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30 March 2015 Title Ch Vanessa Hudgens vs Cassie Scerbo

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on March 30, 2015, 11:03 am


Vanessa Hudgens versus Cassie Scerbo

Lookout! Boxing vs Bazz Fight Club
(Unified Flyweight Title)
Words: Bazz / Results: Lookout!

Before: Presidents have given speeches at this arena yet security has never been at a higher level. Personnel doubled at all the entrances to handle the metal detector wands and eyeball all those attending, with a special emphasis on any girls of a certain height and weighing in the vicinity of 110 lbs. FCBA budget has been turned upside down paying for all this professional mayhem prevention. Outside hangs an enormous cloth sign hanging from the arena roof down to the street. Vanessa Hudgens and Cassandra Lynn Scerbo are facing each other in full fight regalia, evil stares affixed to pretty faces, with dukes up. In between the two snarling ponytailed girls is a two line inscription, “Sharknado Girl vs Disney Girl” and underneath “The Snark Ends Here!” The antics of the two fighters at Lynch’s Bar on St. Patrick’s Day was the ramping up of an oncoming freight train which resulted in ticket sales and a PPV deal unseen by the FCBA. It’s made any increase in cost for security look like pocket change. This is an FCBA event that has the potential to be an epic night.

“Everyone knows I don’t like her. We’ve been going at it since she first got into this league. Well I plan on shutting that big yap of hers. It’s on tonight. That’s all I’ve got to say. It’s on tonight.” Vanessa summarizes refusing to utter her opponent’s name.

“You know for once I’ve got to agree with Fudgy. We don’t like each other. She’s this stuck up beyotch walking around thinking that her poop doesn’t stink when everyone who has been near her knows that’s just not true. She’s smelly. . .” Cassie concludes while doing a pretty spot on exaggerated imitation of Vanessa Hudgen’s walking style and then of a person walking next to her holding her nose.

“I told you she’s got a yap on her and I’m gonna shut it!” Hudgens interrupts taking a step towards her pantomiming blonde opponent causing over a dozen burly men standing by on the stage to surge towards the two flyweights.

“No! You’ve got a yap on you Smelly Pants! I’m gonna knock that puss of your’s clear into next week!” Scerbo’s retort brings the phalanx of big men between them. Vanessa and Cassie are now clawing at each other while being held back by security. Preview interview time is over.

Vanessa wearing a white bikini with pink gloves and boxing shoes. Cassie wearing Bazz black bikini, gloves and boxing boots. Both women’s hair set in the de rigueur flyweight style, a tight ponytail.

Rd 1 Both fighters come at each other like bullets shot from guns. Hudgens strikes first with a roundhouse that just nicks Scerbo’s nose. Scerbo twists out of the way and then coils and comes back with her own cannon shot hitting Hudgens right on the face. Vanessa reeling back with Scerbo chasing her down. Both girls throwing punches in a blur with Scerbo on top for the moment. Least used piece of equipment in the arena, the seats as the crowd is on its feet with no intention of sitting back down until this is over. Hudgens responds to Scerbo attack with some jabbing but finds herself on the ropes. Scerbo combinations are coming fast and furious with Hudgens taking punishment in the first minute. Hudgens tries to hit with uppercuts, Scerbo in with right hands to the belly. Pace is furious with crowd going wild. Hudgens tries to counter with a furious head down bull rush of Scerbo but it’s no good. Bazz blonde too quick, backing up and swinging from side to side as the brown haired beauty takes even more punishment with this tack. Round is flying by with Scerbo getting Hudgens with flurries of punches that are rocking the Lookout girl’s head back and forth. No one can figure out how Vanessa Hudgens is still standing after such a round.
Flyweight tweets emerge. #ShahiSexBomb “Wow great round by Scerbo!” Panny#1 “Scerbo is an idiot!”

Rd 2 There’s no difference with the flyweights’ aggression in this round. They are both out and at it right off the bat. Hudgens not flustered by the blitzkrieg performed by Scerbo in the first round goes right after the blonde with a series of blazing punches. Scerbo game for the action and the crowd mesmerized watching the two girls just swinging with almost no strategy, with the exception of a pure dislike for one another. Girls standing flat footed in center ring punches nicking each girl causing the crowd to “oooh” and “aaaagh” with each hit until Hudgens catches Scerbo with a right hand sending the Bazz blonde back against the ropes. Hudgens moves in with rights and lefts to the body while Scerbo covers up. It’s the reverse of the first round now with Vanessa dictating the terms with a concentration on the body and then an upper cut or a cross to the face. Hudgens hoping to catch Scerbo with the occasional shot to the head yet Cassie’s covering up pretty well but she can’t hang here for the entire round. Bazz girl snags Hudgens with a shot to the side of her head and then the rapid fire assault from both girls is on again. Little arms set on blur as Hudgens tries to bury Scerbo and Cassie tries to change the round’s direction. Heads snap back and bodies buckle with each landed punch. The entire crowd is in a full facial sweat wondering which bomb will explode first. For this round it was Hudgens who controlled things completely.

Rd 3 Both girls are in as good a shape as any fighter in the FCBA. Scerbo’s treks up that horrible hill are legend and Hudgens who knew she had to be at her peak if she was going to be fighting her nemesis had upped her workouts to include some insane road work. So it is little surprise that the two girls remain standing between rounds with little heavy breathing. There is just too much adrenaline pulsing through the veins at this point.

Scerbo rushes to center ring and starts jabbing at Hudgens who ducks and bops to the side. For a moment the crowd believes that this fight may have shifted down a couple of gears to a more pedestrian pace until they see that the two flys seemingly just can’t resist and the lightening quick punches are back. Both pesky girls trying to block punches as best they can but the urge to punish wins out and they are both pounding away. Scerbo catches Hudgy a couple of times with overhand rights sending the brunette back against the ropes both times. Hudgens able to get to Scerbo’s body with some effective uppercuts knocking her head back with each shot. Little progress made by either girl during the round with the crowd still enthralled with the pace of the fight. As the bell sounds there’s little difference between the two.

R 4 Both fighters race out to mid ring once again. Hudgy making the first swing this round missing with a left hand haymaker that Scerbo dodges by going low. Scerbo reacts from below with three right hands one to the midsection, one to the jugs and then an upper cut to the chin. Hudgens reels backwards as Scerbo continues on with combinations that keep the brunette off her game. Hugdens takes a quick break backpedalling to mid ring to get some air but Scerbo is in hot pursuit. Once established the two boxers build up to their inhuman pace. Scerbo throws a jab to the face and a hook to the midsection, Hudgens jabbing at the blonde Bazz girl while ducking and weaving. Scerbo counters with a little more distance and lunging in on her left foot to jab with the left and cross with the right. Hudgens ducking and weaving out of Scerbo’s range and popping up to land her own punches. The pace has gotten insane again with the crowd roaring its approval when Scerbo changes direction and lowers her right cross and catches Hudgens as she ducks, head snaps to the right and DOWN GOES HUDGENS! The bobbing and weaving rhythm momentarily does in Hudgens as Scerbo times her punch to connect with Hudgens when she ducks down to avoid a jab. Scerbo in neutral corner while Hudgens scurries around on her hands and knees. Ref at 8 when Hudgens regains her composure and he counts to 8 again while she stands in front of him just to make sure. Scerbo dances in looking to capitalize but Hudgens effectively retreats for the remainder of the round. Scerbo’s stare looks like lasers homing in on Hudgy as they walk back to their corners.

Flyweights producing tweets at an alarming rate now. #Carter’sLittlePills “Could we be falling under the rule of a new diabolical champ?” #ShahiSexBomb “That’s a haze of speed out there.” #Panny#1 “I hate both of them.” #SumptuousKunis “Scerbo could win this. She’s still fugly.” #KruekGorgeous “They’re both fat!”

Rd 5 Hudgens seemingly unaffected by knock down in previous round gets right back to it with Scerbo. Meanwhile her strategy has changed. She’s trying to keep the pesky flyweight at bay by corralling her against the ropes or into the corner. Crowd senses that Hudgy may be running out of gas compared to Scerbo who seems to want to get back to center ring and slug it out. Still Hudgens is extremely effective in the clinches connecting on short but powerful punches to Scerbo’s midsection and the every so often head shot. Scerbo moving Hudgens back with uppercuts to the chin but the Lookout girls seems to have found a way to get to Scerbo by slowing down the pace. Suddenly Hudgens lands a cross that shakes Cassie and the crowd senses that she may be in trouble. Hudgens ramps things up hoping to land some more leather. Scerbo using the ropes as she covers up hoping to make it to the end of the round. Hudgy now going all in on the rack smacking the jugs with some serious uppercuts. Scerbo tries to fight back with overhand rights and lefts but she’s glued into the corner pretty good. The knockdown from the previous round has lost some luster as Hudgens puts in a dominant round to come back.

#ShahiRules “And the roller coaster ride continues.” #KruekGorgeous “Can we fix it so they both lose?” #PannytheBest “How can the spotlight be on them and not me?” #I’mbetter.

Rd 6 Scerbo, like Hudgens, seems to have recovered from her previous round with little or no side effects. She’s at mid ring not taking the bait and making Hudgens fight her out in the open. Both girls return to playing the dangerous game of a frenetically paced punching show with very little covering up and defense work. Scerbo jabs at Hudgens catching her face and following up with a right, Hudgens comes back with two jabs that catch the side of Scerbo’s face. Both girls’ punches revert back to blurs with the distinct dislike between the two rearing its ugly head again. Any strategy from the corners out the window with shots to the heads coming at all different angles. Hudgens bobs and weaves once and Scerbo chases her down with the same low right cross but Hudgens counters with an uppercut that nails the chin and DOWN GOES SCERBO! Hudgens catches Cassie in the midst of the lightening paced melee with a strong uppercut that sends her down. Scerbo up at six and standing in front of the ref getting the prerequisite standing 8 count. Hudgens all in with bombs from back around her ankles pushing Scerbo up against the ropes hoping to catch the Bazz girl while she still might be dazed. Scerbo does a good job of fending off the assault blocking and dodging what Vanessa brings until the bell rings.

Rd 7 Scerbo makes a show of getting right out of the gate as if to show the crowd and most importantly Hudgy that she’s in the game. Bazz girls swings at the Lookout girl and they are at it again in the middle of the ring. Slowly but surely Hudgens grinds her way through clinches and close in fighting over to the ropes again. Hudgy content to press a slower speed getting Scerbo back up against the ropes. Hudgens landing more punches although they have nowhere near the effectiveness of the punching that occurs at mid ring. Scerbo still using her over hand right hand on Hudgens but apparently with little else to do while Hudgens scores points down low. At one point in the final minute one of Scerbo’s rights gets Hudgy off of her and they end up in the center of the ring where the speed of punches accelerates once more. Scerbo showing her prowess at the suicidal rate of play while Hudgens keeps up landing some jabs on the blondie just as the bell rings and maybe one just after. This sends Scerbo right up to the ref with her finger pointing right at Hudgens who gets storms back up to the blonde using her fingers to point right back. The ref, specially picked as superior enough to handle the combustion that this fight would undoubtedly bring corrals the two pesky flyweights and lectures them with his own finger snapping back and forth at the two of them. Then he gives Hudgens a quick shake of her arm seemingly telling her that she did get caught with her little hand in the cookie jar.

#ShahiSexBomb “Dirty girl. Am I the only one capable of rational thoughts on this fight?” #ChabertTremendous “Their ponytails have split ends, are ugly and they are too.” #Panny “Shut it Shahi! I need blood pressure pills I’m so peeved at this.”

Rd 8 Temperatures of both tempers probably at just below the thermal reading of molten lava at this point. Both of fighters out with furrowed brows and clenched fists of fury. Hudgens slips by Scerbo landing a buggywhip to the side as she passes by. Scerbo bends to that side enduring the pain and delivers an over hand right to the ear as Hudgens can’t turn in time. Both of them jabbing and following up with jabs and crosses. Scerbo keeping up with the strategy of combination after combination with just enough variation to keep Hudgens on her toes. Hudgens unable to draw Scerbo into slowing the pace swings wildly with another haymaker only to leave her open. Scerbo’s jab directionally upward catches Hudgy’s chin and the right hand crashes through in an instant and DOWN GOES HUDGY! Pretty brunette looking for answers on the canvas as Scerbo heads for a corner. Ref counts to five before Hudgens makes a move and then she is up in an instant. Ref gives a serious looking over and then holds up his fingers as the eight count rather than an end to the fight begins. Hudgy knowing she has dodged a huge bullet bounces on her feet doing her best to show the ref she’s still in it. Scerbo moving in for the kill now. She jumps in with more jabs and wild right hands trying desperately to get Hudgens off her feet again. Crowd going crazy. Scerbo all in when Hudgens lashes out with her own right hand catching Scerbo across the face. Cassie fully extended with her right hand and on her toes actually goes airborne landing on her side. Bazz girl’s knockdown is an extraordinary sight that sends the crowd into a roaring frenzy and equally incredible is her recovery. She rolls over twice ending up by the ropes where she bounces up before the ref can get to three. Referee, amazed as anyone else in the arena, scurries over to Scerbo and starts a standing eight count. Bazz fighter moves about like a caged tiger knowing that the mistake was stupid. She moves in again on Hudgens and the two flyweights astound the crowd by engaging in another fast pitch punching contest again. Scerbo and Hudgens both swinging with no regard to covering up at this point. Heads are snapping back as the rate of the assault is furious. Girls are all over the ring pushing and punching when Hudgens gets Scerbo with a right cross. DOWN GOES CASSIE! Crowd is jumping all over the place while the ref counts. Scerbo climbing up the ropes as the ref gets to ten. IT’S OVER! Winner in a KO in the 8th round Vanessa Hudgens!

After: The place is an absolute definition of bedlam as the large crowd starts to chant “FOTY! FOTY! FOTY!” The chorus starts out low but groundswells into a roar so that those in the ring can barely hear themselves. Flyweights resorting to multiple cell phones to keep up with the furious tweeting battle. Bazz heavies move into the ring quickly escorting their girl back to the corner. Upton, Strahovski and Van Camp no match for the number of big kids on Bazz’ side. Still Hudgy makes an attempt at getting by the phalanx of Bazz fighters but backs off when she runs smack into the blazing blue eyes of Bridget Regan. Instead the flyweight is more than happy to join in a chant with Nina Dobrev and Ashley Tisdale, “Conqueror of Cassie! Conqueror of Cassie!” The chant battles the roaring crowd’s “Foty!” until Hudgens sees none other than Cassie Scerbo march up. “Good Fight! I thought that I had ya but I screwed up and that’s on me but I want a rematch!” Cassie holds out her gloves and smacks them down on Vanessa’s. “And if you don’t give it to me everyone’s going to know it and that chant really won’t mean a heck of a lot!” Vanessa stands in front of her most diabolical opponent thinking things over while Nina and Ashley continue with the “Conqueror of Cassie!” until Hudgy growls “Shut up!” And then leans into Scerbo and whispers “I’ll see you later! You can count on it!” With that both girls, severely marked up from the fight, separate and the reporters crush inwards on Vanessa.

“Yeah that was a barn burner wasn’t it? It’s was obvious who the better fighter was though. She’s just another pretender that I’ve had to wipe out along the way, just like the rest of the flyweight division!. They’ll all be worshiping at my feet soon enough.” When the press demands to know what was said between them at the end of fight meeting Hudgy smiles “I called her ugly and she called me fat. Nothing new.” 



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