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2 March 2015 Ola Jordan vs Jade Ewen

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(Girls Friday vs Beever's Babes)


Posted by Vassago on March 2, 2015, 11:24 pm


BEFORE: It's the last fight before the flyweight title decider and according to Denise van Outen the winner of this one will directly follow Tiffany Mulheron as the second challenger in line against whoever wins the Mikie Hara vs Jenna-Louise Coleman showdown. The stakes are high but it's understandable when you look at Ola Jordan's six fight win streak that saw her knock Jorgie Porter out at the start of the year which convinced a lot of people the Polish-born dancer is a real contender and deserves her shot at the big prize sooner rather than later. And Jade Ewen still has lost only once in ten BBU attempts, back at the Ashes 2013 edition to Havana Brown and allthough her last year's campaign was almost non-existent with just a single fight on the record, she's still one of the hardest punching flyweights around the country.

It was that schedulling ineptitiude that forced Jade Ewen to switch stables just last week; the former Sugababes sexpot quit the Kear's Kats which "were focused on the likes of Roxanne Pallett far too much" according to the East London singer and joined the ever obnoxious and schedule happy Beever's Babes that have the three most exprienced fighters in the history of BBU and Jade admits that "you can always book a fight on any short notice" with the Beevers so her switch was effectively a no-brainer especially when Andrea McLean's #1 flyweight Samia Ghadie has ventured to America to sell her boxing skills against the Yankees and even gave up a shot at Mikie Hara in the proccess. Jade's ready to fill that void even though Ola Jordan promises to facesit her tonight and make her lick her butt clean after she's done with her. That's a bold statement against someone of Ewen's record but it only adds spice to the high profile nature of this contest anyway.

Ola Jordan wears a white one-piece swimsuit with a carved V cleavage in best PageThree attire fashion, matching boots & silver gloves. Long & curly blonde hair loose. Jade Ewen wears a pale blue bikini set with black laces, white boots & black gloves. Curly dark brown hair tied in a loose ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Both girls jump into immediate action throwing heavy leather at each other trying to gain the upperhand as early as possible but Jade comes out on top and smacks the blonde's cheeks more efficiently and snaps Ola's head back forcing a quick cover. More from the singer follows as she swings her gloves right into the dancer's face and keeps her on the toes even if that's what Jordan's used to been doing all her life so the avoidance circles wear Jade's attacks down and enable the blonde to mount a late recovery and whack some leather across the mouth instead. Ewen holds her ground and responds in a similar way and the round concludes with both girls trying to chop each other down again.

Round 2:
Another high-tempo start gives Jade the edge; she smacks Ola's mouth with a powerful display and reels her backwards but gets clipped with a desperate hook which opens the door for a clubbing one-two on the nose. Jade wobbles forward with a loud cry and meets another Ola punch, this time thumping her on the rack and stumbles to the side as the dancer jumps into a flurry of aggressive jabs and shatters the guard aside, rips into Ewen's boobs and pounds her towards the turnbuckle down the stretch. Jade tries to tame the onslaught but Jordan's strikes are too accurate and effective and bend the singer against the post, the high guard proves futile as the dancer switches into a gut-checking display in the final minute and sees out the round thumping Jade's breadbasket in a forceful & ruthless fashion.

Round 3:
Ewen tries to dig some into the blonde's guts herself but gets blocked off and clinched midring before Ola shoves her away and beats for a quick overhand that plasters the mouth and snaps the singer's head back on the spot. Jade fails to raise her arms in time and Jordan just blasts more leather on the face closing her foe's eyes and pushing her towards the ropes again where the singer just bellows out into a desperate cover with Ola going all guns blazing on the midriff and punishing the carved ab muscles into a bruised disarray. Jade whimpers her struggles and looks for a clinch to catch a respite but eats a swift hook on the jaw bending to the side in the proccess and exposing more tummy which is quickly pulverized by the rampant blonde who enjoys another body assault to keep Ewen trapped for remainder of the round.

Round 4:
Jade's Beevers' debut is steadily going downhill and even when shen ignites some pace into her stride, it's not good enough for a pro dancer like Ola; the Polish-born blonde just whacks her across the mouth in a close range tangle and buries an uppercut on the rack to wobble the singer again before adding another blitzing hook on the jaw that trembles an aching Londoner back to the ropes with arms dropped and eyes wide open. Jade tries to recover and throws a flurry of shots from the back foot, still Jordan's laid back approach makes her rival wear out in fruitless efforts before a blasting left cross finds the lips and sends the singer spinning onto the ropes where Ola settles into a familiar ruthless groove and just harpoons Ewen's guts to please the blood thirsty Cardiff crowd once again.

Round 5:
More bell-to-bell pounding of the Sugababes singer; Jade just doesn't have the speed & agility neccessary to trouble the career-best performing dancer and gets whooped over the top early, bellows out into an earmuff cover but Ola simply targets the gut area and leaves the younger girl aching and screaming out when she pierces her liver area on the minute mark. Ewen sags back on her knees and gets thumped onto the ropes where Jordan clatters into her chest to send her even lower down and finds a one-two combo on the temples that finally chops the Londoner down... JADE CRASHES DOWN ON HER KNEES... with a loud whimper and bends down against the canvas as Ola adjusts her hair and waves back to the audience... it's a slow recovery for the otherwise so impressive Ewen; the girl looks shocked but very much gut aching and OLA TURNS ON THE SCREW... she jumps at the singer's chest with plethora of uppercuts and simply bats the defence aside to bury heavy leather right on the money and lift Jade's boobs right against her chin... the singer's head collapses between her shoulders and she can't find any sort of response as Jordan traps her along the ropes and powers home with JMD-like strikes to dismantle the favored opponent... Ewen cries out in vain and drops her arms as Ola dissects her rack down the stretch and finally tags the jaw to send Jade both out of Cardiff Arena and the looming flyweight title picture... EWEN IS DOWN.... the singer crashes down on her face with eyes closed and ref doesn't even bother with the count... KO5 Ola Jordan beatdown mode!!!

AFTER: That was a mesmerising performance from the blonde dancer who twirls over Jade's fallen body and you know what's coming next... Ola doesn't need much time to roll a mumbling singer on her back and drag her towards the middle of the ring where she plain facesits her before jumping across the applying the reverse facesit for a good measure... Jade survives the first attempt but then Ola has her gloves removed and grabs a handful of hair to press the bruised yet pretty face right into her bums and jumps up & down again to almost fracture Ewen's nose... Jade's legs try to kick out briefly but the resistance is temporary and there's no one coming to the rescue, Samia Ghadie and Alesha Dixon are busy sweeping canvas in the States and even the ref leads the applause... After a couple of minutes of face riding, Jade eventually passes out and is only then let go by the ruthless dancer who subsequently tries to crash the flyweight title picture despite Tiffany Mulheron being promised an earlier shot, the BBU TV coverage cuts away just as Ola rumbles on in native language to Beevers' coach Denise Lewis and the medics arrive to stretch an unconscious Sugababes singer off to the locker room...

Final result: Ola Jordan def. Jade Ewen KO5. 



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