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13 March 2015 Lacey Banghard vs Jeanette Biedermann

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(Foxfire Atlantic Boxing vs Lioness Club)


Posted by Archer on March 13, 2015, 11:14 am


Results: Knowlesey Writing: Archer

Before: Foxfire Atlantic Boxing once again using the ballroom of its Black Swan Hall training centre just outside of Cardiff Wales to host a Lacey Banghard fight. Davina Sheffield returns to provide color commentary on the proceedings.
“I spoke with both fighters ahead of this bout,” Davina reports. “They had a lot to say…”

(Roll tape)

Lacey Banghard cheerfully telling camera: “I am so pleased to get my chance to fight that German girl. I hear she’s been around a long time and she is supposed to be good. That’s just what I want—to start kicking arse among these veteran girls and prove just how good I am! Oh, and I want to sure and thank Kate Winslet for supporting my career. I wouldn’t be here without her!”

Jeanette Biedermann: “I’ve dealt with these cheap lingerie models before and it will be my pleasure to reduce this one to wreckage in the ring. She is a fool if she thinks she has any chance at all of defeating me!”

Davina returns to screen: “You can see the rest of the interviews on our special pre-fight webpage section. Ah, I see the ladies are in the ring now. The room is again packed with eager supporters, though I must say Lacey Banghard has the clear majority of the crowd on her side.”

In the ring Lacey in pale pink bra and knickers is smacking her dark pink gloves together and grinning at Jeanette who is wearing a gold bra and black panties with golden gloves.. Both fighters have their hair pulled back in battle braids. Jeannette giving Lacey a haughty lookover ending with a sniff of disdain. Lacey scowling at the non-verbal dismissal slams her gloves into Jeanette instead touching them, but the veteran is braced for the shock and gives Lacey another smug smile.

R1: Lacey goes right at Jeanette once the bell rings aiming her first shots straight at LC fighter’s proud rack, but Jeanette slams undercuts into Lacey’s bra cups and then straight ramming rights and lefts to mash Lacey’s boobies back. Lacey looks startled, but then Jeanette shifts gears and moves around the British fighter firing out crisp punches to the head and stomach. Lacey struggles to organize her defence and takes a nasty working over in the process. Jeanette putting on a real boxing clinic fooling Lacey with feints and hitting her from unexpected directions, then stepping back to dodge Lacey’s counters. Lacey grows frustrated and tries to force her way in against Jeanette and gets more punches in the gut and face. Jeanette looking very pleased with herself as the round ends and Lacey’s face is already red and swollen.

R2: The boxing clinic continues as Jeanette circles and shows clever punching that keeps Lacey off-balance and befuddled. Jeannette starts working Lacey back towards the ropes. Lacey looking forlorn and Jeanette grinning triumphantly as they near the strands—but it takes Jeanette nearly the whole round to finally get Lacey cornered, but suddenly Lacey swings around and it is Jeanette who is trapped on the ropes! Crowd gasps in shock and then bursts into cheers Lacey’s arms are pumping like pistons as they savage Jeanette’s belly, breasts and finally her chin. Jeanette caught by surprise can’t stop the barrage and sags to her knees, then falls back against the ropes. Lacey steps back with a sniff at the dazed Jeanette. Referee moves in to count. Jeanette leaning with her back to the ropes, uses the strands to pull herself up and beat the count. Lacey pounding gloves together eager to get back at her opponent, but they barely get started again when the bell rings.

R3: Lacey comes out swinging this round, but Jeanette’s not about to get into a brawl and uses her jab together with a tight guard to blunt the attacks. Again and again, Lacey charges in and does manage to bounce a few shots off Jeanette’s head, but she gets increasingly hurt to the body by the LC fighter’s strong, accurate jab and late in the round, Jeanette finds Lacey’s jaw with the jab. Lacey’s pressure tactics negated by Jeanette’s defensive boxing. Jeanette gets the points for landing more accurately.

R4: Lacey starts out aggressively, but again runs into Jeanette’s solid defense. L:acey keeps loading up for a big punch, but Jeanette’s mobile footwork keeps out of range. Lacey chasing Jeanette, who nimbly keeps away and lets Lacey wear herself out in the pursuit. Sweat now pouring down Lacey’s body and her chest is heaving with the effort to pull in more oxygen. Jeanette darting with some quick jabs to batter Lacey’s breasts and make it harder for her to breathe. Lacey finally forced to settle for some close in body punching and these do pack the power to send shivers through Jeanette’s body, but it’s not what Lacey had in mind. Lacey finishes the round narrowly ahead and looking frustrated. Jeanette quietly pleased at her defensive work.

R5: Jeanette goes on the offensive this round She starts with her mobile circle-and strike tactics, knocking Lacey’s head down against her shoulder and mixing in some attacks on her ribs Lacey struggling to cope with this, then Jeanette moves in front of Lacey to begin pounding Lacey’s breasts to draw her attention with the evident intent of going after her jaw next. However Lacey accepts the jugg pounding and sees the chance to smite. Jeanette deep in the belly to jerk her forward. Lacey then snaps Jeanette’s head back with a powerful uppercut. Spray of sweat from the LC fighter splatters into Lacey’s face but she follows up with a brutal pounding Jeanette’s face from the right and left as the German fighter stumbles back. Jeanette finds herself backed into the ropes and clinches dersperately to keep Lacey back. Lacey still landing a lot of punches between clinches and the tremors can be seen in Jeanette’s legs as she sits on the ropes for support. Lacey has to be satisfied with ripping the round away from Jeanette and leaving her woozy against the ropes at the bell.

R6: Jeanette falls back on her earlier successful defensive tactics, always moving, being strong with the jab to punish Lacey’s aggression. Lacey doesn’t like having her face and body worked over yet again by her elusive foe, but she can’t seem to find an answer for it. Jeanette repaidly recovering her confidence decides to try some offense late and moves in with some initial hooks to Lacey’s breast cups. BAMMMM!!! Lacey slips an uppercut under Jeanette’s incoming and finds her chin. Jeanette goes reeling back on her toes and barely manages to get her jab up when Lacey tries to follow up. Jeanette looks shaken by the surprise big hit and remains cautious to the bell and sill manages to win the round.

R7: Jeanette again on the defensive, but tactic not working so well this time. Lacey’s started to try some feints of her own and she’s good at them. Jeanette gets her bell rung as Lacey Banghard lands right/left combo to the jaw. For good measure, Lacey drops down to give Jeanette’s solar plexus a bombardment and then her jugs come under attack. Jeanette trying to retreat on shaking legs and that jab doesn’t have much power now. Lacey looking like she is now somehow draining the power out of Jeanette as her own punching grows in power. The sound of the impacts of Lacey’s gloves on Jeanette’s sweat drenched body can be clearly heard and it is a chilling sound. Jeanette wilting back to the ropes just sits there, face in gloves and gets her body over to the bell. Lacey looks fired up as she strides to her corner. Jeanette walking very slowly making a brave effort to conceal how much she is hurting.

R8: Jeanette slow off her stool and holds her gloves up like they are now lead weights. Lacey wastes no time in brishing aside Jeanette’s gloves and smashing her straight to the face. Both eyes struck, her nose, mouth and finally cracking right to the jaw. JEANETTE GOES DOWN! Jeanette lands on her butt and sits there looking exhausted, but she somehow finds the reserves to rise up and beat the count. She might have been better advised to stay down because Lacey just swarms all over her, driving Jeanette the length of the ring punching her freely belly to forehead, but she spends some moments just swabbing the German fighter’s breasts from side to side and then mashing them flat. Jeanette writhing with pain wraps her arms around her abused chest, but this leaves her chin wide open. Lacey plays speedbag with lightning lefts and rights to Jeanette’s chin. Jeanette topples back against the ropes and then slides down to end up sprawled on her side. Referee can see this is over and doesn’t even bother to count as he raises Lacey’s arm in victory.

The Winner: Lacey Banghard KO8

After: Lacey pushes referee aside to rush over to the fallen Jeanette. The FAB fighter must really be pumped because she hoists the fallen Jeannette onto her shoulders, does a brief airplane spin and then SLAMS Jeanette into the canvas. Jeanette seems to have actually been jolted awake by all this and looks up at Lacey with a look of wonder on her face. Lacey grins, drops to her knees and pulls Jeanette into a kneeling position. Jeanette gets a look of horror as she realizes what’s going to happen, but it is too late. Lacey circles her arms around Jeanette’s head and pulls her face into her breasts. Lacey keeps checking on Jeanette (which, of course prolongs the smother) until finally she is deep asleep. Lacey lets Jeanette fall on her face, then pushes her over on her back so she do a victory pose withy her foot on Jeanette’s chest.
On the way out of the ballroom, Davina Sheffield manages to get microphone in front of Lacey:
“How does it feel, Lacey?” Davina asks.

“It feels wonderful. Jeanette thought she was better than me but she couldn’t take the power of my punches. It so exciting to have beaten her. I can’t wait to see who wants to take me on next.”
“You think you might be leaving Black Swan Hall?” Davina asked.

“Well, you never know what might happen, but Black Swan Hall will always be my command centre and my favourite place to fight. The fans are such supporters and these small venues really give a sense of being right there with the fighters. I am sure everyone especially liked it when I was giving Jeanette my Special Deluxe Boob Smother.”

“You did seem to draw that out,” Davina pointed out.

Lacey chuckled: “That was a bit of wicked of me, wasn’t it? I just couldn’t help it. Her eyes were so expressive: all sorts of emotions—I am sure I saw pleasure in there somewhere. Girls never admit it, but I think a lot of them enjoy the experience once they accept it.”

Lacey is then swept away from Davina by the Black Swan Security staff and Davina is left to say: “So once again we have had an exciting night of Lacey Banghard Boxing here at Black Swan Hall. Thank you all and have a good night.” 



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