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1 March 2015 Tractorpull Fisticuffs Asylum Review

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Posted by Tractorpull Magazine on March 1, 2015, 11:44 am



GHADIE/ LEVY Ghadie wanted to keep Levy at a distance as she danced and jabbed. Levy wanted to move in close and work the body. For most of the first half of the fight, Ghadie strategy was working for her, that was until late in the fifth. She was hurt by a Levy right hand, but held on to finish the round. It was downhill for Ghadie after that. Levy pitched a shutout sixth round doing heavy work on Ghadie’s body. In the seventh, Ghadie guard dropped and she was hit with a left and then a straight right that sent her down for the count. Levy KO7

BUNDCHEN/SWAN I said it during the broadcast and I will say it again. This was the biggest upset in Asylum history. It did come, however, with extenuating circumstances. Late in the fourth round Swan went down from an unintentional low blow. She got to her feet with seconds left. She was unable to recover between rounds. Swan was trying to survive the fifth while attempting to recover. She didn’t make it. A series of punches sent her down again, She was up at eight however the referee stepped in and stopped the fight giving Bundchen a TKO

DESCHANEL/DENNINGS Once again it was the Front Street fighter who wanted to bang in close while Deschanel choose to stay at a distance It worked well for Deschanel in the first three rounds. In the fourth, Dennings caught Deschanel with a right and went to work on her body, but Deshanel managed to get out of the round. Deschanel got out of the fifth, not the way she wanted to. Dennings caught her with a right hook that ended Deschanel’s hope of victory. Dennings KO5

DIXON/ C. BENNET Once again it was the visitor to the Asylum who took the first round. That was the highpoint of Dixon’s night. Bennet evened the bout by taking the second. In the third, Bennet hurt Dixon with a right hand and had her holding on at the end of the round. In the fourth, Dixon went down from another right hand. She beat the count only to pounded into a helpless state and the ref stopped the fight.

GOMEZ/MEESTER A good close fight, at least for the first six rounds. It was even at two, even at four and even at six. In the seventh Meester rocked Gomez with a right and then poured on the punishment however, Gomez managed to last the round. In the eighth, it was a pair of rights to the chin that sent Gomez to the canvas for the count

SONG/K. GRAHAM Graham can blame no one but herself for this loss in this bout which was not an upset, but probably the worst Front Street loss on this card. While being told in no uncertain terms to move, she continued to fight flat footed giving Song the liberty to move around at will. It worked OK for the first four rounds. In the fifth, Song was doing everything right moving and counter punching and taking the round wide. In the sixth, Song continued to have her way and finally landed a big right hook that gave her the KO6 win. This was Graham’s fourth loss in her last six fights which doesn’t go over to well at Front Street. The Wiz avoided the bout in his post fight comments. I have a hunch Graham is not going to like the next conference with The Wiz 



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