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26 June 2015 Jill Wagner vs Amber Heard

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on June 26, 2015, 4:39 pm


(Words: Bazz / Results: Lookout!)

Before: Both fighters looking long and luscious in the saddle on the podium. Amber Heard with hands on hips looking for as many points as she can garner in the prefight battle flashing big eyes and plenty of leg. Prefight festivities seemingly not as important to Jill Wagner. She’s been here before. She stands rather than poses for the flashing cameras, yet her confidence is very much apparent to everyone in the crowd.
“Hey I’m looking forward to walking over this stepping stone. I’ve decided to go all in with this FCBA league. I’m going to fight more this year and I’ve set aside at least one year to set my sights on the lightweight crown. Jilly’s going to be a fun kick off to the whole project. After her though it’ll be strictly top ten opponents for me. I promise.” Amber Heard smiles through her whole FCBA manifesto occasionally giving her opponent a sideways glance.

“Geez! I’ve heard some real beauties get up here and tell some real tall tales but this one has to take the cake. Girly, careful with those stepping stones, one missed step and you’ll fall off the cliff. Like when I belt you around the ring tonight.” Jill Wagner half chuckles, half growls her way through her short speech.

Both girls showing that they belong with their sinewy bodies and outfits. Amber looking totally taut in a dark green bikini matching gloves and boots on which are adorned likenesses of her husband Johnny Depp on each boot. Jill Wags in her traditional Bazz black bikini matching her gloves and calf boots. Both women looking wild with loose and tangly hair.

Rd 1 Jilly Wags all lanky and smooth at the outset throwing long jabs from a distance. Bazz honey brown actually leaning in with each punch keeping Amber totally at bay. Heard perplexed by Wagner’s smooth opening gambit, perhaps quickly finding out the difference between a full time lightweight contender and her former foes, covering up with hands over her face trying to avoid the sting of a Wagner jab. Wags circling like a hungry shark, snapping off textbook jabs that are tormenting the blonde. In a lightening quick adjustment Wagner plants her right foot and throwing a decoy left jab follows up with a power right cross that catches Amber smack on her ear. Blonde beauty now in trouble stumbling to her left and catching the ropes to stay on her feet while the crowd lets out its first roar of the evening. Jilly Wags remorselessly pounding away while Amber covers up for dear life. Bazz beauty hitting Heard with roundhouse punches all of which are bringing intense pain but no early knockout. The bell rings ending an early domination by Jill Wagner.

Rd 2 Amber Heard showing no signs of being intimidated. She’s out bobbing and weaving in and out of Jill’s crisp stinger jabs and landing a couple of her own punches as the fighters circle at mid ring. Still Jilly Wags’ experience is evident while she commands the ring against the less experienced Amber Heard. The round becomes another showcase for Wagner’s superior quickness although Heard is now covering up well and coming back with some strong counter punching. Wagner scoring points finding the angles on Heard and then lighting her up with strong right hands. Crowd is impressed with Jilly Wags’ ability to get to a spot and before Heard can react throw a bomb and escape. Wagner heads back to her corner with another round under her belt.

Rd 3 Showing amazing resiliency Heard is none the worse for wear coming out for the round. She’s looking better getting familiar with what she can do against the veteran boxer and what will get her smacked around. Both girls circle looking for openings. Amber shuffling in and out on Jill touching her up with some nice jabs to the face. Jilly Wags trying to end the program early is loading up with some real bombs but they are being blocked by Amber at this point who is gaining confidence with every minute that she stays on her feet. Blonde vixen circles Jilly Wags and lets loose a crisp jab that knocks the Bazz girl back to the ropes. The crowd shows its approval rising to its feet and making some noise again. Wagner seems content to counter punch her way through the round chipping away at Heard on each offensive push. Both girls clinch and wrestle at center ring taking short punches to the jugs and midsection. Suddenly Amber drills upwards with an uppercut that finds Wagner’s chin. Bazz girl is stunned and wobbles back to the ropes looking pretty dazed just as the bell rings with Heard garnering her first round.

Rd 4 Jilly Wags wanders out of her corner still looking a little disheveled. Amber Heard has recovered from her early round debacle and is looking to inflict some damage on her brown haired counterpart. Wagner keeps her distance from the blonde hoping to knock the cobwebs out before reengaging. Heard is having none of it. She advances on Jilly Wags and starts a rather impressive assault. Wagner covering up against the ropes while Amber goes all in with some wide swings to the head and sides of her torso. Wagner taking care of the trashy punching with her arms in and covering her midsection. Both fighters grinding it out in close with Amber Heard showing some surprising strength in controlling the pace and landing some decent punches to the midsection and jugs. Jilly Wags countering while lounging up against the ropes landing a couple of decent punches but it’s Amber Heard who is controlling the final minute of the round and as such a close advantage for the round. Sultry blonde gives Wags a serious sneer as she strides back to her corner as if to say “I’m better than you thought, right?”.

Rd 5 Amber on the board and looking for more, this time the lead. She’s found a no longer closely held secret that other fighters have used hoping to slow down the quicker Bazz fighters like Scerbo, Song, Michalka and Jilly Wags, clinch get in some short punching, clinch again and punch as needed and above all else hang on for dear life. Wagner gets off a couple of quick jabs and a solid right before being tied up by Heard who wrestles Jill to the ropes and fires off a couple of inside punches to the midsection of Jill Wagner. Heard really teeing it up while holding Wagner against the ropes. Meanwhile Wagner trying to shimmy away and get out in the open where she always seems to be in charge. Amber jamming hard with right hand crosses and uppercuts. Jill mostly playing defense and not giving Heard the chance to catch her chin with her right. Despite Wagner’s best ability to defend Amber muscling it up tears through with an uppercut and JILLY WAGS IS IN TROUBLE! Honey Brown swoons against the ropes and Amber increases the intensity and velocity trying to inflict as much damage as possible. Wagner bobs against the ropes and throws a couple of effective counter punches while recovering from the bomb landed by Heard as the bell rings.

Rd 6 Between rounds Wags gets a severe talking too from none other than Poindexter Del Crunchy who has been besides himself for the past three rounds. The athletic Bazz girl comes out firing away and when Amber tries to corral her she discovers only pain trying to clinch her way back into the ropes. Wags dances in and Heard goes to the body and Wags lands a vicious right hand and leaps away out of harm’s way. Circling with more pace than the entire fight Wagner is jabbing and not letting Heard get close without having to endure knockout caliber punches forcing the blonde to have to go back to fighting Jilly Wags on her terms at mid ring. In her element now JIll is touching up Amber at will, tapping her face and occasionally stepping in to land a buggy whip right hand to the midsection. Bazz Girls is dominating the round with her speed and what is an evident significant edge in conditioning. As bell sounds Amber limps back to her corner having experienced the most devastating round she can remember.

Rd 7 Jilly Wags out with grim violence on her shoulder. Her jabs are snapping off all around Amber’s head like bombs dropped from planes causing the blonde to spend all her time avoiding the stinging punches which is giving the Bazz girl open leave to use her right hand like a jackhammer to Heard’s side and midsection. The crowd is ooohing and aaaahing with each right hand bomb and Amber is only able to wince as the blitzkrieg that has her enduring some serious pain continues. Both girls slick from sweat at this point. Jill giving Amber little if no places to hide in the ring when the punch Wagner has been leaning on throughout the fight a right hand buggy whip to the blonde’s side connects and DOWN GOES AMBER! Blonde beauty doubles over to her left and briefly crawling on hands and knees collapses to the canvas. Wagner to a neutral corner watches Amber shake her head as if to say that this is too much, grabbing at her side while the referee counts her out. Jill Wagner wins via seventh round knock out!

After: Wagner relaxing in her corner after helping up Amber Heard who has a serious problem standing up straight now. “Hey she got me in the middle rounds. She took some punishment in the beginning and then put together a strategy that wasn’t half bad. If she had taken advantage during those rounds with a really heavy punch I could have been in a much worse mood right now. She just needs more fights, that’s all. Meanwhile I’ve got to put together a couple of good fights and we’ll see about another run.” Jilly Wags no doubt referring to the possibility of challenging for the lightweight title again.


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