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Jeri's Knockouts

Page history last edited by Archer844 5 years, 10 months ago
Jeri's Knockouts
Stable Information
April 27, 2007
Owner Jeri Ryan 

About Jeri's Knockouts

Jeri's Knockouts (JKO) is a stable formed in the first half of 2007.  It is the successor to the Samdog stable, which had gone defunct two years earlier.  With the exception of its most recent recruits, all of JKO's current members are former members of that original stable.


As the spiritual successor to an earlier stable, Jeri's Knockouts carries with it some of the intra-stable interactions that characterized its previous incarnation.  Jeri's Knockouts has seen a revival of the feud between Jeri Ryan and Ali Landry - by extension, a rival between Landry and Ryan's protege Kelly Brook has grown to a life of its own.  Likewise, the feud between Jennifer Love Hewitt and Lacey Chabert continues unabated. 


On 01/25/15 the organization was placed on INACTIVE STATUS by the FCBA.




Weight Division







Kelly Brook: (Lightweight) (4/27/07 - 01/25/15)

Lacey Chabert: (Flyweight)  (5/15/07 - 01/25/15)

Jennifer Love Hewitt: (Flyweight/Bantamweight) (5/02/07 - 01/25/15

Scarlett Johansson: (Bantamweight) (10/24/10 - 01/15/25)

     Co-management with HMK Productions

Ali Landry: (Welterweight) (06/01/07 - 01/25/15)

Blake Lively: (Lightweight) (10/24/10 - 11/02/12)

Jeri Ryan  (Welterweight) (4/27/07 - 01/25/15)

Kate Upton: (Welterweight) (11/19/11-01/25/15)

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