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18 March 2015 Debby Ryan vs Eliza Dushku

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(Beever's Babes USA vs Medallion Boxing)


Posted by Lookout! Boxing & Knowlesey on March 18, 2015, 5:00 am


There’s certainly no love lost between these two!

Already rivals for getting onto the cover of Blonde magazine in their recently bleached hairstyles, Debby has angered Eliza beyond belief with her clumsy attempt to seduce a potential boyfriend, and the older girl is almost desperate to teach the youngster a lesson in the ring to pay for her insolence.

Debby’s first to enter the ring, and she’s drawing the whistles in her baby blue bikini with black edging, baby blue gloves and black boots. Meanwhile Eliza has chosen a red bikini with matching gloves and boots, with a very menacing look on her face.

Both girls are blonde tonight, although Eliza has promised to turn Debby’s hair red with her own blood by the time the fight is over.

Round 1

Eliza’s clearly wanting to do a number on Debby in a hurry tonight, and she’s straight at the younger girl with her jab, letting her feel the power behind that before trying her out with a hook. But Debby’s not some silly little pastie who’s only in the ring to make up the numbers – she’s giving Eliza plenty back, and she’s moving well, her jab also landing in Eliza’s face, and she follows it as well, giving the older girl a sweet right cross to the mouth, and she gets out of range straight after, not giving Eliza any chance to get into her, swaying her hips and body clear of the older girl as she starts looking to hit Debby’s impressive body, the kid just never still in this round, and she jabs Eliza again, the older girl missing with an attempted hook to Debby’s rack, Debby starting to taunt her, “You’re too slow, honey! Can’t hit me!” before she swipes Eliza across the chin with her hook, giving her a quick pair of hooks to the ribs as well, then jumping clear before Eliza can retaliate, the older girl again missing with an easily-read attempt on her body, Debby making sure her shoulder bumps into Eliza’s as the move to their corners, Eliza hissing, “b###h!” with Debby grinning back, “######!” To the surprise of many in the audience, Debby Ryan has won round 1.

Round 2

Debby’s still grinning as the girls resume, but Eliza does her best to remove that grin with a sharp left hook in her ribs, Debby feeling that and skidding sideways, holding the older girl to stop her landing again, telling her, “I’m gonna beat you – then I’m gonna have your man!” The referee parts the girls before Eliza can respond, and Debby gives her a left jab and aright jab to her face, followed by a left hook to the midsection, and the kid’s putting on quite a show here, again skipping clear as Eliza moves forwards, making her look slow as she misses the target again, More or less sidestepping Eliza as she rushes in, cuffing the older girl as she glides past, and she has her backing up into the ropes, hits her with a sharp one-two, and gets away and out of trouble before Eliza can hit her back, Eliza coming forwards at her, but getting jabbed again without landing her intended bodyshot, calling out, “Stand still you ######!” Debby is no way likely to do that, and she skips in to pop Eliza with another left and right jab, lands them, but doesn’t get clear this time, Eliza managing to hook her with her arm, turn her and rip into her ribcage, Debby finding g life on the ropes not to her liking, and the bell comes not a second too soon from her viewpoint, Eliza glaring, “More where that came from, b###h!” Debby’s won the round, but Eliza sure hurt her in those closing seconds.

Round 3

Debby’s still prancing, but she’s lost a little of the speed in her legs, again getting caught after landing a jab, not out of range this time, Eliza’s left hook slamming into her body, and she’s still in range after that briefly, Eliza digging a right into her body to go with the left, stinging her face with a left cross to the mouth, and that’s got Debby traveling backwards. Eliza’s closing in on Debby now, cutting down the ring, skillfully controlling the kid with her left hook, slamming it into Debby’s ribcage, and now her midsection, the punch sending Debby further backwards, and the girl’s feeling the unwanted touch of the turnbuckle on her back, her eyes showing a certain amount of fear as the older girl starts to lay into her, each punch to her body being accompanied by a word, “b###h!” then “######!” then “Dirt!” and “######!” and Debby’s cheeks are damp with tears as her guard starts to drop, the girl unable to clinch to get out of trouble, as she tries to punch her way off the ropes, Eliza just crashing punches into Debby’s face, her head flying backwards, then to the right, and then the left, her own attempts just going nowhere, blood starting to flay from Debby’s nostrils as Eliza begins to fulfill the promise she made, a fan yells out, “Finish her, Eliza!” but at the bell, she sneers at a helpless Debby, “I ain’t even started yet!” and that was Eliza’s round by a long, long way!

Round 4

The Beevers Babes cornermen have had plenty to do between rounds, trying to staunch the flow of blood from her nose, and applying the cold ‘iron’ to a lump on her right cheek, but their girl is game and ready to resume the fight, but she surely can’t feel the confidence she’s showing as she moves across the ring, lands a right jab, but misses with a left hook intended for Eliza’s jaw, as the older girl moves her backwards again by crushing her ribs with another left hook, then another, Debby unable to stem the tide, Eliza ripping her head backwards with a cruel right uppercut, a punch which takes the kid back to the ropes again, and her head’s lolling to one side even before Eliza thuds another left hook into her cheek, this time Debby clinching, albeit weakly, Eliza sneering into her ear, “Finish coming, b###h! Then you can start paying penance!” The referee separates the girls, and Eliza immediately gives Debby’s much coveted rack a series of short, tit-juggling uppercuts, the girl’s jugs barely staying covered as she wails in pain, Eliza again sending her to the ropes, her left jab keeping Debby upright as she thumps her right hook into that battered face four times, Debby crashing to the canvas, down and out!

Result: Eliza Dushku knocked out Debby Ryan in round 4.

Debby looked good for just over a round and a half - but she's going to be sorry she riled Eliza!

Eliza isn't done with the youngster. After her corner removes her gloves, she struts over picking up the dazed Debby and forces her into her own corner. The Albanian Princess teases her boobies then plants them in the other former brunette's face. She does a little dance as Debby suffers in the smother. Eliza still isn't done. After about a minute, she lets the youngster slide down the ropes. Eliza backs up turning her back to Debby then slides her tight bottoms up to show off her backside. Eliza repeats her little dance on Debby's face before strutting back to her corner for the post fight interview.

"I think my point has been made." Eliza says with a little grin. "She's a good fighter just needs to get some common sense." 



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