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1 May 2015 Catherine Bell vs Emily Ratajkowski

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on May 1, 2015, 10:21 pm


Cat Bell (46yo, 5'10”, 126, 34D-24-35) vs. Emily Ratajkowski (24yo, 5'8”, 119, 35C-24-34) by Lookout/simgrrl

Rumor Mill: The winner MAY get a shot at the Daddario-Hendricks victor. The loser (depending on who it is) could get a call from the Upton-Landry loser. At fight time, “experts” (perhaps wishful thinking) see a Ratajkowski-Upton fight as a ratings and box office bonanza, no matter why it happens. Bell-Landry on the other hand? It has all the sizzle of a 'Posidon Adventure' level disaster. Any other pairing are seen as simply business as usual.
A Bit o' Trivia: American Bell & Ratajkowski were both born in England!
* * * *
Before: Records of no interest. Hall-of-Famer Cat Bell has been fighting “forever”; “Rats” is 0-1. Bell, scaling in at her lightest in years...upper 120's while Ratajkowski, bulked up; almost makes the lower L/W limit (120). So despite initial apprehension, we got a legit contest in store. Bell looking as trim and fit as she's been in years - being more active a possible explanation. Another is that Bell's nemesis Jeri Ryan joined the Academy, so Cat's had to buckle down and do the hard work she's avoided recently. At least she's been getting action in the ring in the last half year or so. Before that, the only “action” Bell got at the Academy was - according to libelous rumors - in her dormitory room after lights out!
Emily doesn't have a personal trainer, nor is she much of a workout enthusiast. She admits to being lazy when it comes to work outs, but claims she's trying “very hard” to improve herself. “It's not easy for an unmanaged fighter,” she admits. “I called several stables looking for bouts, but it was more or less the same response from them all. At Ginny's Academy, the woman who answered my call misunderstood when I gave her my name and said I was looking for 'work'. She referred me to the firm that does their cleaning and support staff. It took a couple of days to clear that up, but at least I have a standing job offer to wash their towels - you know - if this boxing thing doesn't pan out,” she joked.
“I can't tell you how discouraging it is trying to make it without a full-time representation behind you. Seeing Daddario put her jugs on Theron about broke my heart. I mean, mine are better - it coulda, shoulda, been mine getting that kind of exposure, not hers! I'm a better fighter than Alexandra, yet she got her boobs in USA Today and Sports Illustrated and mine were relegated to web pages most people can't even get to 'cause they're blocked.”
Ratajkowski with a quick turn-around after the early April fight on the beach with Krupa, but assures everyone she's “...fine. In fact, the more often I fight, the better I am.” Emily taking advantage of Ultimate's offer of support since The Fighting Academy has three girls in this PPV (Cole, Loken, and Alba) their training and support staff are ready and available. It's a good “audition” opportunity for “Rats” Ratajkowski - and there's no love lost between The Fighting Academy and Ginny's Academy, so any chance Ultimate's people have to 'stick it' to Ginny's they will take it!
Bell wearing her favorite “I look better in it than Theron does” green bikini ( http://fcbahistory.pbworks.com/w/file/fetch/79631243/Catherine%20Bell%2014.jpeg ); Emily in her 'reference photo' brown/white bikini ( http://fcbahistory.pbworks.com/f/1409072488/Emily%20Ratajkowski%2001.jpg ).
* * * *
During R1: “Rats” Ratajkowski springing out and tearing into Bell's famous bosom like a terrier at a rabbit! Bell recoiling under severe pressure, gloves at her chest, eyes wide. Her newly tightened chassis hits the ropes, bounces off, putting her already red torso right back into the path of “Rats” puppy hunting fists! Bell clinches cheek-on-cheek, trying to get her breath as Rats keeps pumping punches into Cat's firmer, flatter, middle; keeping the old veteran gasping and wheezing. Rats pushing off, turning into a hook, putting her impressive body behind it to good effect! Bell rocked back on her heels by the shorter (2.5”), younger (22yrs), woman. Rats pounding Bell back onto the ropes again; aging Hall of Famer once more forced to clinch; giving Rats free rein to bludgeon her sturdy torso and exposed flanks. In her prime, Bell the tactician was never as good backing up as going forward, and she hasn't improved over the ensuing decades! Bell hunching over, elbows protective of her belly, gloves up in front of her juggs; Ratajkowski fighting in an upright stance - tall as Bell in this posture - tucking lefts and rights in behind Cat's elbows; punishing Bell's flanks. Big ol' brunette cramping up as the younger woman has her way with her. At the bell, Emily “Rats” Ratajkowski throws her hands up and dances back to her corner. Behind her in her wake, Cat Bell looks old as she minces gingerly to her stool where she collapses on her butt panting and looking every bit her age.

R2: More of the same. Rats returns for some more Bell bra bustin'! Ancient Cat's reflexes not what they once were. In the past, she'd have slipped these punches, but these days she has to rely on anticipation and guile. So far, Ratajkowski has bamboozed the older brunette, doing the unexpected - then changing tactics just as Bell is starting to adjust to her. Bell slowly getting back in the fight midway; starting to use her bigger body, putting weight on the younger fighter in clinches, leaning on Rats to steer her at close quarters. Referee playing into Bell's tactics, slow to break them apart; allowing Bell to mug jug the few times she got Ratajkowski cornered. For the most part, however, it's Rats speed vs Bell's experience and when Rats finishes the round with a 'speed bagging' of Bell's bra as the older woman is pinned on the ropes, Emily Ratajkowski takes her second straight round and - suddenly - people are sitting up and taking notice of this promising young fighter!

R3: Cat up off her stool before the bell. After being caught in her own corner twice in two rounds, she's ready and meets Rats mid-ring with room to maneuver. Not that it does her all that much good! The younger, nimbler, more agile, Emily runs rings around Bell who finally just drops her hands in frustration and steps back, waving at Ratajkowski, 'come in.' Rats falls for it and in the next twenty to thirty seconds, both women mindlessly smash each others bosom like two over-excited flyweight JMD wannabe's. It's not a pretty sight and if a certain blonde reporter hadn't decided to skip the fight, she'd have walked out at this point! Still, Bell's giving her best performance of the fight thus far; rocking Emily with a pair of right hands as Cat goes jug-jug-jug-chin twice. Emily - fixated on dominating Cat's rack, has forgotten Bell can still punch a little and she pays the price. Down the stretch, Bell starting to tire and Rats kicks it into passing gear; pouring on the puppy punishment again. At the bell, Cat's closing flurry just enough for “The Big Cat” to hang on, winning her first round of the fight. Can this be the start of a Cat comeback...or just more false hope for her loyal fans?

R4: Bell, rejuvenated by her success the previous round, out fast again. The key for this aging fighter is once she establishes a rhythm she can dominate an inexperienced rookie. But if the newbie gets a little confidence going, the adrenaline kicks in and there's not much the old timer can do at that point. At least early, Bell is working her game plan and it's Ratajkowski frustrated by her inability to regain her lost momentum. Bell giving up on trying to out box Rats, simply going straight into her and bludgeoning her chest with either hand. Fans ringside seeing flashes of “the old Bell” the woman who - in her heyday - would beat down women like Charlize Theron, Jeri Ryan, Jennifer Garner, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, to name some of her most prestigious victims! Ratajkowski not yet in that class and her bosom is taking a shellacking as Bell keeps up a drumbeat rhythm; lashing Rats Rack back and forth as the youngster wobbles backward under Bell's unrelenting barrage. Rats ropeside not the same fighter she was in the middle of the ring where she had room to maneuver easily around the older, slower, Bell. Trapped on the ropes, Emily Ratajkowski reduced to a one-trick pony, counter-punching desperately as Bell jab-steps left, or right, to cut off her escape route; then hammers another hook or cross into that taut young body, robbing Emily of breath; stealing her will, punch by punch. At the bell, Cat standing upright over the crouching youngster, puts her hands on Ratajkowski's shoulders and stands her up to stare deep into her eyes; Bell's huffing and puffing rippling Emily's sweaty, tousled, hair as Cat studies her prey like a mad scientist examining a bug under a microscope. Satisfied with her exam, Cat pushes Emily toward her corner, turns and trudges back to her own corner to prepare for the next act as the audience slumps breathlessly back into their seats, most of them panting right along with Cat Bell.

R5: Ratajkowski at the bell rises aching from her stool, looking forlorn while Bell gets a helping hand on her back from Stone as she lumbers to her feet and walks slowly out to greet Emily. Rats right hand opens the action, cuffing Bell upside the head and knocking her off stride. Bell, perhaps weakened by having to drop so much weight for the fight, or maybe just from old age(?), looking like she could drop at any second. Emily pushes out her left hand in Bell's face. SHE'S HURT! RATAJKOWSKI IS HURT BY A RIGHT HAND! Bell dropping the right over Rat's lingering left, catching the youngster flush and Emily send recoiling back in disarray; arms flapping wildly as she stumbles and almost falls. Bell stepping with her, turns into a left hook, getting all her body into it and DOWN GOES EMILY! Rats sent sprawling by the left hook, landing on her butt, back of her head hitting the lower rope and snapping forward. Ratajkowski rolls onto her side, her mouthpiece dribbling from her lips. Bell grabs the top rope in her right hand and holds on as she meanders along it to the corner where she puts her hands on her hips, heavy bosom heaving, staring at young Ratajkowski as if willing her to stay down. But the game kid struggles to her feet, swaying as the referee retrieves her mouth guard and pushes it roughly into her mouth, the points to Bell as if telling her, “There she is kid, go git 'er!”
Emily leans back against the ropes and gestures to Cat Bell with a 'C'mon' wave. Bell heaves a big sigh, then walks slowly over to the buxom young brunette. Cat's left flicks out, 'pop-pop-pop' three times in Emily's face, then the right POW! Emily is thrown backward, landing flat on her back, her arms flung back over her head. Bell stands over her looking down as the referee takes a close look, then waves his arms overhead, and then raises Bell's hand. The fight is over just that quickly, a big KO5 for Cat Bell who has shocked many by beating a promising fighter half her age!
* * * *
After: Bell back to her corner as Ratajkowski's seconds work to bring her around. Cat pushing Stone, barking, “Get my gloves off!” Cat hitches up her sagging top and the audience suddenly realizes she's going for the JMD when she turns and heads across the ring toward Emily who is slumped on her stool, head on the turnbuckle as Torrie Wilson and Victoria Pratt work on her.
Pratt taps Torrie on the shoulder and points to the on-coming Bell. Victoria steps out to intercept Bell, but Torrie stops her and says something like, “Got this!” (according to lip readers who reviewed the video later).

Torrie Wilson jumps in to protect her young charge - backed by Victoria Pratt who's ready to help if needed! AnnaLynne McCord, at ringside, stands and edges toward the ring stairs; she too looks not just willing, but eager, to get a big, juicy, hunka Hall of Famer Bell!

Taylor Cole & Kristanna Loken - both with fights on the card - aren't available, but there others are ready to support the brunette rookie - including Jennifer Garner who has a long, bitter, history of her own with Bell and would welcome the opportunity to take another shot at the Hall of Famer!

Seeing she's outnumbered, and fatigued from the tough fight, Bell realizes discretion is the better part of valor and retreats to her corner - but not before issuing a challenge to Torrie Wilson to meet her in the ring with gloves on!

Emily sits on her stool grinning; realizing she's missed a chance to get to know Cat's “puppies” up close and personal. 



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