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2 June 2015 Elizabeth Olsen vs Laura Vandervoort

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on June 2, 2015, 9:17 am


Elizabeth Olsen versus Laura Vandervoort

Ginny's Academy vs Foxfire Boxing
by Lookout/Simgrrl

Before: Vandervoort: is 31 y/o with 58 fights; Olsen just 26 y/o with only 19 fights on her resume. On the face of it, it's a mis-match! But Olsen's a rising star and Vandervoort has been inconsistent the last few years, fumbling away the start of what promised to be a stellar career. This is a contest where one fighter can make a statement that defines the rest of her career! The question is: will that fighter be Vandervoort, or will it be Olsen? Whoever wins could go on to achieve great things – or not! But whoever wins, it's clear the loser will have to pull herself up and start over...because it's a good bet tonight's winner will get a big boost while the loser will have to prove herself ...again...if possible.

Laura's blond hair loose; wearing a form-hugging cropped white top and white boy-cut panties. Liz's 'honey blond' in a French Braid and she's wearing a dazzle pattern camo bandeau bra and matching panties. Both with red gloves and black shoes.
* * * *
During R1: Vandervoort straight at Olsen, pumping that rangy left jab in the youngster's face. Olsen, fighting backing up, not getting much behind her jabs. Laura, fighting from an upright stance, using her reach to punish Liz in the early going; legging her way around the periphery, touching up the younger fighter at will. Olsen in an exaggerated crouch, giving up a couple of inches to a woman who's no taller (in the stats) to work the body. Vandervoort pockets the points in a lackluster first round that sees neither girl land a significant blow, but Laura's aggressive approach enough to impress the judges.

R2: Mid-way thru the second round, fans show their disapproval at the continued lack of action. Olsen still fighting backing away; Laura overly cautious in her approach, extending on her jabs, but not closing within power punching distance. Late in the round, Vandy stuns Lizzy with a right, but Olsen quickly clinches to tie up the veteran and bog down the action until the bell. A loud chorus of boos from the crowd accompanies the women return to their corners as Laura takes a 2-0 lead early.

R3: Academy head trainer Natasha Ragozina huddling with Janet Jones, who's working Olsen's corner. Between rounds, Jones buzzing in Olsen's ear; passing along wisdom from on high. Olsen out showing spunk in the opening minute, standing her ground and trading with the veteran – but Vandy gets the better of the exchange! Liz circling left behind her jab, worrying Laura's right eye. Vandervoort's upright stance lets her take the 'high ground' as she is able to punch down at the low-crouching Olsen. Liz targeting Laura's middle with a left-right combo, hurts her and Olsen goes all-in on the attack. Left-right to the head rocks Vandervoort late in the round and Olsen stacks her up along the ropes, pounding that mid-section to the bell as Laura slumps forward, arms around Olsen's head. Late rally enough to give Olsen the round... narrowly.

R4: More offense from Olsen to open the fourth stanza. Liz building on her body work in the prior round, pounding Laura's belly button from the get-go. Vandervoort forced into retreat as Olsen's bobbing and weaving suddenly making her head a difficult target. Olsen twisting and turning her hips, getting her youthful weight into every one of her body shots. Laura struggling to adjust to Olsen's new strategy, late to adjust and it costs her as Elizabeth Olsen grabs the initiative from the bell and never relinquishes it; dominating Laura from bell to bell. Olsen wins the round by a wide margin to even the fight at 2 rounds apiece with Olsen the narrow point leader.

R5: Vandervoort's corner making adjustments and she looks like a different fighter to start the fifth. She's up on her toes, using the edge in height to punch down at Olsen once again. Liz staggered early, goes into a shell – yielding the initiative to Laura who happily takes it and runs with it! Olsen hurt in the second minute again by an overhand right from Vandy who looks comfortable in the bully role. Laura chup-chup-chupping into Olsen's lush puppies in the third minute and feeling full of herself when Liz rises up out of her crouch to CRACK Vandervoort on the jaw with a left hook! Laura's knees buckle as she staggers backward. Olsen steps with her and follows the left with a right cross ON THE BUTTON that drops Vandervoort on her keister at the ropes! Olsen trips over her, draping herself over the top rope as she tries to untangle her feet from Laura's limp limbs! Referee separates them and sends Olsen to the far corner, then starts the count over Vandervoort who is struggling to pull herself upright. Laura makes it to her feet at EIGHT and after the referee checks her over, there's only seconds left. Olsen charges in to finish, but Laura tackles her around the hips and hangs on to the bell. Late knockdown flips the script on Vandervoort and turns what had been her comeback round into Olsen's, putting Liz in the lead after five.

R6: Olsen upbeat in her corner between rounds; Vandervoort's handlers looking frantic as they attempt to get their girl back up to speed. Laura out cautious for the sixth, backing away; buying time to clear her head as Liz, curiously careful, stalks her in that crouch. Olsen still working on Laura's middle, punching with three and four punch combinations; pounding that area between Vandervoort's bra and panties. Laura jabbing defensively, her right cocked and ready at her chin – but rarely throwing it. Liz husbanding her ammunition, carefully not exposing herself while continuing to punish Laura's tummy. The end comes with surprising suddenness late in the round. Vandervoort, after biding her time for over two minutes, comes off the ropes and attacks Olsen with a flurry of lefts and rights, surprising the young actress. Olsen, ducks under a whistling left, takes a right high on her left shoulder, then turns into a right uppercut that connects square on the point of Vandervoort's forward thrusting jaw. Laura's knees unhinge and she folds like a marionette with the strings cut, dropping to her knees, then toppling over facefirst to the canvas. Liz Olsen steps over her and wanders to the corner where she watches as Laurea Vandervoort is counted out at 2:51 of the sixth round.

After: Liz Olsen watching calmly as Vandervoort is brought around and helped to her stool. After her gloves are removed, Liz joins Laura in the center of the ring for the formal announcement. Then the two girls hug and Laura whispers something to Liz, who grins and nods in agreement.

“She caught me with a great uppercut,” Laura says. “I never saw it. Hey, she's a good fighter, smart and game. I gave her some problems early, but she kept her head and made adjustments, then she came back hard. I like her going forward, she's the real deal.”

Asked what she said to Olsen after the fight, Laura grinned. “Told her I'd love to face her again, and repay the KO. She said she was looking forward to it.”

Liz Olsen's twentieth fight is likely to be a memorable one for her – and for Vandervoort. Liz is quickly establishing herself as a serious contender for top ten consideration – while Laura is sliding further from the exalted position she once held. There's no doubt that Olsen will be getting feelers from other top ten ranked fighters; some eager to climb over her, others nervously looking over their shoulders and thinking now might be their last chance to keep her down.

Only time will tell whether any of these assumptions prove accurate. 



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