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2 March 2015 Sarah Harding vs Azealia Banks

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(Lioness Club vs Beever's Babes USA)


Posted by Vassago on March 2, 2015, 11:21 pm


BEFORE: Azealia Banks is another fighter who'd like to get into the bantamweight title picture however not before she takes care of someone really mean and vicious as Sarah Harding, the former Girls Aloud singer who's never quite made it up to the top just yet but is widely regarded as one of the most dangerous floaters around and carries a lightweight experience on her record. Harding's fought all kinds of opposition, fellow singers, models & actresses and even beauty pageants; just about anyone will do if she can land a mean punch. Tonight's no different as she'd like to put a block on the highly-touted Banks' chances any which way possible. She bumps into the younger lass before the introductions and takes a wild swing at her belly, the Cardiff crowd like that pre-fight dirty tricks but even despite her mean intentions is it really wise to annoy someone like Azealia? Denise van Outen thinks not and regardless of her usual support of the blonde she favors Banks to clean out Harding's clock tonight!

Sarah Harding wears a blue bikini top, black knickers & gloves & white boots. Long blonde hair tied in a sleek ponytail on top of her head. Azealia Banks wears a black one-piece swimsuit with red markings, red gloves & boots. Black hair in flimsy curls, tied in a very loose ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the bantamweight division.

Round 1:
Harding seeks that mean punch early and splits Banks' mitts with some crisp jabbing at first but then gets blocked off and fails to stretch her elbows as Azealia settles in close range and whacks the blonde's ribcage to reel her back and force into another try over the top. Sarah swings and misses, loses all the accuracy and has to weave around a spirited response as Azealia slowly jumps into her stride and gut checks the older singer with a harpoon series around the elbows that really shut the blonde off for remainder of the round as Harding can't quite dish out the desired shots on the head with Banks looking really agile on her feet and staying away from that lightweight power Sarah so often brags about in the press.

Round 2:
Azealia's usually the aggressive type but perhaps she's too wary of that lightweight punch in Sarah as she settles in mid-distance and allows the blonde to work her drill instead; solid guard on display prevents the older singer from making much proggress though and begins to annoy her down the stretch. Upgraded work rate from Harding results in Banks clinching her and showing some muscle in a hurried tangle that shoves the blonde back and makes her circle around chewing on her mouthguard. Single punches follow but don't make any difference to the general concept of the fight that lacks the all important spark thus far.

Round 3:
Now there's a spark alright as Sarah whips overhands between Azealia's mitts and clubs her cheeks in a feisty approach that caught the Beevers girl napping. Harding presses on with facial assault and makes her rival wince a couple of times before Banks can dig some response on the cleavage and reel the blonde back; swing & miss action from Harding as she doesn't quite have the footwork neccessary to put the fellow singer into more serious trouble and Azealia's happy to strike from the back foot where she nails the careless blonde a couple of times in the nose and despite Sarah's determination she only gets clinched and wrestled back to the turnbuckle as Banks slips by with some ribcage pounce to see out the round.

Round 4:
Sarah's losing her temper a bit and goes for another quick tangle but this times gets wrenched with a right handed clubbing shot that almost bends her sideways and enables Azealia to pour in with more leather on the jugs. Harding tries to jump back but nearly trips over and bellows out in earmuff cover but Banks slides down on her stomach and rips right through it to push the moaning blonde back to the ropes where she triggers all the hitherto hidden venom and just romps away at the blonde's guts to increase the yelping volume and sink Harding on her knees. The older singer tries to fight back from the back foot but gets clipped on the jaw and leans against the ropes, has Azealia thumping her breadbasket in numbers and just hangs on for the bell while getting worked over as the fight has seen it's first proper beating and it's Banks who trapped her opponent cold. Sarah still sends her a classic bytchstare after the bell however Azealia prefers to gloat over some bruised Harding ribs instead.

Round 5:
The mean look in Sarah's eyes doesn't reflect her movements in the fifth round as she tries to bide some time along the ropes at first but when Azealia squares up to her and wrenches against the rack it's all changed and the leather dust up has the blonde's head snapping back with Banks driving clean shots through the crumbling guard and trapping the blonde against the turnbuckle. Sarah spikes back over the top and digs some into her foe's face but the low switch from Azealia proves to be more successful and she bends the Girls Aloud singer forward to then harpoon her around the elbows and leave moaning again. Sarah tries to rise her head and somehow settle down in the corner after getting pummelled around but gets nailed on the chin and Azealia has truly blocked her off as she keeps drilling the navel and gives Harding's midriff a real hammering. At the bell the blonde has to hug her guts and the bruises are all over her otherwise impressive abs; she doesn't look at Azealia anymore and walks back to her corner in considerable pain while Banks adjusts her ponytail which got even more loose during that heated one-way traffic display.

Round 6:
Harding's not quick enough to punish her opponent and gets clubbed on the face again as Banks looks like she's only just joined the action; the anguished screams from Lioness coach Gina Wild urge Sarah to save some more time but Azealia's ready to pounce on her again and outsmarts the blonde by driving a brutal one-two combo right into her face as everyone expected another midsection punishment... Harding trembles with eyes closed and drops her arms, stumbled forward but totally unprepared for a piercing uppercut that nails her on the jaw and renders numb on the spot... BLONDE GIRL DOWN... Sarah collapses to her knees in slo-mo fashion and then crashes down at Azealia's feet after getting nailed really clean by the Beever's singer... She launches herself upright after a visible struggle and makes it back onto her feet at eight but is in a lot of pain regardless... all that lightweight experience proves worthless as Banks enforces her jabbing on the blonde's face and simply pounds her back to the turnbuckle again.. Sarah's arms drop to the side and she's getting her face mauled over as a result, just unable to shrug that knockdown off completely and Azealia gives her no quarter at all and keeps demolishing that pretty face... the moans are getting hard to embrace after a while and Harding's out on her feet when the ref finally jumps in and calls it a day... TKO6 Azealia Banks!!!

AFTER: That escalated pretty quickly after a slow start and well, if there ever was a mean punch on display then Azealia Banks clearly got the better of Sarah Harding who was soften up in the gut area before being hammered out of her senses in a fashion that suggests Azealia knew exactly what she was doing. However the Beever's Babes have a long history of moving young & promising fighters into contention quickly and as Denise van Outen suggests, that bunch isn't only about Alesha Dixon and Samia Ghadie after all.

Tonight's victory was essential for Banks to stay in the headlines while on the other hand Sarah Harding looked very sluggish and lacked that mean sparkle despite all the pre-fight mind games going in her favor. She's not been dumped into a similar hole Cheryl Cole finds herself right now but isn't exacly making the national news like Nadine Coyle either. Things just continue to blow hot & cold for the 33 year old blonde who should remain in hot demand regardless but hasn't earned herself the right to call the shots around the bantamweight division just yet if you ignore the cheap shots at the PageThree contingent everyone's so familiar with around the country.

Final result: Azealia Banks def. Sarah Harding TKO6. 



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