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11 March 2015 Ashley Benson vs Debby Ryan

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing & Knowlesey on March 11, 2015, 12:13 pm



Debby surprised everybody in her last fight, not just by beating Asley Tisdale, but by giving her a post-fight Bronco-Buster – and that is not something she will looking to repeat any time soon. Ashley took some heavy punishment from Selena Gomez last time she fought – how has the affected her?

Tonight Debby wears a dark green bustier and knickers with matching gloves and boots, while Ashley is in a baby blue bikini, gloves and boots.

Round 1

The girls are both keen to make sure their opponent feels some leather right away, Debby popping Ashley with a solid left hook, with the older girl giving every bit as good as she gets as she swipes Debby with a right and a left, the kid looking shocked, but she lands another left of her own on Ashley’s mouth, the blonde retaliating with a good right uppercut to Debby’s jaw, and that’s got her backing to the ropes, Ashley working on the younger girl’s body inside, knowing she needs to draw the strength from the bigger girl early in this fight, and Debby’s just about managing to clinch, the referee breaking the girls apart, Debby reacting more quickly from the break, hitting Ashley a couple of times with solid jabs, but it’s Ashley finishing the opening round on top as she clips Debby with that short uppercut again, emphasising that she has the tools to hurt the youngster.

Round 2

Ashley looks like she wants to make a statement of intent tonight, and she wipes her left and her right across Debby’s facein the opening seconds to send the taller girl backwards, fetches her a good left hook to her body, and looks like she’s ready to rough her up inside again, but Debby’s quicker to react this time, and holds Ashley, clinching her tight, letting the referee separate her from the older actress, then letting her have a quick left jab and right cross to get her going backwards, taking a left hook to her ribs, but landing another good combination to have the blonde covering up, and she keeps her defence nice and tight, Debby working hard to try to unlock her, and she’s getting enough shots past Ashley’s gloves to claim the round from her this time.

Round 3

Now that both girls have proved they can punch, they seem to be more cagey, and they each poke out a jab as the action slows, but Ashley’s claiming the centre of the ring, making Debby do the work, the younger girl circling, Ashley jabbing her perhaps more rapidly, and she follows a solid left jab with a right hook to make Debby step back, the kid probably closer to the ropes than she thought, and Ashley has her where she wants her, taking advantage of that situation and she unloads on Debby’s body, the younger girl groaning as the punches land, and she doesn’t seem to know how to get herself out of trouble, can’t quite clinch, tries to keep her elbows in, but that’s gived Ashley some face to hit, and the blonde swiftly knocks Debby’s head left to right with five snapping punches, the younger girl hurt now, but she’s managed to clinch, Ashley looking satisfied with her efforts as the round ends, the blonde bumping Debby’s rack with a pair of short uppercuts before the bell.

Round 4

Debby looks a little bruised around her mouth, but she’s taking the fight to Ashley, and she bumps the smaller girl backwards with two straight hits, a left and a right, but she stays too close for too long, and Ashley lands a sweet right hook on her cheek, and a left on her jaw, sending her backwards again, Debby once more backed into the ropes, and Ashley’s unloading again, those punches really crashing into Debby’s body, her guard not coming down this time though, and she’s clinching well, the referee pulling her away again though, and Ashley’s in position, gives her a smart uppercut, Debby rocked by that, but she recovers quickly enough to snap the older girl’s head sideways with a crisp right hook, Ashley staggering a little, and she’s having to concede canvas to Debby for the first time, the bigger girl finding her again with that right, Ashley breathing hard after finding out that Debby hasn’t been weakened by the punishment she’s taken.

Round 5

Ashley’s keeping her distance as the fifth round starts, but she’s still occupying the centre of the ring, once again waiting for Debby to make a mistake, and she rifles in a right and a left to the youngster’s body as soon as she can, spotting Debby’s too close to a neutral corner, and she gets closer, goes to throw that damaging uppercut, only to find that Debby’s stepped aside, and she’s turned her neatly, the bigger girl smacking a good right, left, right combination into her face, and she gives her a hard straight left to her midsection to take the air out of her, Ashley not quite swift enough to get her gloves back upside her feace from that, and she’s tagged with Debby’s left hook this time, a punch which has her flattened gainst the turnbuckle, looking like she’s there for the taking, but Debby mistimes her next punch, Ashley blocking her, and clinching, Debby unable to shake her free, the referee a little slow to react, Ashley buying herself some time, and she’s able to protect herself with a tight defence for the few remaining seconds – but Debby’s back in this fight after winning that round.

Round 6

Debby’s straight onto the front foot now, and she moves swiftly across the ring, lands a left and a right to Ashley’s face, and she presses her to her own corner, but Debby’s too impetuous there, swinging a wild left hook which misses as Ashley sways aside, and the blonde rips up an uppercut, sending Debby back to the centre of the ring, and she looks dazed after that shot, Ashley giving her a left and a right, and Debby’s down! It was the uppercut which did it, but those hooks have put her on her back, and now she’s in trouble, but she’s up at 9, just beating the count, and she faces up to Ashley again, the blonde crashing in another right hook, Debby rocking backwards and into the ropes, Ashley thudding another pair of punches into her body, Debby’s gloves come down, and Ashley helps herself, hammering two left hooks into her face, Debby almost draped over the top rope, and the referee jumps in to stop the fight.

Result : Ashley Benson stopped Debby Ryan in round 6.

After her victory over Ashley Tisdale, Debby got found out tonight, and she came a very distant second to Ashley Benson, who really showed that she’s fully recovered from defeat by Selena Gomez, and maybe ready to get back to winning fights again. Debby’s still young, so she’s far from finished, but she needs a couple of weaker opponents to tregain her confidence after what became a beating.



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