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31 July 2015 Ashley Benson vs Sienna Miller

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on July 31, 2015, 10:00 am


Sienna Miller versus Ashley Benson
(Words: Empire / Results: Lookout!)

Before: "Time and time again Sienna is exposed. Lacey proved once again that Miller can't handle a bigger girl. Once you get to her body and she feels you bullying her scrawny body around she quits.  Tonight I will win a point for the US side and add another name to my conquests." Miller irate when informed of Ashley's brash predictions.  "Tonight I will send a message to Lacey and Nicole. I will batter this generic American bimbo and make her bow before a superior fighter". Bout set for a catchweight. Benson out first in a heart pounding pink bikini, white gloves and boots, long blonde curls loose about her head. Sienna in a white bikini, matching gloves and boots, damp blonde hair loose. Tensions evident during the refs instructions, Benson pushing into Sienna with her ample bosom,  leading to pre fight wrestling.

R1: Sienna and Ashley exchanging flurries early. Sienna showing veteran footwork, moving in at unorthodox angles to vex Benson and allowing her to unload rights to the body before disengaging.  Ashley trying to circle but not able to box with Sienna as she continually gets tagged with more jabs and hooks.

R2: Ashley baits Sienna forward, letting her jab her to the ropes before bobbing away from a hook and slinging a high overhand left over Miller's mitts pounding her head back and stunning her momentarily.  Sienna stumbling backwards as Benson buries a left hook to her navel doubling her over with a loud moist moan. Benson using her left shoulder to push Miller back and unload to the body. Sienna blocks these shots with her shoulder as she regains her senses, finally jabbing her foe backwards at the bell.

R3: Sienna using her legs, boxing at range, deploying her bread and butter jab, using it to spear at Benson, steering her midring. Sienna not running but consistently swiveling away, denying Ashley a stationary target.  Ashley leaning back, covering up, but unwilling to engage Miller. 
At the bell Benson's corner urging her to march forward and work her way inside as Miller has yet to truly hurt her. 

R4: Ashley moving forward with vengeance but Sienna countering in the pocket. Benson beginning to bruise up from Miller's jabs but marching forward undeterred to fire away at Sienna's body to slow her before firing away with shots to the head. Continual bombardment has Sienna's damp locks obscuring her left eye, further complicated by a hairline cut trickling blood down her forehead. Ashley's right mitt showing speckles of blood as she finally wins ground against her nemesis. Between rounds Benson refuses to sit, instead taking gulps of water, enjoying the sight of Miller receiving emergency repairs and shaking her head on her stool.

R5: Benson flying across the ring before Miller's stool is removed, eating desperation hooks to the chin as she uses her ample assets to pin Sienna in the corner, unloading sickening body shots. Miller burying her head into Ashley's chest, unloading her own shots to the body. Both blondes groaning and moaning with each shot, round ends with little brawlers trading punch drunk shots to the bell. 

R6: Miller slow off her stool, legs shot, still feeling the previous rounds punishment as she jabs away trying to keep her distance. Ashley deflecting Miller's shots, but unable to counter as she is tagged high. Sienna slowly herding her foe to the ropes as Ashley clinches, locking her left around Miller while pelting away to the body with her right. Battling blondes exchanging boozy bodyshots, doing just enough to avoid refs breaks. Miller appears punched out at the bell, chest heaving as she slumps against the corner, head bowed as she receives instructions.

R7: Benson shaking off the previous rounds wear, jabbing her exhausted foe into the neutral corner as Sienna covers up earmuff. Ashley pounding away at Miller's hips and ribs. Sienna face in gloves when she isn't tying up for refs breaks.  Ashley pushing her head between Sienna's mitts unloading more punishing shots to the body followed by high hooks. Benson using her massive chest to push Sienna into the ropes adding further humiliation as Miller's humble chest is dominated by Ashley's heaving jugs, crushing her into the corner as Sienna sobs aloud into her mitts. Benson screaming "quit, say it, quit" as she plugs away to the body. Ref watching with caution, Miller barely fighting back enough to keep him from ending the fight. Bell: Benson roaring into the crowd, as Sienna slumps on her stool.

R8: Ashley showboating, taking her time to get to midring, working behind a jab, hands at her chest, eventually herding Sienna to the ropes. Benson leaning into Miller, burying her head into her humble chest.. DOWN GOES BENSON! Sienna playing possum, unloads a sickening one two to the belly landing a flurry of rights to the belly button sending tremors through Benson's body as she pitches forward clutching her body. Ashley up at seven but on shaky legs, face twisted in gut shot agony. ON COMES SIENNA! Miller smells blood, jabbing her foe to her corner before unloading with high hooks Benson clinching in desperation, leaning her right over Sienna's shoulder making her  buckle temporarily under the weight. Miller unloading with her right bouncing shots off of Ashley's head and jugs winning sobs from a distraught Benson. The ref moves in to break it up... DOWN GOES BENSON! Ashley sagging into the corner as the ref pries them apart, left mitt draped over the second rope, head lolling, ref waves it off as Ashley collapses forward to the canvas. KO 8 Sienna Miller!

After: Sienna climbs the corner sobbing aloud, she wins a war of attrition as her legs were taken away early, forced to brawl with a physical foe. "I broke Ashley tonight, she had her chances but couldn't execute. After I baited her forward and got into her body she quit. For years to come she will have to live with the fact that my body stopped hers. I hope Lacey and Nicole are watching as I'm ready for our summer series."


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