27 March 2015 Emma Stone vs Mila Kunis

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Emma Stone vs. Mila Kunis
(Words: Front Street / Results: Lookout!)


Nobody's had a quicker drop from the heights than Mila Kunis. A huge winning streak that brought her to the edge of a title shot, a "series of unfortunate events" that prevented her from getting that shot, and then huge struggles that sent her to the edge of the unemployment line. But, the gorgeous brunette hung on to her job and remains committed to turning this thing around. "I'm still here, despite that cheating bytch's efforts to send me packing. I'm still here. I might not be where I want to be, but I'm still in the building, and, as long as that's the case, I'm still dangerous. And, tonight, I'm going to show Emma just how dangerous I am."

Stone all business, clearly not planning to become part of the Kunis comeback storyline. "Everyone's making this all about Mila. Well, it isn't. I'm just as talented as she is. I'm also younger with a much brighter future. But, that's the great thing about this fight. When it's over, no one will be talking about Mila anymore. They'll be talking about me."


Styles immediately apparent. The taller Emma wants to work forward behind the left jab. The brunette wants to circle and pick her spots. Mila quickly showing the good feet, bouncing, moving right, away from Stone's power. Emma popping the jab, locating. Sometimes finding. But, mostly Mila's too slick, too quick, she's always outside Stone's left glove. As the round goes on, Mila begins bouncing forward, creating exchanges. Emma responding well, firing back with both hands, putting punches together, willing to trade for as long as the brunette wants to. Mila seems surprised that she's not gaining the edge in these flurries, surprised the redhead can give as good as she gets, but she can. And she does. Kunis, though, not deterred. Keeps picking spots and scoring in them. But,  by the time the bell sounds, it's Stone who's done enough to narrowly grab the first and lead 10-9.


The redhead getting the jab home a bit more often now, and that changes things a bit. Stone now able to walk forward and try to cut the ring on Kunis. Mila fine with that. She'll stand and trade. And that leads to some very spirited exchanges in which both girls are touched up nicely. Nobody hurt, mind, but both girls tasting some power and serving some up as well. It's fan-friendly, two-way stuff with head snapping back, sweat flying, and neither girl willing to give any ground to the other. Near the end of the round, Kunis begins going body on the taller girl, banging away at the ribs and abs, opening another front in what's become quite the war. Again, Emma responds in kind, thumping the tummy and letting the more-experienced fighter know that every liberty she takes will be dealt with in kind. It's another near thing, this time for Mila, who's evened it at 19.


Cue the body work. Kunis started this, and Stone bound and determined to finish it. Emma crowding Mila now, standing toe to toe and simply digging at the ribs, pounding at the midsection. Kunis just fine with these tactics. Clearly doesn't believe the younger girl's core is as strong as her own and intent on proving it. There's some work upstairs, but not much. It's all grinding, thumping, hooking, bludgeoning, and both women are feeling it as the round goes on. Winces of pain accompany each tenderizing shot, but both fighters simply keep at it, certain that their respective opponents will break first. Neither does, at least not yet. Both ship the shell and stay afloat. By round's end, Stone's body is showing more wear, but that's just because of her lighter complexion. In reality, Emma got more work done in the third, and is back on top 29-28.


Mila back to moving. Stone getting some satisfaction from that. It wasn't the redhead who backed down in the body battle, it was the brunette. But, that's one battle, not the war. That's still in the balance, and Kunis' clever movement is the next ridge Emma needs to take if she plans to win it. Stone goes back to the jab to locate, but, like in the first, she's having some problems, because Mila's now circling with the gloves high, picking off the jabs, not allowing Emma to close. Instead, it's Kunis who's back to the offensive, picking and choosing her spots to pop forward and flurry. Again, Emma responds well in those situations, holds her own in the exchanges, lands some solid shot, but it's Mila who's getting more done, and, when the bell sounds, it's Kunis who's grabbed the round and evened the score again, this time at 38.


Mila circling, bouncing, gloves high, not giving Stone much of a target for her jab. Stone resolute, trying to get it on target so that she can close behind it, but she can't find the slick veteran, who's using all of her wiles now to cause the younger fighter problems. Stone's short, wide, on the wrong foot. She can't get where she wants to go. The geometry is always wrong. Still, Emma pressures. She wants to cut and close, get into Mila's body some more, deal with her pesky legs that way. Kunis not having it, staying on the move now, not coming forward at all, simply stopping, popping, then moving again. Making Stone stalk. Making her chase. No. Stalk, but don't chase. Boom. It's a thing of beauty. The replay is shown dozens of times. Mila circles right. Emma's chasing. Kunis stops. Emma jabs as she steps forward. Kunis's right is already in motion. Over the outstretched left. Onto the chin. Boom. Down goes Emma, crumpling to her face at the brunette's feet. The redhead stricken. She pushes up to her haunches then collapses to her back as the referee counts. She drapes her right arm across her face as the count reaches ten, making your winner by KO5, Mila Kunis!


Kunis all smiles in the post fight. She remembers where she was a couple of months ago, and, while she's not near where she wants to be right now, well. This is a step. "What did Bruce Springsteen sing? 'It's a long walk home?' Well, it's going to be a long walk for me, no question about that. But, I'm on my way. I'm going to get there. And, between now and then, a lot of other girls are going to end up just like Emma, lying on the canvas at my feet. A lot of girls. And then, at the end of my walk, Krissy, it will be your turn. And, that night, I'm going to take one more walk. And you're coming with me. See you then, bytch."



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