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30 March 2015 Alexa Vega vs Ashley Benson

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on March 30, 2015. 10:32 am


Alexa Vega versus Ashley Benson
(Empire Boxing vs Pretty Little Punchers)
Results: Lookout / Writing: Archer

Before:  Ashley Benson all smiling and eager as she stands at the podium: “I am feeling really great about this fight. I admit I was a little concerned after losing my first two fights this year, but when I beat Debby Ryan—that has made all the difference. Of course,  I know poor Alexa is struggling—what is I now, honey, three in a row you’ve lost. I know that feeling of desperation. It really eats at you doesn’t it? I am sorry but you are just going to have to put up with a while longer because I’m beating you and even up my record to 2-2 this year.”

Alexa Vega smoldering under Ashley’s snide remarks ignores the PLP on her way to the podium: “I would like to point out that while I have lost my last three fights, I was defeated by Cassie Scerbo, Vanessa Hudgens and Hayden Panettiere. All of them seasoned veterans and I feel no shame in having lost to them. I have beaten Willa Holland and Nicole Gale Anderson—I might have gotten ahead of myself and rushed into upper level fighters too soon. Luckily, I won’t have that problem with Ashley. I mean she’s been trying since 2011 and what’s got to show for it? She’s 7-10-0—not even .500. She’s someone well within my range and she’s going to find that out the hard way!”

Ashley’s turn to look coldly at her future opponent, but tempers are kept in check for once. Fight night finds both fighters still giving each other the evil eye. Ashley has chose a bright red bikini, while Alexa’s in a black and white zebra-striped bikini. Red gloves and boots for Ashley. Alexa’s got white gloves and black boots with white laces. Both fighters have their hair pulled back and formed into a single ponytail. Chilly relations continue through the instructions, but things get heated up when the glove touch turns into a shoving match. Referee sternly lectures both fighters before sending them to respective corners.

R1: Bell rings and the fighters head right for each other meeting in an explosion of crashing leather and it is Alexa who gets in the first good punch. A slick right cross  rips Ashley Benson’s head around as it smacks off her jaw. Alexa lunges in to drive hard uppercuts into Ashley’s well-filled bikini top. Ashley struggling to keep Alexa back does manage to pepper the Empire blonde with jabs mainly to the face which does make Alexa start circling. Ashley trying to keep up with Alexa gets her jaw worked over before Alexa goes to the belly with some strong hook that have Ashley up on her tiptoes. Ashley jabbing steadily finally does slow down Alexa’s attack, but the bell finds the round in Alexa Vega’s corner by a comfortable margin.

R2: No hesitation from Ashley Benson despite a face that is now red and swollen in a number of place, she heads right for Alexa Vega to try to carry the fight to her. Empire boxer going back to the belly for her initial efforts with some strong hooks that are clearly rattling Ashley. Ashley obliged to try some evasive footwork to make her torso less of a target and she does score with some quick jabs to the face to knock Alexa’s head back. Alexa studying her quarry, finally goes with a rush that seems aimed at my belly busting, but when she’s got Ashley committed to body defense, Alexa heaves him overhead rights that strike at Ashley’s forehead and eyebrows. Ashley strikes back to Alexa’s belly and gets a grunt from a deep hook,  but Alexa smashes back with a right to the jaw that shakes Ashley’s legs. Ashley trying to duck and weave, using the jab, but she can’t seem to land well enough on Alexa to drive her back. Still, the PLP fighter does make it a narrower win on points this round for her Empire rival.

R3: Ashley must have liked those belly hooks because she is back at Alexa to the body from the start of this round. Alexa not backing down even as she doubled up by a couple of those hooks. She is going for Ashley’s head and she is  really doing a number on the PLP girl’s cheekbones and jaw. Grim battle of attrition this round, but Ashley then turns the tide by finding Alexa’s solar plexus for some pounding hooks. Alexa gasping and shaken, retreats, but Ashley seems slow to follow, perhaps dazed by Alexa’s repeated face punches. Rounds ends with Ashley trying to find a way through Alexa’s jab and not really finding it, but she does win her first round of the night, though it is close.

R4: Now it’s Alexa’s turn to go on the attack early and she backs Ashley up with a flurry of uppercuts and overhand punches all aimed at Ashley’s lumping up face. Ashley finally forced to drop back and use her jab to try to keep Alexa back. Alexa just hangs in, circling and hitting, but about halfway through the round, Ashley suddenly goes on the attack. The PLP blonde goes first to midsection to fix the Empire fighter just long enough to send in a sweeping right aimed at Alexa’s head. Unfortunately for Ashley, Alexa sees the punch coming, ducks under and pops an answering uppercut into Ashley’s chin. Ashley’s chins shudder, but she manages to scamper backwards out of danger. The two then settle down into circle and punch to the bell, but the round goes to Alexa close.

R5: Ashley’s face not looking good with swollen, reddened areas to the jaw, chin and cheeks, but she eager to get back at Alexa. Alexa more than willing to get into another close-in battle and at first she finds cheekbones again, but then Ashley strikes back with that driving attack to the body. Alexa just can’t seem to hang in as her belly and solar plexus get worked over by a drumfire of Ashley Benson punches. Alexa finally forced to back away, jabbing, but Ashley’s moving her head much better this round and the jabs are not connecting. Alexa finally backed up to the ropes and gets her body worked over until she clinches to break it up. Alexa uses repeated breaks to work her way away from the ropes, but Ashley clearly wins the round.

R6: Alexa looks stiff and slow rising from her stool, but she is ready enough when Ashley comes charging in. Ashley working the body once again and Alexa is writhing as she tries to stay away from those unrelenting, grinding hooks. Alexa’s jab is starting to get wilder and her upper guard is falling apart.  Ashley quick to take advantage with lightning uppercuts to the chin and then a crashing straight right between the eyes. Alexa’s legs lock and she pitches forward into Ashley’s arms. Startled Ashley jumps back and lets Alexa crumple to the canvas at Ashley’s feet. Referee moves in to order Ashley to a neutral corner and start his count. Alexa struggles to rise, but can do more than get to her knees where she sits, her arms wrapped around her body, her face twisted with frustration at not being able to get any further. The count passes her by and Ashley raises both arms with a grin of victory on her bruised and swollen face.

The winner: Ashley Benson KO6

After: “I like to that I just proved you should never give up,” Ashley Benson cheerfully tells the press. “Alexa made a mess of my face, but it was my body that set her up for the KO. Why didn’t walk her? I figure losing ANOTHER fight hurt her almost as much as my actual punches. She looked so pathetic on her knees holding her body. It would been overkill to walk her. So I showed her mercy. Hope she appreciates it.”

“I cannot believe I lost that fight,” a chagrined Alexa Vega complains to the press. “I was taking Ashley apart, but I think I got sloppy with my defense. You can’t just give up your body like I did and hope your opponent breaks first. That sure didn’t work with Ashley and I will remember the lesson. Showing me mercy? Ha, she was afraid she’d look like a bully—so I am not thanking for doing something decent. It’s what she should have done. I also think congratulating herself for that was classless, but that’s Ashley Benson for you!”

Ashley Benson just shakes her head:  “I would call ingratitude ‘classless’—and that sure is Alexa Vega. I will be sure to remember what she said the next time we fight.”

Exciting back and forth battle between eager young fighters while it lasted. Ashley’s longer experience may have given her the edge in taking punches and going on. Ashley prospects now on the rise, while the talented, but less successful Alexa tries to find the way to win consistently.



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