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7 March 2015 Anna Kendrick vs Danielle Fishel

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Posted by Vassago on March 7, 2015, 11:34 am


BEFORE: This match-up might surprise a lot of people considering Anna Kendrick's current tenure in the Front Street gym however a revised inquiry into the Jugs of Mass Destruction title picture leaves an obvious vacant spot to Jessica Lowndes owned - and not exactly fake - championship belt. With Lindsay Lohan making enough noise with her stoppage of Jessica Simpson lately, another living legend of the genre - Danielle Fishel is ready to knock a promising upstart right off her comfort zone and announce herself an a worthy challenger to the JMD throne again.

"OK then, so neither Ginny or Old Wiz know a thing about JMD, right?", says Fishel with a cheeky smile before the fight, "I mean the way Cat Bell and Jeri Ryan were chest mugged at the last PPV speaks volumes about how Kendrick was being trained there when she was there... and now she's with Jewel Kilcher and that Philly crew! Man, Jewel and I have a long record between us two but she was always the one soaking up proper gut punishment! No wonder she's retired now. And I will make sure Anna realizes she can't teach her anything over at the Asylum once I destroy her jugs tonight! I feel like I'm in my prime again and neither Lohan nor Lowndes will stop me anytime soon. Anna is just a snack for breakfast... I mean, I try to be polite here but with Kilcher in her corner that's truly out of any acceptable order..."

Anna Kendrick doesn't let the Fishel talk get to her and well, Jewel Kilcher has done all the PR in the lead up to take some pressure off her latest protegee... "Danielle Fishel has retired before and I don't know which twisted mind convinced her that was a bad idea. I won't shut her big mouth personally anymore BUT I've got one very skillful contender with me. Sure, Front Street doesn't do JMD bouts but we respect Anna's personal opinions... she wants to repeat a run that got Lowndes to the #1 rankings and she thinks she has all the tools to succeed against a washed-up dinosaur like Fishel! Why am I here despite my lack of JMD coaching experience? Well, some tactics remain universal and above all, I don't want the kid to get hurt! If Fishel thinks she's gonna scare her away before the opening bell, she's damn wrong as usual! Let the better woman win and well, you all know her name is Anna, don't ya?"

Anna Kendrick wears a golden bikini top, matching knickers, black boots & red gloves. Light brown hair tied in a high ponytail. Danielle Fishel wears a silver bikini top, black hotpants, silver boots & matching gloves. Brown hair tied in a similar ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Dani's seen it all before and allows the upstart to flex her muscles early and Anna gets a quick connection with the mounds and tries to punch it straight up the alley for a while before Dani closes her down and enforces the bump off tangle to wrench some jug from the side and rock the younger actress in a heated exchange. Anna tries to stay in toe-to-toe and hammers away with visible determination and manages to outwork the veteran down the stretch, Fishel's guilty of not committing 100% to her efforts and Kendrick thumps the silver cups with heavy uppercuts to weave Dani backwards and slips one on the solar plexus to back her into wandering circles. More committed hooks pierces the arms and Anna settles into mid range assault, dominates the footwork department and sends more crosses into Fishel's chest in the final minute, the Foxfire brunette unable to find her rhythm but solid enough to avoid getting trapped along the ropes.

Round 2:
Anna seems really happy with that opening statement but gets bullied into a close range tangle as Dani ups her tempo and realizes she's not gonna wreck Kendrick with some half-hearted moves and past glory status. She whips the younger woman's arms and settles into a familiar uppercut teaser as Anna's forced to swing wide and over the top where she bets blocked and bumped off with more piercing leather afterwards... Fishel into hassling mode, thumps Kendrick on the back foot and unable to keep her arms in tact; pulverizes the rack in proper fashion to announce her mean plan and has Anna squealling and looking to clinch her on the two minute mark. Dani tries to wrestle her back into the corner and shows core strenght in doing so but Anna's bold enough to punish her kidneys in the clinch and almost drag the annoyed veteran down onto the canvas.

Round 3:
More close range assault hands Fishel the early advantage; Anna leans on her anyway and tries to beat her for the uppercut flurry but gets wrenched by a precisely placed elbow on the solar plexus and falls prey to a harpoon on the guts that makes her gasp for air right into Dani's face... the veteran moves into barrage mode and ravages Anna's breadbasket thereafter and backs her into the ropes where the clinching doesn't cut it anymore as Fishel drives a drilling uppercut on the jugs and clips Kendrick's chin in the proccess... here comes the cavalry as Dani just mauls a butt-trapped opponent and sends the breasts for a quick ride against the chin with Anna slumping into a moaning punchbag unable to break free... that really gets Jewel Kilcher vocal but Dani's too experienced to let the prey off the hook and keeps hammering away until Kendrick sinks deep and closes her eyes in exhausted fashion as the first proper beating was executed in perfect style to underline that Fishel's retirement plans might be very premature... Anna slips into deep chest cover in the final seconds and Dani has a field day with some late ribcage assault to complete the round.

Round 4:
Anna does looks hurt with that assault but Jewel is all over her ear during the break and urges her to show some guts and actually punish the old slapper... Dani signals something to the crowd and seemingly looks set to knock Kendrick mounds right off her within minutes... another hectic tangle ensues but it's Anna slipping for some liver area attack and keeping the veteran honest... Dani tries to uppercut the rack but skims off the forearms and wobbles forward after Anna whacks her across the tummy before moving up high and screaming out in her efforts... a drilling right hook bursts through the silver bikini top and bends Fishel to the side... Anna leans on her and earns instant Klicher approval... "That's the way! Punch that old hack silly!", Kendrick gallops into the Fishel chest from point blank range and clips the jaw amid a flurry of leather to reel the veteran onto the ropes.... Dani winces and tries to escape the trap, eats a right hook on the windpipe though and sinks badly with a quiet whimper as Anna wades in and blasts cross hooks on the jugs to keep the Foxfire brunette moaning and unable to respond for remainder of the round. Anna glares down at the sinking veteran after the bell and twerks her mounds in confident fashion having pulled a huge round back totally against the odds.

Round 5:
Dani doesn't fool around with the crowd anymore and pierces the fellow actress all the way through from her stool; Jewel makes the ominious throat slit gesture and sends Anna back for more fast tempo assault... Dani's back to full throttle mode herself and both women square off in classic jug mauling uppercut display that is unresolved through the minute mark... loud moans from each side as both women seek mental as well as physical breakthrough before Anna shows more versatile approach and smacks Dani's ribcage with a slightly faster harpoon assault... Fishel's aches are getting louder and she has to blink first and circle back to trigger a flurry of Kendrick jabs bouncing around her torso and trying to slice the chest guard... Dani's forced into more circles but loses her footing and fails to punish Anna from the back foot, wobbles into a jabbing frenzy inside the final minute and gets pounded back to the turnbuckle where Kendrick rips through her breasts again and leaves trembling and gasping for air at the bell... Just look at Kilcher's smile there!

Round 6:
Anna's urged to dismantle the veteran now and squares right up to Dani's mounds from close range; uppercuts the rack and makes Fishle moan. However the Foxfire brunette refuses to buckle all the way through and doesn't yield an inch enforcing a gruesome jug mauling in close range and pummels Kendrick's assets herself. Both women ache and moan afterwards literally trying to chop each other down and allthough Dani's rack bounces up higher it's the raw power that makes the difference and breaks Anna's rhythm... a sudden harpoon switch on the liver area throws the younger brunette off her zone and Dani screams out when she digs into her ribcage before resuming the chest assault with Kendrick now rocking badly and having to cover up down the stretch. Into the final minute and Fishel pierces the navel, bumps into Anna's rack with quick half uppercuts and prevents any response as Kendrick struggles to embrace the pain and backs off with misty eyes and mouth wide open... Dani drills her guts and pounds onto the turnbuckle showing some fatigue but still looking much better than Anna who sags onto her heels and has Fishel romping into her navel and clipping the boobs again as her guard collapses badly in the closing seconds.

Round 7:
Anna's hard pressed for the seventh round in what is still a young JMD career; completely different approach from Danielle who first gives coach Kilcher a really long stare and then just wades in between her foe's arms and thumps Kendrick's jugs right into her slumping chin.... Anna just gets rooted to the spot and bends forward shrieking as Fishel keeps hammering away and screams out in her efforts with Kendrick's aches getting louder and louder... Dani bumps her off and leaves tripping to the side over her own feet... Anna tries to second guess and moves to the left but Dani whacks her on the liver area and sinks ever deeper on her wobbling knees... Kendrick has to escape to catch her breath back but Fishel's into red mist mode and just thumps her boobs with single hands now making a total mockery of the long-successful defence... Anna gets shoved into the ropes in the second minute and can't even clinch herself into a respite as Dani rips into her jugs with both hands and thumps 'em against the chin again to close Kendrick's eyes and enforce the beatdown mode.... Kendrick just doesn't have the strenght to fight the older brunette back and Dani's keen to punch the golden bikini top right off... she gasses out at the two minute mark but Anna can't recover at all and even as Dani pauses briefly, she just slumps on her knees with eyes closed and invites Fishel into more jabbing frenzy that hoofs her rack apart and has the right breast almost spawling out into the public... one last painful groan and ANNA GOES DOWN... the legs just give way underneath the proud brunette who crashes down on her side with a thump..... Danielle leans over the ropes in exhaustion but quickly sports a huge smile of delight as Anna remains largely unresponsive to the count and can only roll onto her back before mumbling her demise... KO7 Danielle Fishel !!!

AFTER: If looks could kill... Jewel glares over at the victorious brunette and whispers to herself: "You lucky bytch!". Dani puts the gloves on her hips and twerks her superior jugs back & forth to further annoy the long-time nemesis before looking down at the fallen Kendrick and wrapping her arms around her ankles and dragging her back to center of the ring... she looks up at Jewel again and shouts back: "Don't you even try to stop me! The kid is all mine!" Jewel's fully aware of the JMD post-fight antics but still half-sits through the ropes to see if Dani will step over the line... Kendrick's still unable to rise and escape the punishment and Fishel mounts her and leans over, rubs the tits across her face before applying a ruthless smother: "I hope you stay around for more jug muggin', kid!", she laughs at the younger brunette but looks up at Jewel who's blown her fuse after all and jumps at Dani and tries to dismount her from the battered protegee. She grabs Dani's hair and lifts her off Anna's face but gets tackled down herself as Fishel screams out and leaps forward taking Kilcher with her... and Dani comes out on top and romps a right hand right into Jewel's solar plexus to keep her pinned down and moaning in embrional position... "I told ya to stay the f### away!" She turns back at the mumbling Anna and resumes the breast smother... this time Jewel can't interefere anymore and Anna is relieved of her senses within several seconds... Jewel can only sit up by the time Kendrick is left smothered senseless and just glares down at Fishel again: "Whenever I see you winning I REALLY regret I took the office salary intead of just putting you away into retirement for good!". Dani just laughs out again and twerks her boobs one last time before getting up to her feet, ref raises her arms as the cameras flash all over the arena...

BWO exclusive: Fishel in Roman Emperor mode with her hand raised high in the air, Kendrick down on her back with the left arm across her tummy and Kilcher sitting on her heels just a couple of feet further away with a deadly look in her eyes pointed straight at Danielle's rack... Take notice, Miss Lowndes!!!

Final result: Danielle Fishel def. Anna Kendrick KO7.



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