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11 February 2015 Danni Wells vs Monika Pietrasinska

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Posted by Knowlesey on February 11, 2015, 6:36 am


Monika makes her BBU debut tonight against the largely unheralded Danni, the blonde model who always looks like she’s likely to dish out punishment, but seldom fulfills her ambition, winning just 1 of her 4 fights to date.

Into the ring comes Danni, the blonde girl wearing a red bra and panties set for this fight, with red gloves and white boots, and she’s very easy on the eye – as is Monika, the Polish model wearing a black bra and panties set, with matching gloves and boots.

Round 1

The girls are both looking hesitant as this fight starts, which is understandable as they try to work each other out, Danni snapping out a couple of jabs to Monika’s face, which the brunette returns with some venom, her right jab looking a good weapon at this level as she connects nicely with Danni’s left cheek, and follows that with a straight left as well, bumping the blonde girl’s head backwards again, using her height to dominate Danni, although there’s little advantage for her there – she just makes it appear so, stinging Danni’a face again with accurate straight punches, Danni backing into the ropes, as Monika turns up the heat in the closing seconds, ending the round by smacking Danni firmly in the mouth with a left cross.

Round 2

Again the girls aren’t unloading in the opening seconds, each waiting for the other to commit themself, and it’s Monika making the first move, smacking that right jab into Danni’s face, the blonde girl’s head jolted backwards, but she comes back at the brunette with a pair of hooks to her ribcage, which Monika seems to take reasonably easily, and she bops Danni’s head backwards again, the blonde standing her ground better than she did in the opening round, gats back at Monika with a left and a right, but Monika gets the better of the exchange as she bangs a trio of hard shots into her head, and now Danni’s sagging after taking good left hooks to the body, tries to work her way forwards, but Monika’s looking good at this stage, and a pink-faced Danni gets popped backwards in the last action of the round.

Round 3

Monika attacks Danni early this time, not really letting the blonde settle, and she works her along the ropes, thumping right hooks into her face, mixes in a left to the ribs as well, and now she floors her with another right hook to the jaw. Danni’s on her feet at 7, but the girl seems slower in her movements after she rises, looking ponderous as she attempts to hit Monika, who shrugs off the challenge, and now Danni’s backed into the ropes, taking a lot of punches, and Monika puts her down for a second time with that clubbing right hook, and Danni’s not moving as she’s counted out.

Result: Monika Pietrasinska knocked out Danni Wells in round 3

Danni showed nothing tonight which might indicate she’s about to cause an upset in the BBU lightweight division any time soon, while Monika did what she had to do, and she did it well. 



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