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30 May 2015 Rachel McAdams vs Emily VanCamp

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on May 30, 2015, 10:17 am


(37 YO, 5’4, 42 wins (20 KO)/32 losses/1 draw, since 2005, Foxfire Boxing)
(27 YO, 5’8, 21 wins (10 KO)/10 losses, since 2004, Lookout Boxing)
Words: Archer    Results: Lookout

Before: First time meeting between two veteran bantam stalwarts. Emily seems amused to realize that there is an obvious height difference and she makes it one of her main pre-fight talking points.

“For a minute there I thought Hayden Panettiere or Sarah Carter had turned bantam,” Emily chatters with a big smile. “I hope no one thinks I am a bully picking on someone littler than me. Maybe she could fight in high heels that might even things up. Seriously, I had not expected the difference, but please don’t think I am taking her lightly. After all, she has held the bantam title—how many times has it been--?” (She looks inquiringly at Rachel who is sitting with her arms crossed and giving Emily her best “mean girl” glare).

“Four--I’ve held the held the title four times,” Rachel says tersely, but then adds “but you’ve only held it twice.”

Emily nods agreeably: “That is very true, Rachel, but in another ten years I am sure I’ll add to that and—well, you don’t have that many active years left, do you?”

“I have enough,” Rachel growls.

For her part, Rachel McAdams mostly avoids the subject concentrating on this fight: “I was a little surprised to realize that I hadn’t fought Emily. I don’t think she’d be taking me so lightly if she knew what I can do in the ring. The size makes my work harder, but she can be cut down to size, she’s got the ten losses that prove it. I’ll be making it #11.

Emily going for an elegant black bikini with gold trim and the initials EVC embroidered in gold on the hip on her bottoms. Gold gloves and black boots complete Emily’s attire tonight. Her hair is pulled back into a bun. Rachel in hot pink bikini with white boots and gloves (hot pink laces). Auburn hair pulled back in a single battle braid. Both fighters giving each other icy looks during instructions, though Emily cracks a smile to say:

“Going to try pole dancing if the boxing doesn’t work out?”

Red spots burn on Rachel’s cheeks, but she says nothing in reply. However she rams her gloves into Emily’s instead of customary swipe which knocks Emily back a step or two. Referee quick to intervene and lecture Rachel before sending the fighters to their corners to await the bell.

R1: Rachel strikes hard and fast early pumping those white gloves into Emily’s waistline, then quickly swatting her chin. Emily steps back and tries to move around Rachel in search of openings. Rachel moving with her to keep up the pressure. Emily trying to get her jab going, but Rachel’s a moving target, hard to land on. Rachel alternating her attacks, sometimes to body, sometimes to head, just enough to keep Emily from seeing a pattern. Emily getting her face shined by the steady blows, but she doesn’t lose her composure, studying Rachel intently, trying to to figure her out even as she being pummeled. Late in round her jab able to disrupt Rachel’s moves forward, but Emily obliged to see the opening stanza go to the Foxfire veteran.

R2: Rachel now using her footwork to keep Emily guessing and she is able to get more punches onto the Lookout fighter. Quick right over Emily’s guard smashes into Em’s left eye and she recoils in shock. Then straight rights into VanCamp’s breasts knock some air out of her lungs. Emily backing up as she gasps for air. Rachel working that waistline to double Emily forward and then gets a right uppercut into that left eye. Emily covering up and backing away. Rachel guiding her prey to the ropes, but Emily sliding along ropes, gets her right side banged up and finally her head, but she is still standing at the bell. Rachel McAdams takes this one wide.

R3: Lookout corner working hard on that left eye which is reddened and swelling. Emily looking grim, but determined. Rachel starring at her across the ring looks eager to pick up where she left off. Sure enough, Rachel away quickly and using her footwork once again to keep Emily distracted and surprised by punches hitting her from unexpected directions. EVC trying to protect that eye, but that’s leaving a lot of territory undefended. Rachel more than happy to work Emily’s midsection and wear her down to the body. Emily trying to re-establish jab, but she’s not being very effective with it. Rachel taking only minimal counters, enough for Emily to avoid being shutout, but Rachel still wins it wide.

R4: Emily suddenly goes on the offensive this round, challenging Rachel from the opening and keeping her any more fancy footwork. Rachel now backed up as Emily hammers her to the body to loosen her high guard, then swipes Rachel’s jaw from the left and right. Rachel shaken but digs in and hammers right back, bending her head down and leaning the top of her head into Emily’s face. Rachel’s gloves grinding Emily’s chest and diaphragm. Emily pounding down on Rachel’s head. They get locked up and referee has to separate them, but the two go right back at it. Rachel cheekbones and jawlines getting reddening from attention, but she keeps working Emily’s body. Very close action right to the bell, closest round of the bout, but it ends up with Emily taking her first round by a close margin.

R5: Emily again gets aggressive early and trying to use her height to strike at Rachel before Rachel’s counters can reach her. Fierce action as Rachel hangs close trying to neutralize the advantage and hammer Emily at short range. Emily forced to hook in close and does lick Rachel’s chin again and again. Rachel shaking off these punches to hammer Emily’s body for the most part, but she uses her body work as a feint to loop in a right to Emily’s red and swollen left eye. Lands with a smack that makes fans in the back of the auditorium wince. Emily veering off, but she swings around to catch Rachel on that chin as she surges in to pursue. Rachel’s head knocked back hard and she freezes in place. Emily lunges back and smashes punches into Rachel’s chest, but then Rachel uppercuts Emily’s chin to send her stumbling back. Both fighters hurting, but Rachel back in first and uses the opportunity pound VanCamp gut to making Emily retreat all hunched up and aching. Emily has her gloves up around her face to prevent a knockout punch, but as Rachel lunges, she unleashes some desperate jab. Rachel’s face is open and she gets hit hard by the jabs. Rachel stays on her feet and strikes back to Emily’s belly, but punches don’t have the impact and Emily is steady to the bell, though the round goes to Rachel close.

R6: Rachel slow off her stool this round while Emily is fairly quick departing her own corner. Emily lands first, catching Rachel by surprise by going down to pound her tummy. Strong hooks are bending Rachel forward and then she’s set for Emily to bring a mixture of uppercuts, left hooks and right crosses to shell Rachel’s head. Rachel keeps in close so she can bring her own hooks back into play to bombard Emily’s upper body. Two are really going at it, sweat flying from their heaving bodies as each struggles for dominance. Emily slowly gaining ground, pushing a stubborn Rachel back steady fire to chest and head. Rachel’s punching but the power is draining out of her shots. She won’t give up and hangs in close to the end of the round, but it costs her a lot in punishment.  Rachel does keep it close, but Emily still the winner of this round.

R7: Rachel’s face is all busted up as the Foxfire corner works hard to repair the damage. Worse, she is sagging against the turnbuckle as she sits on her stool. This is not looking good. Emily is battered (that left looks especially nasty), but she seems alert and keeping a close watch on her opponent. Rachel again slow off her stool and approaches Emily with caution. Emily working the height factor by striking from long range while dancing around Rachel, who is sluggish in her counters. After a good minute or so of this, Emily comes forward, first with strikes to the body to distract Rachel and then unloading with full strength lefts and rights to the jaw. Rachel knocked first to the left and then to the right. Then Emily drives straight rights and lefts to the face. Rachel’s nose strutting blood as she stumbles back, arms flailing uselessly and then takes a lunging right to the jaw. Rachel spins around and crashes to the canvas next to the ropes, right arm dangling over the bottom strand. Rachel stirs as the count begins and pulls herself up using the ropes. She beats the count and convinces the referee to let this continue. Emily waiting patiently in neutral corner moves in methodically driving Rachel back to the ropes with a pinpoint series of punches that are slipping over and under Rachel’s faltering guard. Rachel tries to slide along the ropes, but Emily gets in front of her and uses a rapid-fire series of uppercuts to the chin. Rachel sagging into the ropes isn’t going down, but she has her right arm hanging over the top rope and the left limp at her side. Emily now batting the helpless Rachel’s head around as ringsiders scream for the fight to be stopped. AND FINALLY, THE REFEREE STEPS IN! Rachel collapsing into the official’s arms as Emily steps back wearily raising her right arm, a smile of grim satisfaction on her swollen lips.
The Winner: Emily VanCamp  (TKO7)

After: “She’s a tough little thing,” Emily admits in the post fight. “and I’ve got the black eye and aching abs to prove it, but she wasn’t as tough as  I am. I think she just ran out of gas after the first half and that’s why I could punch her down. So it was exciting, but ultimately very pleasing to me. After all, seeing a Foxfire girl helpless in the ref’s arms, while always bring a shot of joy to any Lookout girl, especially me. What’s next? I think a title shot would be in order. We’ll see how that works out. In the meantime, you’ll have to excuse me, I have a date with a long hot shower and then an ice pack for this eye.”

Rachel McAdams waits until the next day to make her comments: “It’s never a good night when I lose. This was my first time with VanCamp and she was a handful. I do not think the height thing was all that important. She can take more punishment than I anticipated and I couldn’t take as much as I was expecting. No, I am not ‘losing steps due to age’—I am in as good a shape as ever. I know Emily much better than I did from just looking at films. Things will be different next time. Yes, of course, there will be a next time, I have title hopes, too and I know I’ll have to beat Emily VanCamp to see them come true!”

Great fight while it lasted. Emily VanCamp had a point when she said Rachel McAdams seemed to run out gas after the first half of the fight. Could time be catching up with one of Foxfire’s Finest? Rachel not admitting anything of the sort, but we will see. As for Emily VanCamp, this was a good win for her and should bring her closer to that title shot she is hoping to land. Again we will see. 



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