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26 June 2015 Beyonce Knowles vs Rhona Mitra

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on June 26, 2015, 4:51 pm



(Words: Gemini / Results: Lookout!)


Before: "Very pleased that Beyonce challenged me. She's got some power; then again so do I," Mitra says amid bright flashing bulbs. "Will I win? There's no doubt, really."

Beyonce says with a playful wink to Rhona, "Thanks for the kind words." She turns to face the press and says, "I think it's nice Rhona is feeling good about the fight. So am I. The difference is I'll still be feeling good when it's over."

Beyonce in her orange two piece, hair flowing freely. Rhona also in a bikini, jet black with her hair together in one long braid.

Round 1: Both fighters coming out a little less enthusiastic than one might expect given their alleged confidence. Both teasing with jabs, neither wanting to open themselves up to a power shot from the other. Just passed the minute mark Beyonce begins to take things up a notch, offering Rhona some tasty licks to her body in an attempt to soften her up. Mitra drops her arms a bit to absorb some of the blows, then responds with a few nice jabs, popping Knowles in her cheek. Beyonce, looking unphased manages to clip Rhona nicely in the chin. Rhona looks unimpressed as the round ends. Beyonce squeaks by on points.

Round 2: This round starting off a little quicker, Beyonce goes right to work on Rhona's well toned body. Mitra patiently absorbs some of the blows for a bit, then finds her opening and slams Beyonce with a right. Rhona on the offensive now delivering jabs, although Bey seems to be keeping her wits about her and blocking well. It isn't long before both fighters are trading blows, the round ending in a slug fest. Rhona is given the round, but not by much.

Round 3: Rhona comes out firing, working Beyonce's body. Knowles throws a hard right, but Mitra reads her like an open book and sways back. The punch goes wide and Beyonce is defenseless as Rhona slams her with a 5 punch combination, the last being a powerful right that sends Knowles against the ropes. Looking to capitalize Rhona moves in, throwing lefts and rights all about her opponent. Beyonce in full bunker mode just trying to stay on her feet. The round ends with Rhona dominating.

Round 4: Wanting to stay with a winning strategy, Mitra again comes out guns blazing. Beyonce still playing a bit of defense, albeit more effectively now, being careful not to throw out any desperate shots that might leave her open. Rhona's getting frustrated as she didn't expect Knowles to be keeping it together after the beating from last round. Beyonce getting back into it, firing off more jobs, punching it out with Mitra as they both do a number on the other. The two women stand their ground in the center of the ring, going full blast. Beyonce manages to give Mitra a nice clip to her chin, which causes her to stumble a bit. The bell rings before Knowles can capitalize, and she ends up only just taking the round.

Round 5: This time it's Bey who comes out with aggression, meeting her opponent in the center and throwing some hard hits to Rhona's body and arms. Mitra is starting to feel it, looking tired, but her face is one of dogged determination. She's making it work, trying to fend off the singer, but she drops her arms just a bit too much, and she's just a bit too slow to react when Knowles comes up with a hard uppercut. Rhona's head snaps back, and Knowles continues to pound on the punches. Mitra starting to look a little helpless now, but she's saved by the bell. Beyonce walks back to her corner readily enough, but the ref is checking on Rhona. Showing her toughness, she nods to the ref that she's ok to continue, eliciting cheers from her fans in the crowd.

Round 6: Bell rings, and Beyonce's moving in. Rhona looking beaten and tired now, but still she's moving to meet her opponent. They trade jabs briefly, but Mitra is then blasted by a powerful Knowles overhand right. Rhona crashes to the canvas with a thud. She rolls onto her back and sits up... she manages to get to her feet at 9. The ref steps back and the two are at it again, although at this point Rhona isn't able to offer much - she's taking a pounding. She falls back against the ropes, her arms are dropping to her side as Beyonce delivers blow after blow to her head. Mitra's motor is still running, but no one is behind the wheel as the ref steps in and waves off the fight. Beyonce, TKO 6.

After: Beyonce smiling as she takes her gloves off while Rhona is ushered to her corner. "That was a real bruiser," Beyonce says. "I mean I knew she could hit, but she really almost had me. Not to mention she's a machine - it took everything I had to knock her down."

Rhona, looking understandably disappointed, says "I really expected more from myself tonight, but Beyonce really brought her game."

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