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27 March 2015 Troian Bellisario vs Lisa Maffia

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on March 27, 2015, 9:13 am


(Pretty Little Punchers vs Beever’s Babes)
Results: Lookout   Writing: Archer

Before: “I’ve been to the UK in the past and I had some exciting fights there,” Troian Bellisario says enthusiastically. “One of the fighters I never had a fight with is Lisa Maffia. It’s great to be able to fight her here. I just know this going to be a fun fight!”

“It’s nice for Troian to make me feel welcome ,” Lisa Maffia says graciously. “It is too bad we didn’t fight back home, but we’re fighting at last and that is all that matters. Troian beat a lot of good British fighters, but she never fought me. That will be all the difference. I am really eager to have a go at her.”

Troian wears a two-color bikini: red for the top and black for the bottom. Red gloves and black boots and hair in a pigtail tied with a red ribbon complete her look. Lisa in white bikini with black gloves and boots (white laces), hair in single battle braid.

R1: Both fighters out of their corners with focused looks on their faces. Fight starts slowly with guards up and punches licking out to probe defenses. Lisa first to come forward aiming uppercuts at Troian's jaw. Troian moving her head to dodge the incoming punches, but Lisa is persistent and finally clips the American’s chin to put a wobble in Troi’s step. Lisa starting in again, but Troi has shaken off the chin shot and greets the British beauty with a thorough pasting of her breasts. Lisa’s gulping for air as Troian’s punches empty her lungs and a follow up hook deep into Lisa’s ebony belly doesn’t help. Troian trying to build on this but Lisa revives and pumps rapid fire punches into Troi’s belly. Troi stumbles back and gets smashed across the chops by Lisa’s right cross and then smashed from the other direction by a left hook. Troian trying to recover, steps back but Lisa pushes in on her, pounding away at Troian’s with a rain of leather. Troian looks to be in trouble, but she manages to quick step away from Lisa and come back swinging. Lisa’s head banged from side to side and it’s her turn to fall back. Rounds ends with Troian unsuccessfully trying to corner Lisa, but the American comes away with a narrow win.

R2: Lisa wasting no time in going after Troi this round. She is across the ring and slamming uppercuts into the American’s jaw. Troian shuddering under these impacts, but manages to dance backwards out of range. Lisa following , but Troi now has her jab going to counter. Lisa patient, banging away, trying to knock Troian’s gloves apart so she can get at her face and head. Troian naturally trying to avoid this, but Lisa’s pressure mounting steadily as the minutes tick away. Then Lisa catches Troi by surprise by suddenly diving her attack down to Troi’s belly and then rising up to hammer her breasts. Now it’s Troi’s turn to gasp for breath and Lisa finally drives a straight right through Troi’s weakened guard and catches her square in the nose. Troi screams into her mouthpiece and then a left uppercut crashes into her chin. Troian reeling back but manages to get that jab back up and hunches up to protect her middle. Troian makes it to the bell still on her feet, but Lisa Maffia has won this round.

R3: Troian better prepared when Lisa comes back at her with her jab up and working hard, as well as trying to keep her upper body a moving target. Lisa obliged to start moving herself and manages to catch Troi off balance with some hard shots to the sides lighting up her ribs. Troi trying to circle away, but Lisa staying with her. Troi able to get in some overhand rights and lefts to bang up Lisa’s face as she tries to duck behind her gloves. Lisa not liking this, but she hangs in and hammers Troian to the tummy. Troian hanging in there, too. PLP fighter keeps going to the bell and makes it close, but the Beever’s Babe takes the stanza.

R4:  Troian catches Lisa by surprise with a rush across the ring at the bell and drives her gloves deep into the British boxer’s belly. Lisa doubled up then gets her head batted from side to side as she is hunched in front of Troi. Lisa’s legs show weakness as she tries to get away from the American’s punches. Troian constantly on her opponent, but she can’t seem to land in the right place as Lisa just won’t go down. Troi finally tries to drive Lisa back to the ropes, but Lisa manages to slip away down the strands and gets her jab going at last to punch Troian’s head back and ensure the round won’t go as a shutout to the PLP fighter. Lisa Maffia looks quite shaky getting back to her corner.

R5: Troian looking confident, but not reckless as she heads for Lisa at the opening bell. Troi starts with a pounding attack on Lisa’s midsection that sends tremors down the British fighter’s legs. Then Troi does a lightning one-two right/left off Lisa’s chin which freezes just long enough to bring an uppercut crashing home under the chin. LISA MAFFIA GOES DOWN. Lisa’s legs just stiffen and she topples backwards like a felled tree landing with a ring-shaking crash. Lisa just starfished with her legs and arms spread, head moving uselessly from side to side. Referee’s count seems a mere formality as Troi’s arm is soon raised in victory.
The Winner: Troian Bellisario KO5

After: Troian congratulated by PLP sisters Shay Mitchell, Sasha Pieterse, Danielle Campbell and Leah Pipes. She shares hugs with them then heads over to Lisa Maffia’s stool where she chats with the British boxer and gives her a friendly hug.
“That was really exciting for me,” Troian tells the press. “Lisa was a worthy opponent and it took my best efforts to beat her. I hope she isn’t too disappointed with losing. I am sure there are plenty of girls around her she can beat.”

“I should have done better,” Lisa Maffia says later. “I know I can and will. Nothing to do now but move on to the next fight, but I can tell you I do not care for losing no matter where I fight.”

Good win for Troian Bellisario. She had some problems with Lisa Maffia, but overcame them and knocked the British fighter out. Lisa Maffia clearly disappointed at the knockout, but she still seems willing to search for a path to success on this side of the Atlantic. 



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