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26 July 2015 Angie Everhart vs Leelee Sobieski

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Posted by Results By Lookout!/Words By Wiz on July 26, 2015, 8:49 pm




"It's great to be back in the ring," says Angie with that patented smile. "I still enjoy it, and I can still compete at the highest levels, as I'm about to prove." 


"They all call Bridget Regan 'Big Red'," says Leelee with a nod. "But, anyone who knows their FCBA history knows who the original 'Big Red' is. She's never been anyone to take lightly, and I'm not going to make that mistake tonight." 




O'Dell: "Back at ringside, and that's 'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik' from Mozart, and that can only mean that supermodel Angie Everhart of the Bazz Fight Club is on her way to the ring..." 


Cassie: "As I recall, the last time Angie was here at Asylum, it was part of a 'Playboy' card..." 


McCarthy: "Yes, and that card was totally RIDICULOUS! Half the girls on it were never even Playmates, and I, The Greatest Fighting Playmate of All Time was left sitting here at ringside with the likes of YOU, Scabbo and that beanpole Walmart..." 


Tess: "What did I do?" 


Cassie: "As I recall, Angie did a spread in 'Playboy' and that was one of the best-selling issues in the history of the magazine..." 


McCarthy: "It PALED in comparison to MY issues, just like her hotness PALES in comparison to MINE..." 


Cassie: "Angie-SUPERMODEL. Note the word 'super'..." 


McCarthy: "Then I must be a superdupermodel, because I'm TWICE as hot as SHE is..." 


O'Dell(sighing): "Angie into the ring and helped off with the robe by the Bazz corner to reveal a blue bikini and a body that still gets the crowd buzzing, and that's 'Uprising' by Muse you hear behind us, and here comes 'The Polish Princess', Leelee Sobieski!" 


McCarthy: "FINALLY! We get to see one of Weirdo's two REAL fighters. And, I want the PEOPLE to know that, once again, Weirdo has STOLEN one of my ideas. I've been saying for YEARS that he should dump all his other welters and push Leelee, and that's exactly what he did, shoving losers like Decker out of her way!" 


O'Dell: "Sobieski down the aisle, bumps glove to fist with Mac as usual and climbs into the ring. She's helped off with the robe by Jewel and Neve and there's that black two-piece she prefers. Ladies about ready. Let's get some picks. Tess likes Leelee. Mac?" 


McCarthy: "Sobieski." 


O'Dell: "Cassie?" 


Cassie: "Got to go with my girl Angie in this one." 


O'Dell: "And, there's the bell. We've seen some gun platform stuff tonight and that's exactly what both ladies are setting up here now. Both have excellent length and like to extend on their punches, so both want to box at range..." 


McCarthy: "Sobieski one of the best boxers AT welter. She's not all power like some of these girls." 


O'Dell: "And you're seeing some of that now. Hand, head, shoulder, and foot movement from Leelee AND A RIGHT HAND FROM ANGIE ON THE BUTTON! Sobieski staggers and nearly goes down! Everhart has Leelee in deep trouble that quickly and she's all in..." 


Cassie: "That's my GIRL right there! Big Red can still punch with anybody in the division!" 


O'Dell: "Sobieski up against the ropes and Angie hammering away. We're seeing a replay of the final round between Pike and Kesha with the Front Street blonde soaking on the ropes. Sobieski rolling with the punches, jabbing back, not giving the ref any excuses to stop this thing. And he won't. Final five seconds tick off and there's the bell. Everhart off to a great start." 


Tess: "10-9, Angie, but that round was worth more than a point. Early power like that can change everything." 




O'Dell: "Second begins with Angie probing forward. She wants to test Sobieski's defenses, but Leelee holding ground. Seems to have the legs back under her and she puts a stop to Angie's offensive with sustained fire..." 


Cassie: "Angie right back to gunnery range, where she did her damage the last time..." 


O'Dell: "And, once again, both fighters very comfortable working at this range. Both setting up power with jabs, using all that length to good effect. Everhart working hard to get space for that right hand. Sobieski doing a better job of putting punches together..." 


McCarthy: "Double-tapping the jab to break Everhart's rhythm and get the right home." 


O'Dell: "Good, two-way stuff, with both fighters getting their respective offense in and neither able to force the other to the defensive. Lots of solid leather landing as we head down the stretch. Good exchange there and another good one! Both fighters turning it on in the final seconds and one more big trade at the bell. Close to Leelee." 


Tess: "And that means we're even at 19." 




O'Dell: "We start the third the way we ended the second, with the two rangy welters at long range working the long left hand to set up the rights. Angie adjusting to that double-tap jab now, slipping the second one to counter..." 


Tess: "Everhart still moves very well. Still plenty athletic..." 


Cassie: "No doubt about it. She can still do 'The Hill' without a problem, too. She's in great shape..." 


O'Dell: "And that may come into play later. Right now, though, we're seeing some of that movement, little slips and slides, getting to good spots to punch, showing angles, giving Leelee fits as Sobieski tries to range in..." 


McCarthy: "Leelee just needs to stick with the left. Keep working it. She'll get the geometry down and will take over when she does..." 


O'Dell: "No sign of any control right now. Angie holding her own and more. Exchanging on her terms and getting the better of much of it. No power shots landing, but plenty of strategic, scoring leather finding the mark as we head for the bell. There it is. Angie's." 


Tess: "And that puts Everhart up 29-28." 




O'Dell: "More ranged warfare as we begin the fourth. Angie getting the long left on target more often now, getting that follow on right home, forcing Leelee into the counter game. Sobieski more defensive than she's been at any time save after she got caught in the first..." 


Cassie: "Angie getting in her best rhythm of the fight, and that's not good news for Leelee." 


O'Dell: "Everhart committing on the right hands now, looking for something big, but not forcing it. Sobieski countering and ROCKS ANGIE WITH A RIGHT! She timed one over the jab and Everhart is GOBSMACKED!" 


McCarthy: "Not many welters are quick enough to land that punch, but Sobieski's a different story!" 


O'Dell: "Angie into an organized retreat. She's backed to the ropes and Leelee going to work, she's going to take some body with Angie's hands held high, works her way up and back down. Everhart jabbing back, but mostly taking. Leelee not all in, wary, as she should be, of Angie's big right hand, but she's getting off lusty, banging away with both hands as we head into the final seconds. She won't find the 'off' switch, but it's Sobieski wide." 


Tess: "All even at 38 and a heck of a fight so far." 




O'Dell: "Now, it's Leelee probing Angie's defenses, and, just like what Angie found in the second, Sobieski meets spirited resistance from 'Big Red'. Angie has legs under her and she stops Leelee's offensive in its tracks. Leelee presses no further and we're back to gun platform stuff." 


Cassie: "Not many girls in their mid-40s are going to shake off a punch like that as quickly as Angie did, are they, Jenny?" 


O'Dell: "Not many are going to take it and stay on their feet, either. Everhart, though, one of those. She's stabilized her front and, while she's definitely on the defensive a bit this round, she's not getting backed up or allowing Sobieski to consolidate..." 


McCarthy: "How many times do I have to say it? Nothing but a number." 


O'Dell: "And Angie's living, not-breathing-overly-hard proof of that. Sobieski a good flurry and Angie answers back with a one-two of her own. Good right landed. Leelee jabbing, Angie another right hand counter and SHE'S ROCKED WITH A LEFT HOOK! Everhart staggered and DOWN SHE GOES!" 


Tess: "Straight right hand!" 


O'Dell: "And Angie blown to her back. Count at three. Four. Five. Six. Everhart rolls to her belly and pushes to hands and knees at seven. Eight. Nine. CAN'T BEAT IT! TEN AND IT'S OVER! Everhart can't quite beat the count and your winner by KO5 is Leelee Sobieski!" 




O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Tess Valmore!" 


Tess: "I have our winner, Leelee Sobieski, and, Leelee, no question Angie can still hit..." 


Leelee(laughing): "Absolutely none. She's got as good a punch of anyone I've been in with, including Kajlich, Loken, and Henstridge..." 


Tess: "But, you shook it off and found a way to get it done..." 


Leelee: "I never go into a fight thinking 'knockout', because I know if I get girls to the cards, I'm going to beat them. But, with the power in this division, when you have an opportunity to get a girl out, you need to cash it. You don't want to go any longer than you have to against a girl like Angie."  


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