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30 March 2015 Claire Danes vs Laura Vandervoort

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on March 30, 2015, 10:44 am


Claire Danes versus Laura Vandervoort
(Hawkeye International vs Foxfire Boxing)
Results: Lookout   Writing: Archer

Before: “I wanted to get back into action this year and I realized I had never actually fought ‘The Beach Bunny’, so when we got feelers from Foxfire, I was all for it,” Claire Danes relates at the pre-fight press conference. “Now I suppose it’s not entirely a fair test for Laura—after all it’s in a ring, not sand, but I think if she wants to prove something against me, she needs to do it in the ring. Of course, I don’t really believe she can do it., but it will be interesting.”

“I will certainly do my best to make sure Claire Danes isn’t bored during our fight,” Laura Vandervoort says tartly. “I have made it clear that I am fighting her to remind people I am more than a beach fighter. So don’t worry, Claire, I won’t need sand to beat you.”

Fight night finds Claire Danes  in a black vinyl one-piece cut high on the hips to show off her legs. Claire has white gloves and boots with black lacings. Hair pulled back and secured with a simple white ribbon. Laura in white retro one-piece with black gloves and boots with white lacings. Laura’s blonde hair hanging loose. Chilly, but polite during instructions Claire and Laura betray some eagerness for the battle by swatting gloves together and jogging in place the few moments until the bell rings.

R1: Both fighters out smoothly and launch crisp, probing punches at midring to get the fight rolling. Claire noted for her excellent footwork, but Laura V. showing some good moves herself as she circles with Claire. Danes getting hit early and often to the face, doesn’t like this treatment, but Laura’s moving her upper body to evade most of Claire’s counters. Laura mixes in some pumping hooks to the stomach to give Claire’s legs a tremble and then moves back to buffing up Danes’ cheekbones with some uppercuts to the chin when she can. Claire’s face reddening up, but she stays cool, trying to make her jab work more effectively. Laura’s gets touched with some Dane shots to the chest and forehead, but remains dominate to the bell and gets the round on the cards.

R2: Laura still showing that nice footwork. She’s got Claire looking annoyed, especially when Danes’ face gets stung again and again by unexpected Vandervoort punches. Laura makes an effort to drive Claire back by switching to a body attack, hooking Danes repeatedly to the belly and trying to make her back-up. Claire tries to stand her ground and make her jab punish Laura’s aggression, but she’s not getting the accuracy she wants thanks to Laura’s evasive tactics. Claire’s scoring more effectively late in the round, mainly by going to the body and slipping punches over Laura’s  incoming to smack her on the forehead. Point totals narrow this round, but it’s still Laura Vandervoort’s win.

R3: Claire moves quickly as the round opens and shows some her legendary footwork with a neat feint that allows her bringing a crashing right to the side of Laura head. Laura stumbles away and Claire follows coolly to slice away at Laura’s head and face. Laura struggling to pull her defenses together is obliged to retreat, but she manages to keep from being forced to the ropes. Claire keeps up the pressure as the round goes, mixing body hooks with the lightning jabs aimed at Laura’s face and head. Laura able to get her jab functioning late and Claire seems unwilling to press in, satisfied with winning her first round as the bell rings.

R4: Laura comes out aggressively this round, but Claire’s just as aggressive. This leaves to a fierce battle for control moving around the whole ring.  Laura first able to back Claire up with stinging shots to Claire’s now swelling cheekbones, but Claire fights back with some vicious hooks that make Laura’s face twist with pain. Laura now in retreat, but comes back again late with some quick uppercuts that finds Claire’s chin. However Claire does a sidestep and fires a straight right into the side of Laura’s face. Laura stumbling away with Claire in pursuit. Times runs out in the stanza, but Claire Danes has edged Laura V on the cards.

R5: Laura Vandervoort not giving up, she’s trying to match Danes’ neat footwork and it is makes for a series of fierce punching battles. Both fighters landing and being hit as this battle rages on, but Claire’s got the bigger bag of tricks. Laura’s running out of feints and evasions and getting busted up by the more clever D-Train. Laura settles down for just plain punching her way through Claire’s defenses, trying to knock her gloves down so she can get at her jaw. Laura manages to rock Danes at least twice, but she’s paying a heavy price from Claire’s increasingly accurate counterpunching. Laura’s a hairline cut, both eyes swollen and lumps on both jaws, but she clenches her mouthpiece in her determined efforts to reach Claire. Laura just can’t quite land with power on Danes, but does succeed in making a close round though it still Claire who wins it.

R6: Banged up as she is, Laura comes roaring out of her corner trying to get at the elusive Claire. Claire struck hard to the belly and then gets her chin lifted by Laura’s uppercuts.  Claire looks shaken and fights with her jab while backing up. Laura trying to circle, trying to cut Danes off and perhaps herd her to the ropes. Danes keeping her cool under pressure, counter-circles and makes Laura chase her. Nice breathing room gained by Danes as Laura’s not landing many more punches as the time ticks away. Laura clearly the more active fighter and wins the round, but she’s not looking pleased at the results.

R7: Laura again bounds out of her corner with aggression on her mind, but Claire surprises her by q quick moving offensive of her own. Two fighters clash and it’s a close in battle, just churning punches up into the other’s body and taking what’s dished out. Then Claire gets her uppercut between Laura’s gloves to plow up into her chin. Laura’s whole body trembles from the impact of that one punches as her blonde head jerks back splattering Claire with sweat. Claire sees her opening and pours punches in as Laura’s guard falls apart. Laura’s head swatted from side to side, suddenly her legs cross and she pitches forward. Claire calmly steps to one side as Laura crashes face down on the canvas, arms and legs spread wide. Referee moves in as Laura tries to push herself up off the canvas, but her arms buckle and she drops back down her cheek resting moistly on the canvas while she gasps for air. Meanwhile the count rolls on and suddenly it is over. Claire smiling happily as her arm is raised in victory.

The Winner: Claire Danes KO7

After: Laura has to be helped to her feet and led to her stool before she is fully conscious. Claire waiting patiently with her gloves removed. Once Laura has sufficiently record, Danes swoops in to pulls Laura to her feet for a triumphant walk of shame. Laura V is pale beneath the bruises and swellings on her face, but she gamely puts up with the indignity of the walk, Claire happily posing for the photographers with her prey. As they finally complete the circuit, Claire release Laura but sticks out a foot so that the beaten blonde trips and does a pratfall bringing gales of laughter from HISC supporters, though Foxfire loyalists loudly express their disapproval.

“I knew she couldn’t handle me,” Claire cheerfully tells the press, “but I knew she wouldn’t be willing to admit it, so I figured I better make sure she doesn’t forget losing to me.  So I took her on that walk, Too bad about her falling on her face—again. She really needs to practice her footwork. Heh! Heh!”

Laura Vandervoort not amused by Claire or her “jokes”. “I was getting to her. I was smacking her plenty, but was more tricky than I had expected. Once she nailed me in the 7th, I couldn’t get myself together and I got knocked out. Then she had to go in rub it in. She is going to pay for that some day and we’ll see how she likes being humiliated.”

Claire not impressed with Laura’s threats: “How trite can you get? I’ve heard all the threats and vows of vengeance and I know how few of them are ever translated into action. Mark my words—Laura Vandervoort will soon be back on the beach and trying to forget I ever existed.”

Laura Vandervoort showed some effective footwork and punching power against Claire Danes. However the wily  HISC veteran was able to hang on and eventually get the better of the Foxfire bantam. Danes clearly a high-ranking contender in the division and a fresh run at the title seems inevitable as the year develops. 



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