16 June 2015 Ashley Mulheron vs Maria Ozawa

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from Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham, UK


(Foxfire Atlantic Boxing vs Front Street Japan)


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Maria has blown away her first two opponents, but tonight she faces a girl who makes a habit of knocking over contenders, Ashley, having just one defeat on her record, and that to then BBU flyweight champion Mikie Hara.

Maria’s first into the ring, the tattooed porn actress wearing a white bikini with matching gloves and red boots, with Ashley soon joining her, tonight in a yellow bikini with matching gloves and boots.

Round 1

These girls are both good punchers, and Maria’s soon testing Ashley with a heavy right hook, the blonde not looking too bothered though, and she swiftly fights back, giving Maria a couple of good punches to her face, which makes her defend, letting Ashley come to her and land again, but she hits the blonde to the body to stop that little sortie, and she gives Ashley a sharp right cross to the mouth for punishment.  Ashley steps back briefly, then gives Maria a right hook to the cheek, and a left to the jaw, stepping away from the Japanese girl before she can retaliate, and she jabs her from distance staying mobile, sensing that Maria’s winding up that left hook of hers, and not wanting to be on the receiving end of that, needing to tire the girl out in the early rounds.

Round 2

Ashley seems content with her first round performance, but Maria’s looking faster in the second, and she’s finding Ashley more and more with her stabbing right jab, the blonde girl’s head jerking backwards each time that glove smacks into her mouth, and she’s lucky that Maria’s first left hook of the fight only glances off her cheek as she sways sideways, and she finds some space to step round and hit back at the brunette, Maria taking a decent right cross, and staying static for another couple of punches before she covers and retreats, Ashley reluctant to get suckered into an exchange of punches though, and Maria gets away with her mistake before making Ashley pay for her lack of aggression, swatting her across the face with a bruising right hook, Ashley hurt and staggering, and Maria hits her again with her right, landing to her body this time, and Maria seems to be taking control now, still looking to hit Ashley as the bell rings.

Round 3

Ashley’s putting Maria under pressure as the round begins, moving well and punching at the brunette’s face, Maria stepping back and keeping her gloves up, almost inviting the blonde to hit her to the body – and when she does, Maria swiftly and sweetly hooks her to the face, Ashley backing into the ropes on shaky legs, and Maria rocks her with another right to the jaw, gives her a battering to the midsection, and now she tests out that left hook, which isn’t her best ever, but it’s enough to put Ashley Mulheron on her knees, the blonde shaking her head to clear it as she peers up at Maria from all fours, on her feet at 7, and ready for Maria, giving the brunette a good left jab before eating a pair of jabs from her, covering up again as Maria lays into her body, pressing her backwards to the ropes.

Round 4

Maria’s beginning to look like she’s ready to put more pressure on Ashley, and she snaps the blonde girl’s head backwards with a good straight left, following that with a pair of hooks to her body, and Ashley’s holding her and clinching, Maria gently nibbling her ear lobe and whispering, “You know I’m going to have you tonight, baby, don’t you?”  Ashley says nothing as the referee pulls her clear of Maria, but she throws and lands a good right hook to the porn actress’s ribacge, making her bend, following that with a one-two to her face, but gets beaten to the punch when she tries to go for another bodyshot, instead taking a right jab and a left cross to her jaw, Maria grinning as she gets that success, again controlling the action, but she gets a little too casual as the round draws to a close, which allows Ashley the scope to hit back with a couple of decent punches to her face.

Round 5

Ashley seems to have regained some confidence, and she bumps a couple of punches into Maria early on, but the brunette doesn’t take a backward step, and she hits Ashley straight back, her punches harder, more accurate, and she’s hurt Ashley again with her right hand, landing more leather on the blonde as she pokes her backwards to the ropes, hits her to the ribs, and again the blonde manages to clinch, Maria running her tongue down Ashley’s cheek to murmur, “Don’t wanna hurt you too much, baby! Not until I get you into bed!”  Ashley tries to get clear, but the referee has to part her from Maria, but the Japanese girl quickly knocks Ashley backwards again, jabs her face hard, and slams in a right hook to her jaw, Ashley sliding down the ropes to the canvas, on her back and gazing up at Maria, beating the count at 8, but she can’t get away from those ropes as the brunette raps punches into her ribs, and she mouths a kiss at her as the bell ends another bad round for the Scot.

Round 6

Now Maria’s circling and jabbing Ashley, showboating with her gloves low, slinging punches upwars at Ashley’s face as she works the blonde to a neutral corner, and she’s standing back and taunting her, “Fight baby! Let’s see what you got left!”  Goaded into action, Ashley throws a jab and a cross at Maria, who almost laughs as she returns those punches, hits the blonde in the midsection, but Ashley gets out of the corner, turns, and hits Maria, shocking the Japanese girl as she now finds that her back is against the turnbuckle instead, and now the Scottish actress unloads a pair of hooks on Maria’s face, and the brunette looks stunned, but she protects herself well, absorbs a pair of decent punches to her body, and manages to clinch, Ashley saying, “Don’t like it, do ya?”  but replying, “I love it baby! That earns you the extra large vibrator tonight!”  Ashley prises herself free, and she lands another hook to Maria’s body, desperate to weaken her tormentor, who seems unconcerned to have conceded a round.

Round 7

Maria’s seen that there’s a contract waiting for her to sign if (or maybe when) she’s won this fight, and she’s looking less playful now as she swaps jabs with Ashley, her right glove smacking the blonde girl’s head backwards, and again – and with Ashley on the backfoot, Maria crashes in a brace of hard jabs, setting the blonde up, and she knocks her down again, Ashley, not moving as the referee counts her out.

Result:  Maria Ozawa knocked Ashley Mulheron out in round 7.

That performance should certainly be enough for Maria to be granted a full contract with Front Street Japan, and she’s certainly enjoying the adulation, but she’s keeping a watch over Ashley Mulheron, who’s been revived, and over goes Maria to claim her prize, hauling Ashley to her feet, she then runs her finger down the blonde’s cheek and demands, “Kiss me!”  Ashley reluctantly puckers up, but her lips are soon on Maria’s, and the pair are in a passionate embrace as they begin to leave the ring together.



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