelle’s started this round well, and she cuffs Jennette with a right hook to her jaw, following that with a left to the body, and Jennette’s eyes are wide as she rocks backwards, and now she’s the one who might be clinching as Michelle closes in – but no, she fights fire with fire, and thuds a left and a right into the brunette’s body, and rips the Brit’s head backwards with a short, sharp uppercut, following up well, snapping in a pair of hooks to her face, and Michelle’s been hurt by those punches, covers her head with her gloves again, but can’t stop the blonde from landing on her body, backing into the ropes, Jennette trying to get punches through her guard, but not quite getting there, Michelle again clinching, holding and leaning on the younger girl, who tells her, “I’m taking you down, tramp! Right down!” Again the referee has to prise the girls apart, Jennette bopping Michelle backwards on the break, which angers the Brit, who comes back at her, landing a good right cross, and a left to follow, but getting suckered into another trade, which Jennette bosses, her left hook starting to tell on Michelle’s face more and more, the Brit’s cheek and jaw a little swollen, but she fights back in the closing seconds to frustrate Jennette, the blonde scowling despite moving back in front in this fight.

Round 6

Jennette’s quicker off her stool in the sixth, and she gives Michelle an early one-two, the Brit’s head again getting jerked backwards, and the blonde works her towards the ropes, giving her a couple of left hooks on the cheek to move her backwards – and now Jennette tests out her right hook, but she’s mistimed that, and Michelle wades into her, slams a hard right hook on Jennette’s mouth, and now she’s the aggressor, swiping the younger girl with a right and a left to the head, and following up again, drilling punches into her body, Jennette flailing her arms wildly as the Brit finds her range, and she gives Jennette a solid straight left on the mouth, sending her head backwards again, meeting it with a hard right when it comes back, and now when Michelle gives her a left hook, there’s some blood mixed with the sweat and spittle, because the blonde’s nose is bleeding – she seems to be distracted as well, which isn’t good news, because again she’s given Michelle an opportunity, the Brit jabbing her backwards some more, and now she works Jennette’s ribs with a left and a right, leaning in close enough to tell the American babe, “Your turn to eat leather, now, biitch!” before slamming her backwards with a right hook to her jaw, the blonde’s knees giving a little shimmy, but she still manages to rip a left hook into Michelle’s liver before the round ends in this increasingly brutal fight, which is all tied up again at three rounds apiece.

Round 7

Having been assured that her nose is ok by her corner, Jennette’s back in the groove now, and she picks Michelle off with a left and a right as the Brit gets inside too quickly, and now she’s hurt the Brit with another left to her ribs, and punishes her with a right, a left, another right, and Michelle’s moving backwards again, tries to clinch, but Jennette sidesteps her and clubs her to the side of the head, one, two punches enough to flatten Michelle’s back against the corner, and now she lands another right cross on the older girl’s mouth, opening her up sweetly for a left hook, and Michelle’s finding this hard now, Jennette selecting her punches, and she lands her left in the Brit’s flank again, comes in half a step, gives her another right jab, left cross, but this time Michelle does clinch, and is reluctant to let go when the referee steps between the pair, Jennette fixing her with a stare, and there’s another left hook to the face, and another, Michelle stumbling backwards into her own corner, Jennette really fancying this now, getting another right hook home to Michelle’s body, and a snapping one-two to her face – and now Michelle’s face is smeared in blood, because Jennette’s cut her just under her right eye, the blood trickling down her cheek, the blonde girl focusing on that a little too much though, because Michelle manages to defend her damaged eye, leaving her body vulnerable, but Jennette’s too distracted by what damage she’s caused to capitalize, and at the bell, she promises Michelle, “More punishment to come in a minute, loser!” That’s put Jennette back in front for sure, with a big winning round.

Round 8

Michelle’s face is smothered with grease, but that’s soon dislodged as Jennette unloads a right, left, right barrage on her, and that’s reopened the cut already, Michelle responding positively though, and now she’s unloading again, ripping a right hook onto Jennette’s mouth, and following up with a left to her cheek, sending her backwards, the blonde looking shocked at the Brit’s recovery, covering the sides of her face, and Michelle tests her out with a right uppercut, a good one, too, which hoists Jennette’s head up and out of her defensive pose, and that’s started the flow of blood from her nose again, with her bottom lip looking like it’s been cut as well, and this is good from Michelle, who seems to be finding some inner strength, tries to straighten Jennette out again, but the kid’s right back at her, swinging in a right hook to Michelle’s face, and a left to her body, and she works Michelle around, pushes her back to the ropes, pops her with a great right hand to the jaw, and lets her flop forwards and clinch, the referee becoming more and more impatient, hauling Michelle away, but the brunette is still fighting, and she gives Jennette a swift shot on her nose, hooks her to the ribs again, and slots home a jab and a cross to Jennette’s face, the blonde starting to sport a lump by her left eye, but they’re trading again, both girls tired and hurt, but neither ready to give an inch, and this is Michelle fighting for her life as she bombs Jennette with another trial uppercut, the blonde blocking it a little, but taking a couple of blows on her rack as Michelle starts to take her on inside, again looking like she’s got the kid ready to go, leveling up the scores once more.

Round 9

These girls are tired, and they’ll have to dig deep to keep going in this fight – who wants it more? It looks like it might be Michelle, because she’s straight in and after Jennette, bumping her with a left jab and a right to follow it, but Jennette hits her to the body again, and Michelle’s squealing a little, starting to hurt a little more each time those punches crack into her midriff, but she’s still coming forwards, and she’s trading, needing to show Jennette she’s got more to hand out to her, landing a left jab, right cross, but then she takes a right, and a left, and Jennette’s getting through again, and she lands to Michelle’s face with a right, and a left and another right, the Brit starting to wobble, legs starting to quake just a little under pressure, but she stands, hits Jennette with a left jab, gets tagged with a right and a left and she’s looking a little sorry, blood smeared across her face, and Jennette lets her have a left hook, and Michelle’s down! The punch wasn’t Jennette’s cleanest, but too hot for the Brit to handle at this stage, although she’s back on her feet at 7, and an excited Jennette McCurdy is swiftly at her again, but maybe she’s too keen to look for a big punch, misses the target with her left hook completely this time, Michelle swaying clear and she even counters with a couple of jabs before covering again, Jennette poking her into the ropes in the final seconds, but still being frustrated as the Brit concentrates on self-preservation, with the young blonde once again moving ahead in the fight.

Round 10

Michelle needs to win this final round, preferably with a knockdown of her own, and she’s found some energy from somewhere deep inside as she takes the fight to Jennette, shocking the kid as she gives her a sharp dig with her right hook to the ribs, following that up with two smart left jabs, and next with a clubbing right to Jennette’s ear, the American backing off, on the ropes, and Michelle senses a turnaround as she whips a left hook in at Jennette’s ribcage, but this kid’s learned her trade well, and she moves to the side and round, gives Michelle a couple of hooks of her own to turn her, now backing the brunette into the ropes, hits her head backwards with a straight right, and a straight left, and follows up with a huge right hook to Michelle’s midsection, and she’s down again! That’s a disaster for the Brit, who’s on all fours, gasping, but she gets to her knees at 5 and is on her feet at 8, seemingly ready for Jennette again, although she’s keeping her left elbow tucked firmly in to protect her body, easing the way for Jennette to punche her once, twice, three times in the face with her right hand, Michelle staggering, with the referee not sure if he should stop a fight which has just 40 seconds left on the clock, just as Jennette saves him the bother, knocking Michelle down again with a left hook to the jaw, and she won’t be getting up from that punch any time soon!

Result: Jennette McCurdy knocked out Michelle Keegan in round 10.

It might be cruel for Michelle not to have made it through to the final bell, but when she regains her senses, she will probably have to admit that Jennette seemed to have the upper hand for most of that fight, and certainly won the fierce exchanges.

Jennette’s obviously thrilled to have won this fight, and she’s telling ringside reporters, “I knew I had too much power for her – she’s tough, but she’s not in my league, and in the end I put her to sleep. My favourite of the three – count ‘em – three knockdowns? The one from the bodyshot! When you put a girl down with a bodyshot, you know you’ve given her a beating, and when she was there on her knees looking up at me, I just knew she was ready to go!”

Poor Michelle will spend some time in hospital after this, but her face and body will recover in time – but will her spirit? 



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