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4 August 2015 Robyn Lawley vs Torrie Wilson

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Posted by Anon on August 4, 2015, 1:02 am


Results: Lookout   Writing: Anon

Robyn Lawley seemed confident going into her match against Torrie Wilson. "This is a pretty big step for me. So far, my plan has been to find some b###h who hasn't heard of me, doesn't really matter who, and then teach her the reason why it's important to do your homework. But the more I win, the harder this gets. So, new plan -- I go after a former champ who's trying to mount a comeback, and just make a huge mess. Makes sense, right?"

Torrie Wilson was not convinced. "She's good at knocking out no-names, I guess, but honestly who isn't? This division only has a few actual competitors in it. I'm one, she isn't. End of story. Maybe if she puts the time in, she'll go places, but right now the only place she's going is the canvas."

The setup threatened disaster, with Lawley, wearing blue trunks and bra, towering over Wilson and scowling at her as the referee made the final preparations. Wilson, in gold, not the slightest bit impressed, did not blink in the stare down. However, both fighters did manage to hold back until the bell.

Round 1:
Both fighters had a rough time in the opening, having to endure periods of success from the other. Neither was able to run away with the round, but both did their best in the fast paced opening. The final score favored Lawley, but the break saw the supposed winner frown, shake her head, and vow to do better.

Round 2:
The second round saw Wilson getting the breaks she had struggled for in the first. Lawley spend the round nearly catching Wilson or clipping her indirectly, and the veteran wrestler was able to turn her opponent's shortfalls into points. Wilson could not risk being too greedy, as Lawley was known for turning a fight around with a well placed punch, but nevertheless the shorter woman weakened the model with solid head shots. Though the taller model remained dangerous, the fight was slipping away from her.

Round 3:
Wilson continued to control the action in the third, but at greater cost. A slightly more prepared Lawley was able to drive her back several times, sending the wrestler scrambling for cover. The final score favored Wilson, but it was not clear if she could afford to spend the entire fight facing such resistance.

Round 4:
Wilson dealt with the threat of a sudden turnaround by shutting her opponent down completely in the fourth. After absorbing several brutal combos early on and failing to retaliate meaningfully, the tall model went on the defense, throwing the bare minimum number of punches required to stay afloat as Wilson pulled further ahead. Lawley left the round noticeably more swollen and bruised than she had on her entrance, and Wilson looked cheerful during the break, dismissing her opponent as already done with a wave of her hand.

Round 5:
The fifth round started out looking similar, with commentators wondering how long Lawley could stay on her feet given the abuse Wilson was piling on. However, by the halfway mark, the model was responding adequately and keeping Wilson at a distance. By the end of the round, Wilson was struggling, under attack but holding up admirably. The scorecard for the fifth gave the round to Lawley, but it was a small consolation for a fight that had not gone well for her corner thus far.

Round 6:
In the sixth round Wilson repeatedly took the fight to Lawley, only to be driven off. General predictions by this point favored a wide decision for Wilson -- with the model struggling to do very much at all, but tenacious enough to stay on her feet, it seemed like a solid bet. The common wisdom changed when the model caught Wilson on the side of the head firmly, putting a total stop to her offense at least for the moment. The follow up from the model earned her cheers as her fists thumped into her opponent's face. Wilson pulled back in time to survive, and even managed to fight back enough to make the remainder of the round a contest rather than a coronation for Lawley. Still, the model's camp welcomed the turnaround.

Round 7:
While things looked bad for Wilson in the previous round, she seemed to have recovered during the break. Once again the round shaped up to be an even contest, with Lawley somewhat successfully keeping Wilson back. Again, Wilson made a single misstep and absorbed a straight punch to the nose as an immediate punishment. This time around, she was not rested enough to recover. Lawley picked her apart, driving her back and finally slugging her in the jaw, causing the wrestler to collapse on her side, arms extended. The model smirked and raised a fist, strutting back to her corner as Wilson attempted to push herself upright. Lawley's confidence possibly misplaced, as Wilson managed to get to a sitting position at the ten count, but falling short of preventing the KO7 for Lawley.

After the announcement, there was predictable celebration in Lawley's corner. The model had to accept the small setback of being too big to ride around on anybody's shoulders and consoled herself by standing on the turnbuckle, beaming despite her obvious battle damage. One glance back at her defeated opponent seemed to suggest the model considering a pro-wrestling inspired top rope drop finisher, but this did not materialize -- Lawley walked past cameras and interviewers on the way to the exit while Wilson was forced to stick around until she was recovered enough to walk out under her own power.

"She wasn't exactly a pushover, but I don't see her doing so well against the top level of opposition," said a much more presentable Lawley after the smoke had cleared. "Having a 'comeback' and then going two losses in a row doesn't inspire confidence. Still, if she's got the guts to get in the ring with someone more on her level, I'll bring popcorn."


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