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27 February 2015 Michelle Keegan vs Jenna Dewan

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on February 27, 2015, 8:32 am


Michelle Keegan (Beevers Babes) v Jenna Dewan (Unmanaged)
(Words: Knowlesey / Results: Lookout!)

Michelle started her SSB career so well, but in recent times her fortunes have taken a downturn, and she’s beginning to be seen as a girl who will put up a good fight, but a real contender can eventually wear her down and knock her out.  Is Jenna a contender?  She has never managed more than two fights in a year, and this may well be her last chance to get a contract with a stable, with several looking as if they may have contracts ready for her.
Jenna enters the ring first, the 34 year old dancer in a black and white bikini with white gloves and boots, soon joined by the younger Michelle in a plain white bra and panties, with matching gloves and boots.
Round 1
Michelle’s not committing herself as the fight starts, which is encouraging Jenna to bring the fight to her, the dancer very nimble on her feet, and her glovework is tight, well drilled, the girl already landing her jab in Michelle’s mouth, the Brit finding the speed all a little too much for her in these early stages, and she’s not settling, being dictated to by the older girl, who’s gaining in confidence, and lands a left cross on Michelle’s cheek to send her backwards, but the Brit responds now, and hits back at Jenna, rat-a-tatting her with her own jabs, the dancer not sure how to cope with those punches, and she’s been turned around, Michelle smacking some hard punches into her midriff, but overall, Jenna’s won the opening round.
Round 2
Jenna’s doing what she can to frustrate Michelle, keeping clear of the younger girl’s stunning jab, and now she’s clinching and keeping the Brit in tight, refusing her the room to tee off on her, which has the referee getting involved, prying Jenna off Michelle, and Michelle gets back at Jenna quickly, whipping her head left and right with a couple of good punches, Jenna looking a little dazed, but with enough about her to draw the Brit into another clinch, and she gives Michelle a good left to her midsection, the busty actress gasping from that, and getting another to follow, Michelle looking more troubled than Jenna now as she moves backwards, doesn’t like the feeling of rope on her back, though, and she snaps Jenna’s head sideways with a right hook, the dancer staggering a little, lucky that the bell pauses proceedings as Michelle levels the fight at a round each.
Round 3
Michelle’s coming out of her corner quickly, knowing now that she can hurt Jenna, and she gives the older girl a sharp jab, cross combination, but doesn’t protect herself properly after landing the punches, and Jenna crashes her left hook into Michelle’s body again, making the Brit wince and retreat.  Jenna decides not to attack with too much, conscious of Michelle’s hard punching, but she moves in behind her jab again, doing enough to keep her on the back foot, Michelle not looking great in defensive mode, with Jenna beating her to the punch as they trade jabs, but Jenna seems satisfied to score points, and isn’t hurting Michelle, the Brit becoming more aggressive towards the close of the round, flipping a solid combination of three jabs and a hook into Jenna’s face, the older girl still winning the round, but Michelle doesn’t look too unhappy about being behind at this still early stage.
Round 4
The girls swap jabs in the centre of the ring, with Jenna now doubling up, and hitting Michelle with left and right hands, but she’s not getting enough into those punches to stop Michelle coming forwards – she needs to weaken her first with shots to her body, because her headshots aren’t fazing Michelle, and the Brit shows this as she hits her with a two solid right hooks to the jaw which sends her back and into the ropes.  Jenna’s covering her face as Michelle storms into her, and she’s getting bopped about by the younger girl’s harder punches, just can’t find any way out as she gets pinned in her own corner, head jerking from side to side as the Brit gives her a torrid beating, Jenna just about making it to the bell without being knocked down, and she slumps onto her stool when it’s shoved under her butt, Michelle raising her arms as she struts to her own corner.
Round 5
Jenna’s looking a little glassy-eyed, but she’s moving around the ring ok – at first, anyway – as she tries to get to Michelle with a swinging body shot, the younger girl easily avoiding that, and she unloads on the dancer, a right hook, a left hook, a right hook, and that’s enough for Jenna who hits the canvas with a thud, the poor girl not moving as she’s counted out.
Result:  Michelle Keegan knocked out Jenna Dewan in round 5.
Jenna was blown away tonight by Michelle, who took a while to settle before finding her range against a girl who had her tactics all wrong – Jenna needed to tire Michelle before trying to trade with her, and she paid the penalty.  Who next for Michelle Keegan though?



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