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28 June 2015 Intro Asylum PPV

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(Asylum Arena. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Posted by Results By Lookout!/Words By Wiz on June 28, 2015, 8:29 pm


O'Dell: "You are looking LIVE at the sold out Asylum Arena in Philadelphia! I'm Jennifer O'Dell, and I'm here along with Tess Valmore, The Bad Girl Of Bazz, Cassie Scerbo, and The Loose Cannon Of The FCBA, The Straw That Stirs The Drink, Jenny 'Mac The Knife' McCarthy, and tonight, we'll be concentrating below 120 with a six-fight card featuring bantams and flys..."

Cassie: "And, one of those flyweight bouts will see the return of former champion Gillian Anderson, who's in town to fight Kristen Stewart...."

Tess: "Also in town are Pretty Little Punchers, in the form of Danielle Campbell, who'll battle the EMbattled Kat Graham..."

Cassie: "And, Lea Michele is back in Philly to take on Front Street's athletic Jane Levy!"

O'Dell: "We also have three bouts at bantam, including Erika Christensen's return to the ring against Kat Dennings..."

McCarthy: "And, as neither of Front Street's two REAL fighters are on the card, we'll also be treated to gems like hopeless Lauren German against overrated Chloe Bennet..."

Cassie: "And, let's not forget the Bazz Fight Club's own Jill Wagner, here to face former bantamweight champion Grace Park!"

O'Dell: "Six bouts, two guest stables, and plenty of storylines, so, get the bingo cards and shot glasses, sit back, relax, and enjoy 'No One Above 120 Need Apply At The Asylum'!"


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