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26 June 2015 Evangeline Lilly vs Margot Robbie

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on June 26, 2015, 4:32 pm,


Margot Robbie vs. Evangeline Lilly 
(Words: Front Street / Results: Lookout!)


Blonde stunner showing plenty of respect for her decorated veteran opponent. "Evangeline's a great fighter, and everyone knows it," Robbie says, pre-fight. "I'll have to be at my best to have a chance against her. But, if I fight my fight, I can beat her, and that's just what I plan to do."

"This girl is, no question, a comer," says Lilly with a nod. "But, here's the thing, I'm going to be watching two girls who can't beat me fight for the title later tonight. So, let's just say I'm, at this point, at a different level than Margot, and she's about to find that out."

Margot wants to work forward. Robbie's got the hands high, the chin tucked, bobbing the head, working the jab. Evangeline's all about letting her do that. And then absolutely BOMBING her with leather, stopping the blonde in her tracks, then sending her into retreat. Quickly, it's Lilly who's grabbing canvas, shaking Margot with heavy shot, forcing her into a semi-panicked retreat. Before she knows it, Robbie's on the ropes taking, both to the head and body. Lilly getting off lusty as the blonde covers up, ties up, forced onto her heels almost immediately. Margot eventually solidifies her front, is able to counter, and works her way off the ropes, but Evangeline's boxing lead, continually backing up the blonde and completely controlling the first stanza on her way to a 10-9 lead.


OK, so maybe trying to get physical with Evangeline Freakin' Lilly was a mistake. Margot adjusts. She works the left hand at range, starts to box. Better. Not perfect, of course, because Evangeline can play this game. Then again, there aren't many games the brunette beauty can't play. But, these terms allow Margot to get more done. She uses the left effectively, setting up her right hands and beginning to put punches together. Lilly responds in kind and we get three minutes of very slick, very effective boxing. Nobody's hurt, but everybody's getting off, and everybody's scoring. It's pretty to watch, and not just because both fighters are gorgeous. There's some very good technical stuff going on here, and, while the entire round is competitive, Margot gets the better of things and evens the fight at 19.


Lilly makes an adjustment, but it's not the one you might expect. Evangeline doesn't walk forward and try to recreate the first round. No. The brunette wants middle distances instead of long range. She slips Robbie's left, steps inside it, and gets off in combination. Margot responds well and the result is several blistering exchanges, but, again, the terms are the thing. Evangeline able to do more with the geometry she now has, while Robbie simply isn't as comfortable. Again, it's competitive. Again, nobody's hurt. Again, both girls get plenty of leather home and the result is very entertaining, but it's Lilly who's getting more done, slowly taking over fighting lead and reducing Robbie to counters. Those counters are effective, but they don't stop the brunette from grabbing the round and retaking the lead, 29-28.


Robbie adjusts. If you're wondering, this is plenty good stuff from the blonde, a girl with just 16 career fights whose up against a 60+ fight veteran and five-time champion with a Hall of Fame winning percentage. Margot isn't intimidated in the slightest. And, minute by minute, she's showing she belongs in this company. The adjustment itself is simple but effective, a backward slide step that restores the distance she wants when Evangeline steps forward. The result is geometry more to Margot's liking, and it allows the blonde to get off the defensive and get back to putting punches together effectively. Again, it's two-way stuff. The brunette is able to score plenty on these terms, using her solid left to set up her powerful right. But, Robbie carries the round and evens the fight again, this time at 38.


Robbie on a roll. No matter what she might have said, the blonde had to be apprehensive coming into this fight. Sure, she's been in with champions like Holt and VanCamp, but there's one Evangeline Lilly, and any fighter who steps into the ring with her for the first time has to wonder how she'll hold up. Margot need wonder no more. She's gaining confidence with every punch, every slide step, every second that ticks by on the clock. She's got the hands and feet working. She's getting the terms she wants. She's not allowing Lilly to use her physicality to take control of the fight. She's not dominating, mind. No, nothing like that. But she's not GETTING dominated, either. Far from it. In fact, she's getting more done than the five-time former champion, and, when the bell rings, the blonde has her first lead, 48-47.


Lilly more aggressive. The brunette's had a talking to in the corner, where they've clearly told her to get after the blonde and get her out of the rhythm she's developed. Evangeline takes note and gets to work. She's got the hands up, the head and feet moving, bobbing, ducking, working forward, then thumping body when she gets in. Robbie back-stepping, jabbing, working hard to keep Lilly off, and scoring as Evangeline moves forward. Robbie's jab is plenty accurate, and she often slows the brunette with it, but Lilly is resolute. She's going to close. She's going to bang. She's going to bring the hurt. It's another excellent, two-way round with both fighters finding ways to score. But, it's the more aggressive Evangeline who claims it and evens the fight again, this time at 57.


Lilly takes a solid early right on the way in and gets backed up a step. Margot follows on, letting the hands go, landing several good shots as she forces Lilly back. Evangeline covering up from the unexpected onslaught...until she responds with a vicious right hook that catches Robbie cleanly on the chin. The blonde wobbles and nearly goes down! And Lilly, smelling blood in the water, goes to work. The next two minutes are grim stuff for Margot, who is rocked again and again with solid right hands. The blonde is forced back against the ropes and given a thumping like the one she took in the first. Again, the Aussie's legs pass their test. She hangs in tough. She stabilizes and begins to fire back in the late going. But, the damage is done on the scorecards. It's Lilly's round wide, and Evangeline now leads 67-66.


Lilly pressuring, looking to consolidate. The blonde has the legs back, however, and she's got the jab going. She's catching Evangeline on the way forward, holding her up an setting her up for right hands. Lilly keeps coming, however, working her way forward and getting off with heavy shot, mostly to the body, when she gets where she wants to go. It's more two-way stuff, with both fighters scoring and both forcing the other to work hard to get the geometry she wants. It's a body shot that turns things, a nasty left hook from the brunette that bunches up the blonde and sets her up for a short right uppercut, an uppercut that straightens Robbie up and sends her crashing, stunned, to her back in the middle of the ring. Lilly wastes no time getting to a neutral corner, having already seen the blonde's powers of recovery. Margot stays on her back staring up at the lights to the count of five, then rolls over to her belly. At eight, she pushes to hands and knees, but slowly eases back down, face buried in the mat as the count passes her by. It's over! And your winner by KO8 in crunching fashion is Evangeline Lilly!


Lilly thinking about bigger things. "Like I said, she's a comer, but, as I proved, I'm on a different level. What you saw tonight was the best bantamweight in the world. And it's ridiculous that I haven't worn the belts in five years. It's ridiculous that I've had one shot in all that time, and it took Danes 13 rounds to beat me that night. It's ridiculous that two girls who can't beat me are fighting for the title later tonight. It's ridiculous, and it has to stop. I'm right here waiting for whomever wins that fight tonight, and, if either of them have any guts, my phone will ring. I'm not holding my breath, though."


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