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26 June 2015 Allison Williams vs Alice Eve (redirected from 26 June 2015 Ashley Williams vs Alice Eve)

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on June 26, 2015, 4:27 pm


(Words: Gemini / Results: Lookout!)
Before: It's the usual press conference before an FCBA bout, and Allison takes the podium. Smiling broadly and looking genuinely pleased she says, "I've very much looking forward to my first fight in the FCBA, especially against someone like Alice Eve. We have similar builds and I was thrilled when my club said they wanted to set me up against her." Naively, and looking as if she doesn't know that she's about to say will be taken badly, "It's just great that I'll be fighting someone who will be a challenge but definitely beatable for my first bout!"

Alice, looking irritated at Allison's comments takes the podium next. "I'm sure Allison is a sweet girl. She seems to have a lot of confidence for someone who is about to have their pretty face rearranged." Allison's jaw drops at that comment, looking stunned at Alice's trash talk. "Looking forward to seeing you in the ring Allison." At that, Alice blows Allison a kiss with a big smile.

Fight: Allison enters the ring first, wearing a two piece orange bikini. Her long hair flows freely about her head as she smiles and waves to the crowd. Alice enters the ring next wearing her blue panties and bra a la Star Trek: Into Darkness, her blond hair also hanging free just above her shoulders. Unlike Allison, Alice doesn't appear interested in smiling, instead she is staring directly into her opponents eyes as she warms up and shadow boxes.

The two fighters approach each other and the ref spouts off the rules for the fight. "I hope we can still be friends after this!" Allison says sincerely.

Rolling her eyes Alice replies, "We're not friends. I really can't wait to put you on your back. " Allison shoots her a reproachful look. They touch gloves and return to their corners.

Round 1: The bell rings and both fighters waste no time getting to the center of the ring. Alice throwing jabs, testing Allison's speed and blocking. Allison with her hands up, playing defense. Alice throws a forceful quick left, nailing Allison on the chin, then follows up with an overhand right which forces Allison back a step.

Shaking her head a little to clear the cobwebs, Allison ducks another right from Alice and comes back up with an uppercut, crushing Alice cleanly, her head snapping back. Allison continues with throwing punches into Alice's body, Alice able to fend off a few of the blows but taking some decent shots to her belly. Alice manages to land a couple more jabs before the bell. The first round goes to Allison; barely.

Round 2: Meeting again at the center Allison comes out with a couple strong jabs. Alice weaves to avoid the first, though the second one connects. Alice returns fire, connecting several blows to Allison's face and body. They trade blows fairly evenly for a bit, though Alice manages a powerful right which lands in the center of Allison's chest, forcing a grunt to escape her lips. Alice takes the second round.
Round 3: Once again the two are trading blows, though neither are going all out - still protecting themselves. Due to some superior leg work and punch accuracy, Alice ends up closely winning the third round.

Round 4: Looking a little flustered, Allison moves toward Eve quickly. She fires off two lefts which connect nicely to Alice's face, though Alice responds with a feint then a powerful right which only manages to clip her target. Backing up a bit now, Allison using her legs to force Alice to chase her. Williams moves her head about, dodging a couple quick jabs from Eve, then responds with a few of her own, slowing the British blonde down a bit. Growing angry, Alice manages to find a couple quick body shots on her opponent just before the round ends. A close win for Allison.

Round 5: Alice's face is red with anger and frustration at not having put down her opponent just yet. She comes up on Allison and throws out a wild right; Allison ducks it easily and responds with three quick jabs, all hitting Alice, then her own strong right which slams Alice's cheek. She falls back a few steps with Williams advancing. Allison throwing lefts and rights, working Alice's body, Eve backing up and trying to mitigate the damage. Alice's arms drop just a bit at which point Allison manages to pop a few more hits on Eve's face, knocking her head to the left and right. Alice moves to hug at Allison to catch a bit of rest, after a moment the ref comes in to separate them. The bell sounds, Allison wins by a wide margin.

Round 6: Allison comes out strong looking to repeat her performance of the previous round and continue her momentum. Alice looking cautious plays defense. Williams comes in close and throws a couple jabs. Alice sways her head back as the jabs miss, then comes back with a strong right, nailing Allison cleanly in her chin. A surprised look comes accross Williams face, which is quickly wiped off when Eve lands several more punches. Allison's head rocks back, then side to side as Eve works her. She then takes it to Williams body, changing things up, keeping her opponent guessing and on her toes. Allison looking a little dazed, only able to occasionally throw out a couple weak punches which either miss or Alice doesn't seem to feel. The bell tolls with Alice a clear victor.

Round 7: Having beaten Allison's momentum, Eve begins just where she left off. Her onslaught sends Allison backing into a corner, her body taking Alice's best shots. Williams clearly tiring lowers her arms, at which point Eve blasts her in the chin. Allison tries to clinch Eve, but Alice manages to back up, popping Williams again and again. Allison throws a couple quick jabs to slow down Eve's onslaught. Alice responds by going back to Williams body and chest. The round ends and Alice is dominating.

Round 8: Looking determined, Williams comes out fast, but it's clear she's tired. Her face is beginning to puff up, her stomach, sides and chest are red. Alice has no problem deflecting and doding Allison's initial onslaught - clearly a final effort to try and turn the fight around. Alice then comes back at her, delivering blows to Williams face and chest, then with a powerful right she nails Allison in her stomach. Williams mouthpiece pops out and onto the canvas, and a grunt which sounds as though it comes from deep within her stomach sounds out. A look of pain and surprise on Allison's face, which Eve wastes no time punching with another series of jabs. Williams looks defenseless - and just before the ref steps in to wave it off Alice delivers a right which blasts Allison's jaw, dropping her face first to the canvas. Going back to her corner to await a formality count, Alice watches the defeated body of her opponent, unmoving, her arms and legs splayed out. 8...9...10. Knockout by Alice Eve in the second minute!

After: The crowd roaring their approval of Alice's dominance, she removes her gloves and grabs some smelling salts from her corner. She walks to Allison and gently picks her head up, placing the salts just beneath her nose. "Wake up, my dear. It's all over now."

Allison begins to come to, and Alice moves to help her up. Initially Williams doesn't understand what's happening as Eve begins to parade her around the ring; but when she comes to it dawns on her that she's being given the Walk of Shame!

"I don't normally do this, but I thought it would be lovely to properly welcome you." Allison shakes her head and groans some protest, while Alice leans into her ear and whispers, "Welcome to Thunderdome, bytch. You still think I'm "definitely beatable?" A look of contempt comes across Alice's face and she pushes Williams down violently. Raising her hands up in victory, she finally deigns to smile in celebration.


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