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20 May 2015 Rachel Shenton vs Sammy Winward

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(Fight Club UK vs Girls Friday)


Posted by Vassago on May 20, 2015, 1:28 pm


BEFORE: Both girls have compiled a 1-5 record thus far - nothing to write home about there - and Sammy Winward actually wanted to have a shot at Tisha Merry first but the Coronation Street actress is still out with a dislocated jaw suffered on her debut versus Ashley Mulheron so Rachel Shenton stepped in to provide cover. It's a classic coin toss scenario before the fight and the O2 Arena should be treated with a really even contest to warm up the crowd before the more meaningful fights to come later on the night.

Rachel Shenton wears a blue bikini & boots and black gloves. Brown hair tied in a ponytail. Sammy Winward wears a red bikini, white gloves & boots. Blonde hair tied in a similar ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Neither girl is used to an aggressive mindset but Rachel still jumps into a chaotic jabbing frenzy first and smacks the blonde between the arms and makes early facial connection. Sammy tries to respond likewise but is outworked in close range and eats more leather before yielding real estate and allowing the brunette to make further progress. Rachel settles into a jabbing display and keeps headhunting her foe for remainder of the round, scores a well placed hook on the brow ridge to stun Winward into a moaning struggle and adds another punch on the nose just before the bell.

Round 2:
Sammy tries to tame the brunette's onslaught but struggles in close range again; Rachel really ups her tempo and smacks more punches into the blonde's face to inflict painful yelps from the older actress. Sammy's head keeps rocking backwards and Shenton spins her back to the ropes after the ammount of shots proves to be simply too much to handle. Winward sags behind the earmuff guard which switches Rachel's targets and results in the blonde's ribcage getting hammered; it's all Shenton thus far and what's best, she really enjoys hurting the otherwise pretty girl to the point she refuses to stop the punishment even after the bell and has to be dragged away by the referee!

Round 3:
Sammy hangs back trying to somehow weather the storm but Rachel still leaps at her full of venom after a brief circling avoidance. Like it or not, the blonde has to brawl herself out of trouble and slips by into drilling Shenton's navel however gets countered over the top and endured more headhunting dismay as the brunette simply rocks her into stupor after a point blank range execution. Sammy's left brow ridge begins to swell already and she gets pounded back to the ropes where she soaks up more facial punishment; the guard is unable to offer any protection and come the bell Shenton riffles more clean punches on the eyes to sink an aching Winward on jelly knees.

Round 4:
The beatdown is resumed as Sammy gets nailed between the arms seconds into the fourth and drops her gloves alltogether moments later when Rachel drills a left uppercut on the jaw to close her opponent's eyes... another quick overhand meets no resistance whatsoever and slams the blonde on the eye SENDING HER INTO A SPIRALLING TUMBLE on the canvas... Roxanne Pallett would have really approved that performance and Sammy makes it onto all fours before taking her time in a proper recovery... she's up at eight but looking misty-eyed... Shenton doesn't care about this one bit and slams more uppercuts to shatter the cumbersome guard again and pound an aching blonde back to the ropes... there's nothing Winward can do about the vicious attack as her mitts are split wide open on the two minute mark paving the way for another uppercut disaster.... Rachel wrenches the jaw with a brutal left/right combo and SENDS THE BLONDE DOWN ON HER BUM... Sammy just sits down for a while before rolling onto her side and that's as vicious as it gets between the two lowly ranked girls... The count passes by and the blonde just doesn't make an effort to even recover from the second knockdown within seconds... KO4 Rachel Shenton!!!

AFTER: That was a surprisingly good finish from Shenton who took full advantage of Winward being unable to soak up any punches at all tonight. Georgie Thompson remains coy on the brunette's chances to score further wins like that but indicates that fights between two alleged jobbers can offer some fireworks and a whirlwind KO. It's indeed a rare chance for Rachel to dwell on some spotlight but she's wrestled away from the fallen blonde and reverts to twitter to make her feelings clear: "I whooped some pretty blonde ass tonight! Feeling GREAT and ready for more! #confident".

Roxanne Pallett: "Sammy was pure trash last time I smoked her and remains trash now. What a loser! #BlondesCantFight".

Final result: Rachel Shenton def. Sammy Winward KO4. 



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